Shocked by Livewire



Hello and welcome back to another One Year Later article!

This week, we look back 52 weeks and see how a brief appearance in Adventures of Superman #4 and full appearances in Adventures of Superman #5 and Action Comics #835 (both of which were SUPER RED HOT) led to this … Batgirl #42: Livewire's first appearance in a New 52 comic book!

Yes, female villains were all the rage last year (a trend that continues, of course) but after savvy investors saw how much of a price hike Adventures of Superman #4 and #5 and Action Comics #835 took, the pick in a lot of people's minds was Batgirl #42. Batgirl was riding a wave of freshness since the new creative team (writers Cameron Stewart and Brandon Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr) arrived in issue #35 to relaunch the series. The new story arc featured Livewire after a very long absence in the DC Universe. At the time, female villains were hot (Harley Quinn is a prime example), with female villains in the DC Universe being even scarcer …

The signs for a good investment were there: underused female villain ready to go big, first appearance in the New 52 Universe, well-loved new creative team that started a few issues earlier, Adventures of Superman #4 and #5 were smoking hot, $2.99 cover price, … seemed like a no brainer.

Well, after 52 weeks, I think the message of the cover of issue #42 says it all: “Shocked by Livewire”.  I can't believe this book went nowhere. Most sellers on Ebay sell it for cover price or below, and it might as well be Deadwire as the character has cooled down big time.

In conclusion, the One Year Later Watcher will have to give a big thumbs down on the investment.


Until next week, may your comic investments keep on going up and watch out for Trouble (as in Mark Millar's Trouble) which I'm sure he will pitch soon!


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