Sirens, Superwomen and Snow Bikini Blondes!

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What’s up guys. Been a while since I did a brain dump…

Let’s get right to what you all came for then!

None of these books (hopefully) will break the bank but are all solid books to have in your PC. But please act fast, since as soon as a book gets posted on ComicBookInvest, and I mean anything, people start posting them on eBay for like a zillion dollars.

Remember, I’m always on the lookout for the little guy. This is a mix of variants and regular issues, old and new, and even a key or two.

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Gotham Sirens / Harley Quinn

joker-gsirensFunny thing is that I was thinking to myself the last couple of weeks about how it was very likely that WB would try to spin off a film playing off the popularity of Harley Quinn – speculation based on the fact how Ben Affleck’s Batman film(s) will likely dive deep into the Batman mythos (see below for a related pick to this point).  Basically, all of the Batman characters are fair game.

Anyways, you’ve probably read the same recent rumors that I have. Now would be a good time to pick up those Gotham Sirens and Harley Quinn issues from her firsthqorigin run that are still to be had relatively cheap. And no, I do not mean the #1 variants by Hughes for Harley and J.G. Jones for Sirens. Of course, the ship has long sailed on those books for the budget collector. Btw, experience has taught me you can snag that Jones variant raw for under $75 from sellers online here and there, which is not great, but not too bad …

However, most of the regular issues shouldn’t run you more than $10 from either line. How about (pictured) a Harley origin story! How about the last issue with art by The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard? I’d also focus on the issues the Joker shows up in Gotham Sirens/HQ. I get the feeling that they will provide story lines for the films to pursue. Some of the other books would be of course Gotham Girls and Harley and Ivy, but they tend to get up in price. Still, those are great gets for your PC too if you can find them cheap.

Honorable mentions

Jungle Action #8 & 23

bpantherMan, Marvel really did an amazing job with Black Panther! Not only did they land a super-talented actor to play the role of T’Challa, they made him quite the badass on the screen.

So I offer these two (possibly) overlooked and very affordable books that I think you should have in your PC. They will definitely see a bump.

Jungle Action #8 is actually another origin issue and expands more into T’Challa’s past. I don’t see many collectors hunting for it even now. You can get it for $20 in nice condition. Awesome bonus: it was cover swiped for Black Panther Vol. 3 #17, which also features Falcon, Iron Fist and Power Man. Now, you tell me if that doesn’t sound like a plausible movie/Netflix lineup.

Jungle-Action23The other issue, Jungle Action #23, is in my opinion just an awesome, awesome classic cover that’s HTF in great condition because it’s a black cover. But man, they even have it as THE image for his Wikipedia page, just Google it! Rightfully so, again in my opinion, as it captures Black Panther’s stealth and dangerous potential perfectly. This too is another book that can regularly be had for under $20 online and even at live auction.

Secret Avengers Vol. 1 #3

Secret-Avengers-3-valkryieActually, this whole run has a number of really amazing variants. But I have to say this has got to be among the best of the crop, next to only the Granov cover swipe of Nick Fury for issue #9. (I recently got a cheap copy, and a friend was standing nearby during my mail call. “Whoa,” he said, “that’s a nice looking book.”) Sure it is, we got a statuesque Nordic blonde on the cover! Like the other “character” covers in this variant series, it’s a 1:75 by Mike Deodato Jr. It's the rarest Valkyrie variant cover to my knowledge, although we know now she ain't gonna look like that in the film… no matter to me, but it might matter to some folks. Anyways, the funny thing about this book is that some sellers have it listed for a couple of $$ and others sell it for $. You’re better off paying the cheaper amount, naturally.

Lois Lane as Superwoman, various

ll-superwomanI gotta give props to Rebirth. Whatever your opinion about it, you cannot deny that it has ignited reader interest in DC books, as well as speculation about various characters. I’m very curious to see what they do with Lois Lane, who is now Superwoman in her own book soon. The cynic in me says they took a page out of Marvel’s playbook here a la Thor and gave the female standby her own superpowers.

