Unpressable Defects #5

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Trey, Shaun, Khoi, Mel and Jimmy are back and so are the CGC controversy and DC Rebirth, then they talk variants vs Nth printings, X-23 vs Daken, dealers at cons, free lunches, Superman's beard … Are you ready for 2 hours with the unpressable defects???

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Language warning! Contains strong language …



  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    On my night grind and luckily had episode #5 to help deprive me of sleep.
    Loved the hip/hop intro (forgot about the big pun/deep cover remix)!
    Thanks for the the shoutout Shaun, we the only nation!
    Great content fellas, keep it up!

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    And congrats to Shaun on the nuptials!!!

  • emiobeg

    now you kickin it!

  • Avatar

    Superman’s beard! That thing is hot! I just KNOW DC is gonna get rid of it, ugh. But I’m hoping not. I mean, beards are in! Let him keep the beard! 🙂

  • Avatar

    Once again, you guys slayed the beast!! Trey, you sound a little down on the marketplace and speculating in general…hopefully it was just a bad week, because as I’ve said before, you are a ROCK STAR!!!

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    Thanks guys! I’m a free man for about 35 more days lol

  • Topher

    My 3 year old kept yelling at me to turn this off in the car and play Yokai Watch. I made him listen to the whole thing no matter how hard he cried. My observations:

    X-23 as Wolverine is a great example of why comic publishers should keep the moniker and move on from the man or woman behind the mask when there are no more stories to tell.

    Daken is a manufactured collector’s hero. He was hyped well before his debut and when publisher’s do that I think a lot of fans tune out. When X-23 came out there was little to no fanfare surrounding her.

    Hercules would be great as the Incredible Omnisexual Hercules, a man who simply gets pleasure out of slaying the most beautiful versions of all creations; men, women, hermaphrodites, robots…whatever.

    CGC says Batman/Superman 32 is Kong’s first, well they’ve been wrong before. ( For the record though I think it is his first appearance )

    Newsstand moderns are still worth every penny.

    There’s a difference between posting about a TV/movie appearance to get the word out and recommending you buy the book. I think a lot of lurkers get confused.

    X-23 does first appear in a publication prior to NYX 3.

    A word on Comic Book Men. The producers of that show are sleazebags. I was scheduled to be on the episode with Perez to try and sell them a page from the Infinity Gauntlet series. On my way down I had some diabetic complications and couldn’t film. They told me I was outta luck and I guess that’s OK until they called me for the next season with no intention of putting me on. They just wanted to update my info so they could give it to a bunch of other unrelated show producers who hounded me for months about nonsense. The only thing i ever really liked about that show was the Foolkiller stuff which allowed me to finally unload that series for some first to market money.

    Great Podcast, worth a listen every time.

  • Ben Steiniger

    This is really fun to listen to!! Great job and thanks for the SO Mel!

  • Avatar

    Love the Big Pun Intro – how about a Unpressable Defects Podcast Variant edition just discussing awesome hip hop! Trey, Jimmy & Mel could do some awesome hip hop talk.
    Seriously though, great work guys – have listened to all of them & now starting over again.

  • Avatar

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, I don’t think it’s entirely appropriate or fair for CBSI moderators to complain about website visitors having a sense of entitlement or demanding information or “stock tips” when the very name of the website is “Comic Books Speculation & Investing.” This site and the Google+ site aren’t labeled anywhere as “community hangouts.” In fact, the G+ site even has separate “hangouts.” The sites are specifically promoted as a resource for tips on investing in comic books.

    The site owner has the prerogative to post up any articles or posts he wants, but a post that says, “It’s easy to clean the pink smudges off Rebirth comics” yet not explaining how to do so just comes across as pure nepotism. The only thing such a post says to average readers is, “I’m better than all of you because I have this esoteric knowledge that I’m going to lord over you with.”

    Again, just playing devil’s advocate here. No personal offense intended to anyone.

    • Khoi Cakes

      It’s easy to take that position if you don’t know Trey. But what Trey does is often misconstrued on the surface. I can’t speak directly for him, but I do know he posts stuff letting people know things can be done. However, it’s another thing to tell people how to do it and then have the blame game start. This is based on experience – I’ve seen this happen at least 2 times in the relatively short time I’ve been at CBSI. Trey’s best intentions easily go awry.
      However, having said that, I agree 100% with Trey – Trey has had his fair share of potshots, some deserved and so many more not deserved. You have guys on here doing what they do for years and then have new guys come on here and state why x, y, or z wasn’t mentioned or wasn’t provided to them. I mentioned in the podcast that’s exactly what happens week after week on the Hot10. Comic speculation means you need to take your time to do your research, you need to put work in yourself, you need to spec on what makes you happy. This last instance, Trey put it out there something could be done and then people are unhappy he doesn’t tell them how to do it instead of realizing that they have gotten confirmation that the smudge on their comic is actually able to come off. Sounds like they got at least one more bit of useful information. Sounds like entitlement to me. Fire away.

