Black Widow, Alex Maleev, Artgerm & Juan Doe

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Black Widow (Vol. 6) #3 J.G. Jones 1:50 Variant

Print Run: Appx. 562

Black Widow #3 J. G. Jones 1:50 Variant

I like Jones for the most part. This one stood out because of the red hair coupled with the muted tones. And even better, there is a cat outline!

Guardians of Infinity #3 Juan Doe 1:25 Variant

Print Run: Appx. 892

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 Juan Doe 1:25 Variant

Wow, 2 issues before this, #1 had a print run of 121K. This issue had a print run of 22K. Couple that with the fact that Groot is fighting Hip-Hop Thing?!?!? WANT!

Fly (Vol. 1) #1 Artgerm Variant

Print Run: ??? Only the Ebas cover is listed


Yes, I am an Artgerm fan (more on that in the near future), and I know, this is a Zenescope book. But seriously, try and find this book in the wild. A reverse homage to Amazing Fantasy #15 only helps expand the appeal of this book.

Scarlet #4 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant

Print Run: appx. 440

Scarlet #4 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant

I am not one to openly endorse a book that has someone going all double barreled on us, but this book is extremely hard to find. I guarantee that there are collectors out there that specifically like covers like this and the Barb Wire **** variant. (And I seriously just noticed that this is the 3rd female in a row with red hair.)

Punisher (Vol. 10) #3 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant

Print Run: appx. 598

Punisher #3 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant

I know, I know, 2 Alex Maleev covers here? What can I say, when he does it right, he is great. Anyway, while everyone is out buying the much more common #1 Maleev (which is a great cover as well), I would suggest trying to find this one—although the 2 listed on eBay are already priced high.

Honorable Mention

Black Widow (Vol. 4) #1 Partial Sketch

Print Run: ??? I haven’t even figured out where this was released!

Black Widow #1 Partial Sketch Variant

I didn’t want to put 2 Black Widow books on the list, so I cheated and put it here under HM. Very similar to the Black Panther partial sketch book. Seriously, if anyone has info on how this book was distributed, please comment!


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