Chris Giarrusso’s Image 20th Anniversary Variants

This week I’m going to introduce you to some swipes by an artist named Chris Giarrusso. Chris seems to have gone to the same school as Scottie Young as evidenced by the covers below. The only difference is Chris’ are swipes and so they belong in this article.

CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2012CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2012 Spawn #1

Spawn 1

While I think this is a great homage, I wonder if the angle on the new cover is slightly off purposely for some legal reason?
Savage Dragon #183Savage Dragon 183 Savage Dragon #1Savage Dragon 1
Judging from the first two, these covers were released in conjunction with an anniversary Image was having. Can anyone confirm that info?
Chew #29Chew 29 Chew #1

Chew 1

I might get killed for saying this but Chew just isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe I should read a few more issues but I never could get into it.
Walking Dead #103 Giarrusso Variant

Walking Dead 103

Walking Dead #1

Walking Dead 1

I’d like to think that if I was collecting comics way back when Walking Dead 1 came out I would have given it a try. Someone please invent a time machine!
Youngblood-71-Chris-Giarrusso-Variant-310402961791Youngblood 71 Youngblood #1Youngblood 1
With said time machine I would also like to go back and return the copy of Youngblood 1 that I bought when it first came out…
invincible98_chrisgvariantInvincible 98 1st App Invincible

Invincible 1

Another series I wish I got into on the ground floor. Alas I am against reading trades and so I will have to splurge for the issues to catch up.
chrisg_morning_glories_coverMorning Glories 23 MorningGlories1Morning Glories 1
Can anyone tell me what this series is about?
ChrisG_Bloodstrike_CoverBloodstrike 32 bloodstrike1Bloodstrike 1
If I had a nickel for every copy of Bloodstrike 1 I found in collections for sale I’d have probably 10 nickels which is more than the book is worth.
ChrisG_Witchblade_CoverWitchblade 161 Witchblade #1Witchblade 1
 The title that made Michael Turner one of the hottest artists of his time, a well deserved homage.
ChrisG_Cyberforce_CoverCyberforce 1 Cyberforce_Vol_1_1Cyberforce 1
 Another Image series that never seemed to find the story it wanted to tell. This being relatively new characters, they have gone through their share of reboots and revamps …
ChrisG_Elephantmen_CoverElephantmen 44 Elephantmen #1Elephantmen 1
Starkings' hard to describe series has been going on for years and deserved a tribute or two. Elephantmen has had a lot of good covers.
ChrisG_Shadowhawk_CoverShadowhawk 1 2621920-shadowhawk__1992__1dShadowhawk 1
 The original somehow looks more simple than the tribute, doesn't it?

Until next time loyal readers!


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