Winner of the first set of variants announced! Want to win the second set?

Before we go ahead and reveal who won the first set of the Fan Expo / Megacon Variants, let's go over the rules of the new contest, shall we? (scroll down if you want to know who won, I will be here waiting for you):

  • Obviously, the winner of the first contest will not be eligible, but
  • This time, we are going to talk about the site … Three main topics to discuss:
    • What's your favorite (semi)regular article and why?
    • What do you think is missing from the site?
    • If you were the chief editor of the site, what would you change?
  • Choose one of those topics, write a minimum of 150 words, send it via comment below and a winner will be picked by a panel of site staffers … We all like random contests, but we are also believers in rewarding effort.
  • Comments section will close on Monday, June 6th.

OK, so that's cool, but who won the first contest? Here's the screenshot of's random list result:

Screenshot from 2016-05-31 11:03:22

So, congratulations Denman00, we will contact you by email to get your contact details at the end of this week or the beginning of next. To those who didn't win, you have another chance right now, what are you waiting for?


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    My favorite (semi)regular article is The Day after Wednesday because it’s great to see if everyone was right about one comic book or another.
    Besides I think the only thing that is missing is on the homepage of the site : it lacks the listing of all the categories somewhere. Just to browse easily and/or find ancient articles.
    Otherwise, I had not one but 3 suggestions, not for the site, but for the marketplace i’d like to submit to you.
    First, in the ” My Collection > Check” area, an alphabetical sort of the issues might be more convenient to use.
    Second, maybe there could be an option to activate to be aware (by email) if someone adds to his/her public collection a book that is in our want list ? That way we could contact him to ask if he’d agree to sell it. That might add some deals and/or trades.
    Third, in the same kind of idea, i know we can already sell comics at fixed prices but only during a small amount of time. Maybe it’d be great if, when we add a new comic book to our collection on the marketplace, we could also state a permanent fixed price that would be visible anytime by other marketplace users interested in that comic book. That way, interested buyers could just send an email to initiate a deal. I think all those improvements could dynamize the marketplace even more…

  • Alondo

    I’m still a relative newcomer to the site and the group, but I’m glad you are giving the opportunity for newbs like me to provide feedback. I am a huge fan of the Top 10 and the Variant Heat Check. They are a great barometer to confirm whether we’re on the right path as we hunt deals in the wild. It also helps confirm what we should hold onto and what we should let go.

    The first area that I personally would like to a little more written about is “Meat on the Bone”. I would appreciate advice on when a comic has hit a lull in price and become a good pickup. I know when I jumped back into comics, I found copies of New Mutants 87 for $15 which shocked me since they had been at $80 or so only a couple years earlier. I know this can be hard to track, but as people like me try to transition away from modern variants to silver or bronze age comics of substance, this insight would help immensely.

    The other articles that I miss, but I know must be very time-consuming, are the “By the Numbers” articles. I love numbers, statistics, patterns, and trends, especially when they can be broken down logically. You do a little of this analysis in The Risk Analysis and Crazy for Cover Swipes articles, but there’s something about the presentation in By the Numbers that resonates with me.

    As always, keep up the good work. Keep up the charity works, and keep delivering the passion that makes you guys so successful.

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    Yes we are on this site to make money and this site does a great job of giving us the information to make some. I think this site is missing a section on Good Reads. The Good Reads doesn’t have to be a spec, just a section where someone talks about a great story , for example The Visions and Jacked. A spoiler free synopsis could be given with a review . I would like to believe that everyone on this site has read at least a couple series. Good Reads doesn’t have to be current either it could be from the past for example The Watchmen or The Killing Joke. I love the top 10, time to hunt, 1 year later and Classic Cover of the Week. Another idea is maybe we could rate the series or story arcs like rotten tomatoes. In the long run the good stories might just become movie or tv options.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Good suggestion. IMO, I think this would be a good thread to start in the forum. We’re pretty much all volunteers on this site (go free info!) so most of us already have our plates full with what we’re doing now for the site, G+, etc. We have touched on some reviews but as we are spec driven, it kind of gets pushed down the totem pole. Will definitely bring up for discussion.

  • fourwayflashers

    My favourite article is I’d buy that for a dollar. I wish that it was a little more frequent, it helps give me hope that all the good books aren’t always on the walls!