    • Trey

      I’m going to respond tomorrow I think.

      • Avatar

        Be gentle, Trey….lmao!!

      • Ben Steiniger

        No need to respond Trey. We’ve given away more free information than most people could possibly fathom.

        Original research, ideas, positive reinforcement…..free. There will always be people looking for more, and I can live with that when 99% of the feedback is grateful, kind and courteous.

    • Avatar

      Check the goggle + group comments. I really dont see what the big huff is. At first it seemed like a misunderstanding between Trey and a google + member. Looking at it though, it reads like Trey posted this, people asked (not impolitely either) and Trey got annoyed that people were asking. Maybe dont respond?

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      Asfta not sure if you know, but Trey does press and clean comics on the side, so as a source of income why would he tell people how to fix the issues of their books (regarding the red smudge)? I agree with Khoi, in that his comment was more of a “it can be fixed if you chose to go that route, so if you find one in nice shape don’t let the smudge discourage you from purchasing it.”

      In regards to your comment about the moderators complaining about new members getting “stock tips” and feeling entitled, I have to side with the moderators/owners on this one. There are so many new books released every week and so much info that it is virtually impossible to hit every spec…as you know the spec game is EXTREMELY fluid and books can become hot in a minute. For the website to be updated in realtime markets just isn’t always feasible and unfortunately some spec is missed. For people to complain about that I find it to be unreasonable. And if they would just do a little extra foot work they could have heard about it and not missed out.

      I know you’re playing Devils advocate so please don’t take this as an attack.

      • Avatar

        In the google + comments where this whole thing started, Trey literally said he doesn’t clean comics:

        ” incorrect, I don’t clean books or offer that service. I never mentioned anything I do service wise in this thread. Not sure at what your angle is or why you assumed something that isn’t true.”

        I have no dog in this fight, and agree that one shouldn’t have to share insider info if they don’t want to, I just don’t see why he had to be petty about it and bring it to the podcast over someone asking a question.

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    loved the Big Pun Intro!

    I collected as a kid and sold of my collection when I went into the Army so i’m not new to collecting and I came back to it as an adult. I am, though, really new to the speculation market so I come here to find as much news as I can and I try to share anything I run across.

    I watched just a few episodes of Comic Book Men and it reminded me immediately of Pawn Stars. completely scripted and fake but they did sometimes show some cool stuff.

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    Yeah, so wow… I’ve REALLY been enjoying the podcast, guys. I drive a lot for work at times and it’s really been enjoyable to have the podcast to listen to. Just finished this week’s earlier today and it was a lot of fun. Aquaman “discussion” was a riot! Was a little nervous for the wrap-up comments after last week, but all went well. And congrats on the iTunes listing.
    Thanks, guys!

  • Sandy Sutherland

    just listened to the pod cast. I wish I had gone to the Niagara falls show after Jimmy said it had alot of comics dealers. I decided last minute not to go.

    I enjoyed the podcast guys. Thanks

  • merlin

    Big props for raising autograph awareness. Aesthetic and damaging issues aside, my biggest pet peve about Stan Lee’s auto desecration of silver age books has to do with the extent of his due credit. Were talking about a guy who NEVER wrote a script and didn’t stick up for the guys who’s art was on the covers he’s signing, causing some if the most talented artists in the field to abandon their creations at Marvel and seek more favorable terms of employment elsewhere. Read about it if you haven’t.

    I consider speculation a vehicle for collecting. It’s a shame that’s not a requirement.

    Go Warriors

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    Thanks for the comments fellas!

  • Avatar

    Great Podcast as usual guys! Keep it up!

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    NO GUESTS!!!!! Please….(unless it’s a contributor to the site that is not a regular). The reason we listen now is because of YOU guys and if there is a guest, it may be just to push a certain book or product. in my opinion, that’s what’s wrong with Comic book men. It just comes across as “fake” and with an agenda…not saying you guys can’t do something different…just make it about this “community” you’ve created and it’ll be a victory…

    Other than Baltimore, what cons are you planning on attending. I’d love to meet some of you guys and introduce myself. I was at Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and bought from you guys, but didn’t connect the dots…in any event, thanks for giving us all you have with this site and as I’ve said before…you guys are ROCK STARS being born before our very eyes (screens)!!!

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    great show guys! I was trying to get the Ms Marvel 2 Molina variant on ebay last week but the price was out of my range. I should have gotten it though cuz the latest copy just went for $400 raw.

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