Batman (2016) #1


While we all agree on what to call this new age of greatness for DC (let's remain optimistic for now), I thought I would go for the sober Batman (2016) #1 as Rebirth Batman #1 and other different attempts at naming it could have been confusing. eBay sellers seem to have started using Batman V3 but I was hoping for a more generic label to use for all of them … Let me know if I have missed the newsletter!

Anyway, a new Batman #1 and this time stores and cons want a piece of that pie. Here are a few I have found so far, but I am sure there are others coming (DF talks about a top secret artist, for example). I have avoided mentioning when there's a black and white version too, as most of them do.

If you know about a cover that does not appear below or you want to provide a better version of the art, please let us know by email to admin_AT_comicbookinvest_DOT_com.

hoknesBlank Cover

Terry Hoknes

zappTony Harris

Zapp Comics

BulletproofGabriele Dell'Otto

Bulletproof Comix

fried pieRafael Albuquerque

Fried Pie Comics

s-l1600 (1)Terry Dodson

Midtown Comics

forbiddenplanetGuillem March

Forbidden Planet

buymetoysAnt Lucia

Buy Me Toys

dcbsNeal Adams


hastingsTyler Kirkham


1 1(2213)Lee Bermejo

New England Comics

comicmadnessEd Benes

Comic Madness



Cje2OE5UgAEzA6RPhilip Tan

Amazing Comic Con

BM_Aspen_Turner1-600x919Michael Turner

Aspen Store

1 1(2221)Tony Daniel

Epic Comics

12Rafael Grampá

A Shop Called Quest


Yildiray Cinar

Paralel Evren (Istanbul)

dfJae Lee

Dynamic Forces

Batman 1 More FunScott Williams

More Fun Comics & Games

batman1a_1Barry Kitson

Comic Con Box


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