    Missing from the site is more information about older books. This site seems to focus on the new books and variants, but Copper, Bronze and Silver get overlooked a lot. Also it would be nice to have an article that features key books by artists.

    If I was the editor, I’d maybe consider a website refresh. Other than that you boys are doing a great job. Keep it up.

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    My favorite reoccurring article is the Day After Wednesday. Very informative, and it helps me to figure things out what to purchase. Things that I’d love to see on the site would be a Bottom10 list (comics that have really fallen hard this week / 2 weeks. It’d be nice to know if a key, or certain issue that I was looking for took a dive and I can pick it up for relitively cheap (Well, cheaper than it was). I’d also love to see a weekly/bi-weekly article on key series’ and books from Independent publishers, new publishers, underground publishers…..basically things that wouldn’t be on the casual collectors’ radar. Great job guys. Love your site.

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    My Favorite article right now is The Wednesday One. Very informative articles and its helped me look for a few things I may not have known about.

    What I’d love to see is an article on Previews so we can spec on books that are coming a month or two from now. I think I, and a few others, didn’t regularly use PreviewsWorld or any other preview site so we where behind on specs. Helping other site members get in early would be great. Also an article exclusively on indies, also an early spec article, so we could pre-order the next Henchgirl and get in low.

    I don’t think there is anything on the site that I would change, everything is pretty great. Keep up the good work guys!

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    I like comics a lot.
    Although i don’t choose my comics just for winning money,
    i found myself looking the suggestions and speculations in the site,so often, because i’m learning much about books i have and books i don’t know their existence!

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    The site is great and you guys are doing some great work! My favourite articles have to do with Cover Swipes, One Year Later, Top 10, Breaking News, Time to Hunt and a few more I can’t think off the top of my head. The hard work that goes into the articles is much appreciated.

    The only thing I would change has to do with monetizing. If you’re going to all of the trouble of writing about certain issues, why not provide links where we can get them and get some referral credit for it? People are clearing out Ebay and such based on the articles. Might as well get something in return. Another idea might be to partner up with a store and provide some analysis of Previews and take a small percentage from advance orders.

    You’re doing all of the work, you might as well get paid.

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      I’d like to amend my comment. I wasn’t thinking clearly…Duh. The links in the articles should point to the books for sale in the Marketplace i.e. for articles on Outcast #1, have a link to the Outcast #1’s for sale.

      This should lead to more turnover and will increase exposure overall for the Marketplace overall. Besides, extra backlinks to the Marketplace will look better to Google when it’s ranked.

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    My favorite (semi) regular article is “The Day After Wednesday” because it is a great asset to determine what comic books are hot and which ones are cold as ice. Before I found the CBSI website, I would just blindly buy variants… without taking into consideration about the story or the artist. I thought, because it is a variant it will be valuable… but not taking into consideration: artist, print run, story, first appearance and etc.. I have a bunch of comics that are pretty much worthless and paid whatever the comic shop owner was selling it for. Perfect example, I believe I bought all the Amazing Spider-man #1 covers or the most recent volume… and Spider-man/Deadpool I thought would not do so well so I bought just one copy of issue one. This was a critical mistake on my part, with little to no knowledge of comic book investing and speculation market. Now that I have learned a great deal of knowledge through this website, I hope I can make smarter decisions for all future purchases.
    What is missing from the site? I feel like podcast was a foot in the right direction or what was missing from the website. In my opinion, I would love a recommended products page when it comes to comic book supplies. I’m not sure if this has been done, but I would love to know what to bring to conventions… what products are best to make sure you comics are kept safe. Most of the research I have done on my own in that regard, but hearing what other people use and reviewing certain product I would find very useful in this market.
    If I was Chief Editor what would I change? That is my weakness, I would never be hired to be Chief Editor since I am not even average when it comes to the written word. I do technical writing at best, so it would be really hard for me to convey what would make the website better with or without changes. However, I would say there should be at least one charity razz each month to give back to those less fortunate. We are all in a market to make money but also to have fun as well, but it would be nice to give back to those who aren’t so lucky. A member said something that I agree with, that if you give a little… you get back a whole lot more.

