1 Outcast #1 (2014) Image Comics

outcast_1 WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Paul Azaceta
Pretty crazy that this book is sitting at the top right now, but it is. The Cinemax pilot blew everyone away and caused this massively overprinted book to sell for higher values than I thought ever possible. If the show has the same quality as the pilot did then this might go even higher. The Outcast #1 B&W Skybound lottery variant from SDCC is the rarest by a wide margin and a 9.8 sold for $250 in the past week. That's gonna seem like a steal really soon.

2 Fantastic Four Vol.1 #67 (1967) Marvel Comics

Fantastic_Four_Vol_1_67 WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
Regardless of how lame the character known as Adam Warlock is,  this book is the first appearance of HIM. Thor #165 is also hot, but more copies of this have been gobbled up since the news of HER being the main villain of the GotG 2 movie. People are assuming you can't have HIM without HER… Ugh.

3 Batman: Rebirth #1 Aspen Turner Variants

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
Sold out in 24 hours, and it features one of the greatest Batman covers ever by one of the most talented artists who's ever lived. Aspen hit a home run with this book and it's now sold out through their website and pre-sale copies on eBay are going for almost double (Don't pre-sell comics you don't have in your possession on eBay, you or someone else will get burned). Limited copies will be available at Denver Comic Con and SDCC, but this looks to be the Batman Rebirth winner so far.


4 Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #221 (1987)

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Marc Silvestri
It's pretty incredible to think that a 30-second end credit scene can cause a book to get hotter than Ben C at a cosplay Pokemon tournament. But this is nothing new. Based on the scene it looks like it is a good bet that Nathan Essex, aka Mister Sinister, will be the next villain the X-men face down the road.


NYX #3 (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
Yes, this book is still ridiculously hot, and I have officially run out of things to say about it. If you want to connect the dots with what happened in the end credit scene of X-Men: Apocalypse, then this might just be the beginning of Laura-mania.

Captain America #1 75th Anniversary Variant

6 Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol.1 #1 Hildebrandt Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Jesus Saiz
Hail Hydra and to hell with Nick Spencer has been the motto the past week since the release of this book. It was the talk of the comic-book world and it reflected in sales of this book and the variants. This variant has steadily climbed since release with no signs it will lose steam anytime soon. Cool cover and interesting storyline might make this stick around.


7 The Incredible Hulk Annual Vol 1 6 (1977) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Herb Trimpe
ARTIST: Frank Giacoia
This is the first appearance of Ayesha, aka Paragon, aka HER. The rumor is out she is the main villain in GotG 2 next year. Marvel Two-In-One #61* is also gaining steam as it is the first appearance of Paragon/Ayesha as HER. Confused yet? I am, but these books are hot right now.

*Thanks to nhhs96 for the catch!


8 Flash Vol.2 #138 (1998) DC Comics

WRITER: Millar, G. Morrison
ARTIST: Ron Wagner
Did you know this book is now a $75-100 book raw? or that it's the 1st appearance of the Black Flash? or that Mark Millar and Grant Morrison wrote the book? Me either. He is the alleged villain in S03 of The Flash TV show and people love speculating on anything new, so here you go.


9 DC Universe Rebirth Special #1 (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Geoff Johns
The thing is selling out all across the globe apparently and it's already going to a 3rd print. Geoff Johns is a beast and he flexed all over this issue. He also laid the groundwork for the DC universe for years to come, and cleaned up some old issues as well. The re-introduction of the Watchmen in continuity, and the return of Wally West, made this a must read. The Midnight variant is still surprisingly doing really well.


10 Wolverine Vol.2 #80 (1994) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Larry Hama
ARTIST: Ian Churchill
The craziest alleged 1st appearance ever in comics picked up steam…thanks to the X-Men: Apocalypse end-credit scene (as you probably guessed by now). This book has been joked about for years now since it was brought up, but with the vial of blood marked X-23 being stolen by Essex (in the book) being possibly alluded to in the end credit scene, this crazy book might actually be verified as legit by collectors. Think Uncanny X-Men 201, first appearance of Baby Cable. You never know what writers can go back to and use.

Batman/Superman Vol.2 #32 (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Peter J. Tomasi
ARTIST: Tyler Kirkham
9.8 1st to market copy sold for $150 this week and raws are still selling surprisingly well at over $10. The wait for Rebirth and what happens will dictate the future of this book, but right now it's still a good speculation bet.



WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Lee Weeks
The cover is incredible and the content made this book the surprise hit last week. The 1st appearance of the new Superboy flying in costume caused this to heat up quickly and is staying warm.

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  • Avatar

    Great list. Always look forward to the article on Friday afternoons around break time. Was wondering if anyone has any info on what the print run difference and scarcity difference of the B&W SDCC variant and Black Friday Blue Line variants are for Outcast #1? Both are limited sketch versions from Skybound 5th Anniversary boxes. Also, newsstand editions worth a grab of any of the recent books mentioned? Saw a newsstand B/S #32 at Barnes & Noble other day, but passed because I had 1st print and wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

  • NeBo

    That Turner variant is ridiculous! Top notch art and depth!!!

  • Avatar

    Like i said before for the new people loke me something should of been mentioned that hey this is variant is by someone who passed away i would of jumped on it, but not full info was given and a lot of new people missed the boat, takes 2 seconds to point something out like that

    • justin

      You have no one to blame but yourself. That’s despicable that you are trying to point fingers , Michael Turner didn’t just pass away in the last few days bud.

