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Is it June already? Time flies!!! This is going to be a huge month for comics as DC starts giving rebirth to their characters, Marvel gets their Civil War II going and indies revolt and put some pretty good-looking stuff too.


Easy pick this week, people are still on a Snyder high and want more Batman, but don't forget about the rest. DC want to make all their characters relevant again and some of these might be really good.

Green Arrow: RebirthGreen Arrow: Rebirth


People have good reason to remain skeptical about this book. Green Arrow hasn't been a hit since the Smith / Meltzer days and even then it never made anyone call their kid Oliver. And this is a character with a 4 season TV show too. Here's some hope though: artist Otto Schmidt is one of JSC's current favorite artists. That alone will make me check it out!

Superman: RebirthSuperman: Rebirth


We are probably more excited about Kenan Kong than Superman at this point. Looking back, it's hard to find any definitive Superman runs since John Byrne's (parts of the Joe Kelly / Joe Casey / Jeph Loeb / Mark Schultz run come to mind but I am a Kelly fanboy, parts of the Geoff Johns run, McCloud, Millar and Dorkin's Superman Adventures or, of course, All-Star Superman). New 52 was not kind either, so fingers crossed … This will be better!

Green Lanterns: RebirthGreen Lanterns: Rebirth


Geoff Johns back on Green Lantern sounds good, let's see what Sam Humphries and him can do, but it seems that a few more people are onboard for this.

Batman: RebirthBatman: Rebirth


Add ready-to-explode writer Matt King to one of the most beloved characters ever, multiply it by Snyder and you have a clear winner. My only concern is that the designs for Gotham and his sidekick look really bland, which only means (a) they're not staying around, or, (b) they're not who they say they are. Let's start looking out for clues!

Marvel's Variants of the Week

It seems that Marvel has become the undisputed king of the ratio variant. You could say this is due to a lack of imagination, but some of these books are quality and we are just highlighting the ones that will be scarcer. Looking at the first 2 spots, though, it might well be just lack of imagination …

Moon Knight #3 Jeffrey Veregge 1:25 VariantMoon Knight #3 Jeffrey Veregge 1:25 Variant


This series has started off great and this variant cover is amazing! Not only it has a great design, with the Egyptian hyerogliphs turning into a padded wall, but it also tells you what's going on in the book.

Civil War II #1 Yasmine Putri 1:Store Party Sketch VariantCivil War II #1 Yasmine Putri 1:Store Party Sketch Variant


This being a 1:Store variant will make this a hard book to get. It's also going to be the most limited cover in a major book. The problem with this event books is that you never know how important they will end up being, so if you can get it cheap, you probably should …

Punisher #2 Vanessa Del Rey VariantPunisher #2 Vanessa Del Rey 1:25 Variant


Is it me or is Marvel starting to put out some really cool art on their incentive variants? This is another Punisher winner, like last month's Maleev.

Deadpool #13 David Nakayama 1:52 VariantDeadpool #13 David Nakayama 1:52 Variant


Deadpool mocking DC gimmicks is as traditional by now as Thanksgiving. The head variant for Deadpool (1997) #12, the gorilla cover on Deadpool (1997) #36 are just another couple of examples of Deadpool done right.

Deadpool #13 Rob Liefeld 1:100 VariantDeadpool #13 Rob Liefeld 1:100 Variant


But if you don't like Deadpool going meta, here you have the exact opposite … Deadpool at its most basic by Rob Liefeld. Two things to keep in mind with variants for this issue, are the pagecount and price, which should make variants scarcer and high-grade ones even moreso.

Image's Pulse

Haven't done this in a while … When there's a big creator book week at Image, we like to check how you are all feeling about them. This week it's Fraction, Aaron, Remender, Vaughn and Kirkman! Quite the line-up of writers and if there was any question, The Walking Dead is still the favorite for most of you out there.

Casanova: Acedia #5Casanova: Acedia #5


The Goddamned #4The Goddamned #4


Deadly Class #21Deadly Class #21


Papergirls #6Paper Girls #6


The Walking Dead #155The Walking Dead #155


Meanwhile, elsewhere …

Three new releases! New issues of two big books! It's not all about the big three (yes, I do think Image deserves to be upgraded).

Revisionist #1Revisionist #1


Awesome creative team and time-traveling, you say? I am in! This could be one of big pitch type of books that gets option rumors flowing, but right now I hope it's just a great book, and there's nothing pointing to the contrary.

Enormous #6Enormous #6


Spec darling Enormous comes out this week, and it's one of those things where you were either going to get it anyway or you probably won't.

Night Trap #1Night Trap #1


New Cullen Bunn horror series and it looks like it's going to be fun. Print run will probably not be very high, so if you are in doubt, don't waste a lot of time thinking about it.

4001AD #24001AD #2


Valiant's summer event, a lot of variants (Sook's are, unsurprisingly, amazing) and it's also the only Valiant book of the week … Might be a good time to jump on?

Bolts #1Bolts #1


When I included this on the polls, I was thinking of this as the underdog of the week, but it seems people are really looking forward to this … I have only seen both the regular and variant covers and they do look great, which is the reason why I included them. It could turn out to be a cool little book.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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    Batman Rebirth #1 regular cover was sold out in two of the stores. I had to drive like hell to the third one to get a copy.

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    So now we know duke aint robbin is it still worth picking up? People think this is new 52 batman 1 value but its not

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    See thats the problem we get these reconditios late and we dont get a clear cut choice since there is so many options until its to late and its sold out. We should of had a winner while back to give people who follow this site a chance to get it For batman 1 variants

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      Unless someone works for diamond or dc you can’t get concrete spec until it’s in a readers hands. Turner cover people had to see it with the other covers in order to make a decision of which would be best.

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    So now that most of us missed out on Michael Turner Batman 1 Variant. Is there a second clear cut variant we should go after before we lose out on that also ?

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