    • Khoi Cakes

      Not sure if you’re aware of this, but we do a charity cover art challenge at least once a quarter and just donated all of the proceeds from the CBSI 4Kids Walk Into A Bank variant. We raised over $1,400 within the last couple of weeks – I feel you would be hard pressed to find a group like ours that gives as much we do, and this again is basically from a bunch of people who do what we do out of our own pockets and time.

      • Avatar

        Wasn’t aware of the frequency of the charities being ran. It was amazing to see how much CBSI 4Kids raised, I don’t know the inner workings or the mods time and investment towards organizing these charities. In any case, you guys are doing a great job!

  • andmethis

    My favorite article is the day after, but I’m also really enjoying the one year later segment, probably because I get a little euphoric feeling when I see one of my spec books in raising in value. I also really enjoy your artist spotlights, as it has introduced me to pieces that I never would have thought to look for.

    I would make this site more consistent, and stick to a tighter schedule of when articles are being released. As a fan I really want to know that there something I can look forward to reading.

    If I were chief editor, I would add more videos, possibly add reviews, and continue the great work on the podcast.

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    Have only been on the website forabout 3 months now my favorite article is The Wednesday One it runs down all the releases of note and is a good reminder of what to look for when you hit your local shop.You guys do a really great job and and I am glad to have found this site if anything is missing maybe a new to the site run down of information like a link to all the best articles and content as well as the fliptionary and the new grading guide articles .I have read a ton of articles from the archives to try and catch up .If I were editor I would like to do more character specs at random,I really enjoyed the DC Rebirth Spec-ial article use that type of format for key issues,low print runs,variants,key story arcs,and cool covers for a single character weekly or monthly rolled up with upcoming apperances and which older issues could be effected.Try to mix it up and maybe have a vote to see which character gets the spotlight or try to do newer and up and coming characters that can or have become relavant.Thanks for all you do and keep up the outstanding work.

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    Up until recently, my favorite article was the “Day After Wednesday” write-up every week that told me which books to run back and buy more of at my LCS. But lately I’ve really been loving the “One Year Later” posts. They are such a great tool to use to look back and see what we were all scrambling for last year and to see how it impacts our wallets and PC’s then and now. I think its also a great spotlight on the fact that not every comic thats hot now will even be remembered in a few months. Some people are clever enough to make a decent living at selling comics but the vast majority of us should be doing it for the love of the hobby (art, story, ect). This article helps to illustrate the fact that we should all be collecting because we love the comics, not because we think they will make us rich someday.
    Its more than 150 words, but I also just want to add that you guys are killing it with the podcast. I look forward to your podcast more than any other comic related cast that I listen to and I subscribe to a few of them. Keep it up!


    My fave regular article is the Top Ten. It really helps me find out what people are obsessed with ATM, and often turns me onto books I may have overlooked.

    I think the site could use more articles regarding the history of comics during the bronze-modern eras. We get a lot of good history about very early stuff, but not much for this time period, and many new collectors had their first look at comic books during those eras.

    If I was chief editor of the site, Id make the Top Ten list update more frequently, at least once a week, although every day or two would be ideal. Id also maybe make a second list. The second list would have the books that sold the most copies by quantity; I know that would exclude all the best books as they are usually fairly rare, but it would give a very clear picture as to whats selling best at the moment.

  • Demon Jim

    While I don’t post much I do frequent the site every day. It has hands down become one of my favorite sites for one of the world’s greatest hobbies. The hard work the CBSI team puts into this web site clearly shows, and I promise you the work does not go unnoticed. As for my favorite article on this site it is easily the Hot 10 Comics. First off the amount of work put into creating those lists is probably astronomical because there are a lot of comics to be constantly tracking. They aren’t just interesting they are fun. While I may not be able to afford most of any list it is interesting to see the rise and fall of the books. Patterns emerge, you can see when a media announcement were made, artist popularity, and the great moment when you see a book you actually own make the list. That last part specifically is a very fun and exciting moment. While I’m sure many people use this site specifically for reselling purposes, because well that is what this site is for, just know that there are many of us that use this site simply because it entertains us.

    As for what this site is missing it is hard to say as a lot of things that I would have created personally are actually a part of the site already. Once I really looked at it I thought of something really fun. How about a CBSI Hall of Fame? It would include books that constantly made the Hot 10, books that have appeared many times on the site over a variety of articles, or books for any reason the CBSI team chooses. It would just be interesting and a good way to provoke interaction among visitors.