    • Ben Steiniger

      There were a lot of people ‘in the know’ that missed out on the Turner too. It wasn’t supposed to be for sale until 6/1 but Aspen jumped the gun and started selling on 5/31.

    • Khoi Cakes

      This list is based on book movement during the last week. If you fail to do your research, that’s on you. Don’t rely just on a list, get involved in forums, comic communities, or whatever is out there. So many resources are available and if you don’t do your due diligence you will get burnt.

    • Avatar

      Really??? You’re not going to last very long w an attitude of blaming everyone else for your short comings. Not only is it YOUR responsibility to understand the market and do research, IT WAS POSTED ON THE GOOGLE+ group with plenty of time to buy one before the sell out. ?

      • Avatar

        First of all I do my research because i go to a variety of websites. My point is whats the purpose of this site if all its gonna do is tell me After the fact that a book has sold out and is a hote item. I could of used that information in the first place to buy the comic. aint that the whole point in sites like this to give people the leg up? There was an article earlies showcasing all the batman 1 variants, but not a single mention was done of the importance of each comic

        • Avatar

          How did you not know about Turner being dead? Did you just get into comics yesterday or something? He’s an industry legend and his death was a big deal. The variants sold out so quick because actual comic fans knew it was a big deal and dropped everything to buy it right away.

          TLDR: Quit being a douche. You lost out because you’re a casual nu fan.

          • Avatar

            I did just get into comics sorry were not all as old as u and knowledgeable. Im sure this website also wouldnt appreciate you and Morgan picking on me and bullying me and discouraging me of wanting to read and collect comics. All i said which id trur, is when they did the batman variant article they mentioned the artist but didnt mention any facts for the artist. All i said was it would of been nice for them to point out Turner and say hey this could be the winner because of this etc. just facts thats all. Now if ur saying dont relt on this website for info like that, then all im saying is whats the point in having a site like this then if i have to do all the research myself. Duces

          • Avatar

            Ok, for one, this stameco guy should def. not expect anyone to hold his hand. You either know it or you don’t. Don’t hold a grudge if you missed out.

            However, you really don’t need to give him a hard time for being a “casual” fan. He’s probably just started collecting comics. We ALL start off as casual fans. Stop trying to draw a line between “actual” and “casual”, you’re only making the hobby of it less appealing if you’re going to perpetuate this “actual” fan-boy elitist attitude.

        • Avatar

          Lol. Me thinks research is just going to a bunch of sites. Me did this and still missed out on this comic book. Me would rather complain and blame than figure out what me did wrong. ???

          Again, it was posted on the Google+ site when the sale went live. It took 24 hours to sell out. Pretty much common knowledge about Turner. Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who’s the one that carries the blame after all…

  • Avatar

    Question…..doesn’t “Her” first appear in Marvel Two-in-One #61 not Marvel Team-Up #61? Just curious as the official Marvel Wiki has it listed that way.

    • Khoi Cakes

      I think the Marvel Wiki isn’t officially run by Marvel though? Marvel is one of those companies that just does not come out and state clearly what a 1st app is. Plus there’s still fan debate on what her 1st app is. Really, it comes down to what the market says 1st is.

      **totally misread this, oops!

      • Avatar

        Direct from the site:
        First Appearance
        (As Paragon) Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977); (as Her) Marvel Two-in-One #61 (1980); (as J’Ridia Starduster) Marvel Comics Presents #35 (1989); (as Kismet) Quasar #40 (1992); (as Ayesha) Fantastic Four #11 (1998)

        I checked a few other sites and they all list it as Marvel Two-in-One #61. Thinking this may have been a typo, but thought I would bring it up.

        Also, the cover of Marvel Two-in-One #61 is indicative of this being the first app. as “Her” as well (Similar to “Him”).

  • Carlos Michel

    Great list Trey. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    If I’m not mistaken the Turner has a sketch variant correct with a smaller print run ? I’m assuming that would be the first choice to hunt for correct, or is the color version the one to get?

  • andmethis

    Great list! I really love that sketch cover for the Turner Batman.

  • Avatar

    +Kevin Donjon from the G+ group here. I always comment in group and forget to post here in doing so.

    I want to thank Trey and the CBSI group for the tremendous amount of time they put into making a lot of us money. Your contributions have been a godsend to us who don’t have the time to do our own individual research to the extent you guys do. I am super appreciative of your guys continued hard work! Keep up the good work!

  • Avatar

    Bro! I just a Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair Batman 1 Variant From More Fun Comics and It just Killed the Game! Dont Say I Never Gave peeps a Heads up about anything haha

  • Avatar

    I really want to thank you guys for everything you do. I find this the best site ever and you guys bring me another level of excitement to my day. Especially love the articles, personalities and the podcast is killing it!!

  • Avatar

    Love that Batman Turner cover.

    Don’t love store exclusives (and I’m a bit leery of the potentially recycled art they’ve used).

    Nice, diverse top 10 list this week otherwise guys !

  • Avatar

    Great List as always! Im sold on Fantastic Four Vol. 3 #11, 1st appearance of Ayesha!! I like Hulk Annual #5 and Marvel Two In One #61 as great spec books, but FF Vol 3 #11 is the 1st appearance of the actual character from the movie. Not as easy to find as you’d think, very few on eBay and I’ve been scouring the net for copies, not many to be had for a reasonable price in NM condition. This issue is starting to explode!!

  • merlin

    Man I bet I’m missing FF 11. Blast

    • Avatar

      Awesome Cover and true 1st appearance. Im surprised it isn’t getting more attention. I knew nothing of her until last week, she looks pretty badass

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