Wolverine Origins #5 Gary Frank Variant – October 2006

Wolverine_Origins_5_VariantWelcome back to Covers from the Unknown! This week I give you a cover from one of my all time favorite artists, Gary Frank! I always thought he was one of the under appreciated artists, and never felt the love from the Speculators! I thought his run on Superman was legendary! Anyways, this week I bring you Wolverine: Origins #5, the 1:1 Gary Frank variant! Featuring a slightly berserk Wolverine and Emma Frost. IMHO, an awesome cover, which seems to be par for the course with Mr Frank!

In terms of finding these, if you look hard enough, you should be able to find these relatively easy and cheap! The print run for #5 was 90k, and with being a 1:1 variant, you are looking at about 45k of these out there. Looking online, they seem to be plentiful! Origins #5 doesn't have any groundbreaking things going on, so it would seem like this one won't go crazy in the after market. But if you like Frank, and great covers, go grab one! Happy Hunting Fellas!

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