    And last in my writings the question of if I were chief editor what would you change? Honestly I would change the front page. It’s okay the way it is and I can use it just fine, but instead of having 38 articles load why not show the most recent in a slide style towards the top with a list of the last few weeks articles and small summaries underneath. Kind of like how comic book resources, IGN, and Yahoo have the front page set up. I actually find this style very easy to navigate, and it is a lot easier on people with slower connections or slow phone speeds.

    Well that is it for my response. Thank you for the contest and keep up the hard work.

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    My fav article on CBSI is the Day After article. I love getting a look at which book could potentially be high value book that could be added to my collection. I also love the Variant Heat Check. I just can’t choose between the two.

    I can’t say I would change anything on here. Maybe a bit more interaction in the forum but thats about it. Keep up the outstanding work guys !

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    I’m torn…Variant Heat Check is my favorite article since it lets me know of variants from the past 5 or so years that are heating up for various reasons, but it also leaves me with inner turmoil, anger, depression and fatigue. After collecting for 40+ years and amassing a mountain of comics, I have been speculating every month since I can remember. Making sure that my Diamond list 2 months in advance has been thoroughly analyzed. when I find that I miss one, not last week miss one, but 3 years ago miss one that is now popping at $200 plus, it reminds me how much the game has changed in the last 5 years. For one, sights like this didn’t exist. The glut of comics being optioned and popping short lived or not was not like it is a standard today. Sure some hit the roof and a year later can be had for cover. But then there are the variants that just never seem to die and steadily increase. I speculate on regular new comic issues # 1, new creator teamings, key content one offs, event books, possible under ordered titles, and hardly ever miss. Variants on the other hand can be cold hard mistresses that burn you in the night.

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    I am a daily visitor to the site, id have to say Tuesday/Wednesday my favorite article on the site is The Wednesday One and Variant Heat Check, thursday/Friday my favorite is the Day After Wednesday. As for the rest of the days, i love the break downs and the articles that dive a little deeper. True firsts, Bits and Panels anything written by Sad junk.

    Id have to say just about all of us are in this hobby to make a little money, but we all love the stories, characters and universes. Everyone has their books that they love and know all the ins and outs of and having the opportunity to write an article that clue the rest of us into some of the key issues, story lines or even just great covers and artwork is fantastic. It drives the interest in the books, gets new readers excited for them and shares that wealth of knowledge among all of us. There are no real great resources for sharing like this in an open but organized way that is built on community instead of trolling and ganging up on people who do not already share the same views and opinions.

    Keep up the great work on the site, i really think that the variety of articles and viewpoints are the true highlight, it builds the sense of community and that anyone can be a contributor that we all have something to share and makes it feel like “our” site.

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    I have been a member of the site since there was around 400 people and i Ave to say I love the guys here and all they do for collectors and also the community. My favorite article has to be the hot ten. There was a point when I had 5 or 6 at one time and I felt like a king for a minute. Great info to be had there.
    If i could suggest one thing for the site it would be a section of books that can make a quick buck.they don’t have to be keys or speculative but something that sells for 5 or 10 dollars regularly. We all hit those dollar boxes when we go to local and distant shops but who knows what we’re passing up just from lack of knowledge. That same money we make on those books could go to losing more razzes to kerley. Thank you guys for all you do.

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    This site, tremendous insight. Wednesday One has become a staple for me every Wednesday morning just to know what to look for at my LCS. The top 10 brings be back to the glory years of Wizard magazine. But I am honestly drawn in by nearly every article as most touch on my collecting habits. Ghost Hunting, Time to Hunt, Checklist, Swipes…all great.

    Maybe I’m not plugged in as I should be, but I would love to see a notification when new articles go up. A guy can only hit refresh so many times you know. Am I dreaming to think that there is an app in the near future for this site and the marketplace? I think it merits it.

    Keep up the good work guys……CBSI for life!!!!

