Contest Winner Revealed & some more info …

First of all, thanks to all of you who submitted your suggestions for the contest. Even though, there were plenty of great ones, we had to choose a single one and there were quite a few that we loved. The winner, by a single vote, is … Demon Jim!!! So we will be sending you an email later today asking for your details, DJ!

Second point I wanted to make … We have a another thing going on at, we haven't really mentioned it on the site and it's high time we did. Basically it started as a place to sell and auction some comics, but it organically grew into something bigger. It gives all of you the chance to track your collection, wantlist, download both as pdfs (for the wantlist you can choose if you want it with or without covers) and also offers a lot of features related to the site. A quicker way to navigate through the Top 10s, a Top 10 of Top 10s (what comics have appeared the most on the top 10 and which ones have taken the #1 spot the most, as you can see in the image below), the latest (more or less) up-to-date version of all the checklists that have appeared on the site and more stuff coming up as we think of it.


The reason to bring it up now is that some of the suggestions went in that direction, so I thought we should talk about it. You have to use the same login and password you are using for the site, fill in a couple of details and all that info will be yours!!!

And the final point of this announcement is to talk about the CBSI Shops … You might have noticed that every article has an ad for comics on sale at the bottom. We have read in some forums that we are pumping comics in articles to then sell them through the ads, and although the statement is technically correct (the articles and the ads are connected if those issues are in stock), it's not our comics we are selling, it's anybody's. That's right, anybody (who wants to have a shop) can have a CBSI shop and sell the comics through the site, taking advantage of the articles we write. The interface is, I believe, really simple to use and the conditions more than fair considering the exposure: $50/year and a monthly 3% commission on the sales for that month. Sounds interesting? Send us a mail at info_AT_comicbookinvest_DOT_com

That's it for now, thanks for your continued support and the best is yet to come!!!


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