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    I’m pretty new to the site but in the short time that I’ve been here I’ve really enjoyed all the articles. Plus they’ve been pretty informative which helps a lot especially for someone just getting back into the hobby like myself. However, The Wednesday One, The Day After, and the One Year Later articles are the ones I enjoy reading the most ever week. They help out on Wednesdays when you out hunting, give you quick sale info for the quick flips, and look back to past specs to see how they’ve done. One thing I was going to suggest before it actually just happened was the Podcast as I’ve been really into them for the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed listening the last few weeks. They give a lot more info about books to look out for, a good recap of the week’s news, and some good con stories to laugh at. Plus it nice to see that there other guys in the hobby like me that aren’t the typical hardcore comic people and have other interests (sports, hip hop). All in all keep up the good work on the site and the forum it’s definitely a breath of fresh air for those of us that enjoy the hobby and making money with it.

  • Cruzzer2

    I have been following your web site for two months now and it has completely changed my buying habits when it comes to comics. It is interesting that a handful of people gather around me at the comic store and ask me every Wednesday morning before the store opens what I am picking or attempt to ask what I picked up and why. It feels like I am putting an educational session on everything coming out that week.

    Sometimes I get a quick chuckle as I pick out a book, I see four or five other individuals go after the same book after I do it. I don’t know EVERYTHING about comics as I still feel I am green, but my local comic store owner who has slow mentored me told me it is insane at the vast amounts of knowledge I have gained in the last several months regarding comics. Individuals after see’ing my stack of comics ask, “How did you know..Why’d you get that?” and quickly drop knowledge that I have gained via your site.

    I tell them I spend about 1-2 hours a week on “homework” prepping for Wednesday. Most of the homework I do is because of your site. I have set up so when you post on your site, it goes straight to my facebook notifications, even at 2am in the morning, if my phone is buzzing about your web site, I am awake and I am reading. I love the “Top 10” is a quick joy, “Varian Heat check” is a MUST! “The Wednesday one” is awesome. Sometimes I miss out on something and if I do, that’s the page that helps me get on track to read something I may have missed. “Ghost Hunting” well I always look back on that page to see what may have slipped since I just started your site.

    I am still learning artists and writer combinations? IF anything, I’d love to see a page on artist/writer combinations that have individuals going after that story, for example “Snyder/Capullo combo” and give examples when they have worked together on different stuff, or “Amanda Connor/Palomatti” and some story lines they have done that have cause fireworks in the comic world. I mean some individuals working together are just dynamite. Also, there are some stuff that some people people read that we miss out on, it’s be cool to have you guys do a feature on a random “reader ” every so often, what they are reading, some of their favorites or in their collection. This would be a great sell to individuals who are not in to the comic world that ordinary people read comics and that some of them have a good vested interest in them.

    In the end, I’m not just a collector as an investment since I don’t pick up everything you recommend. I like reading ordinary stuff for entertainment as well like “Moon Knight” or “Captain Marvel” (I am currently writing a CAROL DANVERS Keys blog, along with working on writing history on feminism and Captain Marvel for a comicon panel in the future) , and one comic I don’t fail to pick up is “Hip Hop Family Tree” since that comic is so different and educational in to regards of History of Hip Hop, how Ed Piskor talks about why he drew certain panels a certain way or sources his panels with youtube links at the back of his comics. The texture, the smell of that comic is different than your DC/MARVEL books, so I’m pushing that comic on people. Maybe a comic page of “Current Comics You Probably Never opened up or heard of” YEah you will get some people who did read or know about it, but as I was reading “Bruce Lee #2” this past week at the LCS, a girl asked me about it, then proceeded to ask the store representative to add it to her pull list after I told her about it. She had no idea.
    Just my thoughts, suggestions or comments, take them for what they are.

    Thank you and much gratitude for not only maintaining this site, but keeping it fresh.

    Gabriel Cruz

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    What do I think is missing from this site? An article page that allows viewers to send in their own articles about comic book related material. This can be anything from movies, books, paraphernalia or what have you, so long as it relates to comic books. Entries will be screened of course by the page editors, but one lucky contributor will get his work published here for free. He or she gets credited for the posting. Articles must have a minimum of 500 words. Pictures will be included if necessary. That means there will be a screening committee. Qualified people are selected one week in advance with a cutoff day. So, effectively everyone has a week to give in their articles and then the screening committee here decide on who’s the lucky participant. Who knows, maybe if you have a consistent winner or submitter, he might be able to be part of your writing staff for the future. You can call it ‘The Blind Side’ or something.

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    My favorite semi-regular article on the site would have to be “I’ll buy that for a dollar!” and all of his related articles. Everybody loves digging for comics. There’s nothing like digging through a brand new dollar bin you’ve never been to before in some dingy old comic shop on the outskirts of town. Every time I flip from one book to the next in a dollar long box I swear I get something comparable to a gambler’s high hoping I hit the mother load. While that BA 12 you’re looking for almost never happens, it is really cool to have the knowledge to be able to pick up some minor key books that people are often unaware of how much they really go for. Knowing what books are actually 10-20 dollar books, or just what series have some really cool covers too add to your personal collection is invaluable knowledge when spending your afternoon mining through some dusty dollar bins. In all seriousness, I have had so many instances where people look at my dollar bin stack and compliment my books or say to me “if you don’t want any of those let me know.” A little knowledge goes a long way and it’s really cool to get some great covers and specs for a buck a piece and be more equipped with dollar bin knowledge then the guys thumbing around next to you. Hope to see more of these articles in the near future and keep up the good work!

  • Avatar

    My favorite semi-regular article would have to be “one year later.” The reason why you ask?

    Well because in the heat of the moment when something is hot you tend to get caught up in the adventure i dont know how many times i went back and grabbed those 2 extra spec copies off the shelf or got into a bidding war just letting the moment get to me. The one year later is sort of a validation into my sanity (or insanity) it reminds me of what was so hot and important 365 (366 this year) days ago and forces me to reflect on those choices.

    Did the book stay hot? Did it make me money? Should i have not picked up that extra copy? Turns out no movie was actually in the works etc.

    Looking at that past then helps me in my future choosings because in this hobby it is easy to forget the failed spec of yesteryear heck i forget things i got and stuck in a box weeks ago (what the hell is unleash and why do i have 5 copies?)

    So in conclusion one year later is my favorite because it reminds me of my triumphs my misses and my failers and provides me with a greater understanding of the spec market as a whole as well as letting me know i was not alone in the mass panic to grab a certian issue.

    Thank you cbsi staff for giving this spec train time machine.

    P.s. we were supposed to choose 1 of the 3 topics correct? Good luck everyone.

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    It’s kind of hard to pick a favorite article from CBSI. They all serve pretty different functions and are all well done. Scott Robertson’s recent series of grading has been incredible, though. The guy really knows how to trawl data and assemble it into a useful, digestible format. Being confident in a grade is critical to making the best purchases, and the smartest submissions, and seeing how it works from the other side of the fence is a real boon because rounds out the community’s understanding of how grading works with a bit more of the reality that is necessary when gloved hands start checking your page quality. Again, one really has to applaud the tremendous dedication Scott’s putting into this research, and the level of service a 360 degree view of grading gives us. Of course, there are always places to go, since grading becomes as granular as anything when you give it enough attention, but it’s great to get this sort of thoughtful analysis for free.

  • Avatar

    My favorite is Covers from the Unknown. I love seeing covers i’ve never seen before.
    I would like to see a Pre Spec Top 15 maybe every 2 weeks. Comics that are not hot but could be in the future.
    I cant say i would really change anything here seem to flow nicely.

  • raiderfaniam1020

    One of my favorite articles is the Top 10. I can’t wait until the new article comes out. As soon as I see the email telling me the new one is on the website I get so excited. One reason I love this article is I like to see how many of the comics I actually have. My daughter and I look to see how find the article first and then we call each other and spoil it for each other.
    One thing I would add to the website would be a top 10 list for “You better get these comics before the price skyrockets”. Something like a top 10 of comics trending on Ebay, This would be awesome for someone like me who is actually new to the comic world.
    As for changing anything on the website, I wouldn’t change anything. The site is awesome. The articles are awesome. The people are awesome. (I really mean it). I actually purchased a few comics from some of the members of the group with no issues. Your guys are great. Continue to help each other. You Rock!! Thanks George & Gabby…

  • Avatar

    As a daily visitor to the site and the G+ community, my favorite semi-regular articles are those in the “Tools Of The Trade” section. While all of the articles on the site are highly informative and entertaining, I am always looking to educate myself on the important areas of collecting other than the comics themselves.

    Beginning with the article that Big Dip wrote, “Talking Pages and Paper”, I am always on the lookout for new articles in this section. Who knew that there was so much to learn about paper composition, deterioration and preservation. I used to by a new cell phone every few years and look for the cheapest case I could find. Doesn’t make much sense to spend $500 on a phone and only $5.00 on a case. I now refer back to this particular article frequently when wanting the best preservation possible for my comics.

    Additionally, the latest articles by Scott Robertson on grading & restoration have furthered my comic education. I am continually working on my grading skills and having the steps spelled out makes it easier to be consistent in my grading.

    Hope to see more articles under the “Tools of the Trade” area in the future. Keep up the great job you guys do with the site.

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    Alright for my entry I’d like to discuss what’s missing from the site and this is something that I’ve always found a bit odd. Prices. Yes I know they will vary and they can be a bit hard to pin down but as someone who also speculates on MTG cards I know how easily prices could be worked into articles. When I read articles on MTG speculating there will be something along the lines of I think (insert card here) is a good spec at X dollars and I expect it to rise to Y dollars and the reasoning behind it. With how many accusations people seem to make about you guys “pumping and dumping” that seems like it would clear some things up. If you’re recommending a book because it’s currently priced at $10 but 5 minutes after your article is posted everyone is selling them for $50 on eBay they aren’t exactly a good buy anymore in my opinion. And if you guys are on here saying buy this book until it gets to X dollars then no one can be mad at you if they buy a book you recommend when it’s blown right past that value.

  • Avatar

    I really love all of the articles that you guys put out but if I had to chose just one I would have to be Vantage point. I am fairly new back in the game of comic book collecting and this article does a couple of great things. First it shows me a lot of really cool variants that came out before I got back in the game and second it shows me the ratios and possible copies of the book.
    What I think is missing from the site is something you all really don’t have any control over at this point. Even though I have only made a few replies in the forum I really enjoy reading what other collectors have to say. At this time on this site there are just not enough member to really get the forum going at full strength. Hopefully that will get better in the future.
    If I were Chief I think I would try to get more articles in about what the pulse is at a lot of the conventions. Send my people out to more conventions and report back what is the latest buzz is. Thanks you for all you do guys.

  • Avatar

    My favorite article that I love checking this site for is “Variant Heat Check.” Having a really hot comic in my collection is nice, but having a rare variant of a comic book can be even more rewarding. However, a comic book collector can’t always speculate which variants will be worth having simply based on great cover art (J. Scott Campbell variants excluded). Whats great about that article is that it typically does not deal in just hot variants at the moment, but can back track to older variants that have just recently been picking up steam. For example, the X-23 Del Otto variant became ridiculously expensive, and CBSI continues to track it. The article has also made me aware of the importance of 2nd prints (The Del Otto Iron Fist 1 Second Printing to be precise). I always grabbed first printings, and first printings only. Now, I have additional printings of Spider-Man/Deadpool, Monstress 1, and The Fix. “The Wednesday One” is awesome for the collector who visits a comic shop to pick up new comics every Wednesday, but Variant Heat Check has me on Ebay more than several times away, just to check prices if anything. Good Job, CBSI!

  • ECooper

    There are 4 sections of the site I really enjoy – The Podcast, One Year Later, Top 10 and Variant Heat Check. The Podcast is great just to hear the guys shoot the breeze and touch on the top topics of the week. It’s nice to hear their take on things. One Year Later is great as a learning tool to see what was hot last year and try to discern what to do or not to do in the future. The Top 10 and Variant Heat Check are great tools for staying on top of current trends and trying to stay a step ahead of everyone else (your mileage may vary nowadays!).

    As far as what’s missing, maybe some sort of census or current market price guide? I’m sure there’s something in the works, but wasn’t someone working on an app/program that would pull data from eBay sales and compile it to create a real-time price guide? That would be pretty slick.

    Before I answer the Chief Editor question, I’ll preface this by saying this is not a knock on anyone. I understand the countless volunteer hours that have gone into making this site what it is. The contributors are great, Inigo is great, this is just an all-around great site. If I were to make changes, I would change up the layout of the site. I would look to try and compartmentalize the articles so they are easy to find and always in the same location on the page. I would also simplify the banners for article to create some consistency across the site (a style guide for banners, if you will).

    Great job guys, keep it up!

  • Iñigo

    … and we’re done!