But wait – Lois has been super before. What’s the first app spec here? Well, sorry, it's not for budget collectors or for anyone to jump into blindly. Her first appearance as Superwoman comes very early – Action Comics #60 in 1943. Yep, it isn’t cheap; usually good copies end up in Heritage Auctions. Want to know more about LL's super-history? This handy little link provides a pictorial approach to survey what's actually a complicated narrative:

In my opinion, you should be looking for the #1 and #2 variants of the new book when it comes out since it's a new approach to Lois being Superwoman anyways. I’m goAll-Star_Superman_3ing to bet that, as with any super heroine, they are not going to garner the same number of orders of other books and will be harder to come by.

But – but – if you have cash to burn and to buy something, I think the best throwback books to get would be Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #8 and Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman #3. Both stories actually feature Lois (not a hallucination or Lois from the X dimension whatever) and she appears in the blue and red unitards we all associate with Supes.

But really guys, buyer beware. This is not a recommendation to drop $$$ on an Silver Age book, unless you really want it for the PC.

Power Girl Vol. 2 variants, #’s 1-6

So let’s follow that up with Power Girl. When it comes to Comic Con cosplay hookups, it's the top of every fanboy’s list. I get the feeling this character is going to bust out (had to) in a major way very soon; I think as a character on the Supergirl show that is coming to the CW. You can see it, right? She works well as a bridge character between shows for Legends of Tomorrow.

Anyways, you know these books are criminally undervalued – the varpgirls_sadiant covers from her 2009 run. These are all insanely good covers that can be had for cheap. Adam Hughes did the first two issues, which are phenomenal. Guillem March did the other four (he also served as the artist on a number of those Gotham Sirens covers, and that Superboy #2 variant with Poison Ivy that was recently featured on CB Invest. Hmm…). There’s always been an interest in these P-Girl issues, but when you have them as a set, they are just outstanding to admire, side-by-side (sorry, did it again).

Just so that you all know that Sadjunk eats what he cooks, instead of a generic picture of the covers, I’ve included my set, which also has that darn #27 – that is never a bargain buy except in the off-chance that you find it in the wild, which apparently happens to everyone but me.  As you can see in this picture, these books are magnificent and real. (Okay, okay…)

Deathstroke Vol. 2, #’s 9-12

liefeld_variantYep, I officially have lost it. I am recommending you pick up some Rob Liefeld.

This particular run of books was an entertaining match-up between Deathstroke and Lobo, and features a series of Liefeld covers – including a variant for issue #10! (Pictured at left.) Man, can you believe that? So random.

They are dirt-cheap (even the #10 variant, but experience says it’s not very easy to find in the wild). Together they make for a nice set. Now that you’ve seen them, you know you want them, so why are you denying it?

Bonus: Deathstroke Vol. 3 #2 This 1:25 Bart Searsdeathstroke_2_var variant for Deathstroke accurately sums up the opinion many folks have of Zack Snyder’s vision of the DCU on film so far. And you know what, I would pay to see Deathstroke kill the DCU. Hey waitaminnit, who else did that? …. DC cheap shots aside, you have to say this is  a crazy badass cover and highly underappreciated. And cheap, all things considered. Oh, and did I mention it’s very HTF in the wild? Find, buy it, congratulate yourself on being cool enough to appreciate this.

Batman: The Long Halloween

Scott Snyder recently said that his upcoming All-Star Batman is his “Long Halloween”. And if Snyder gives props to a Batman story, you should too. Such a nice set of books and long_halloweenTim Sale art. There’s also the follow up, Batman: Dark Victory, another mega-mini series.

It's an epic story arc for sure, but look at this cover pictured here! Come on, you Joker cover completionists out there, don't tell me you don't have this in your PC! It's the Joker sitting in Santa's chair!

Here's another reason I think you should be picking these books up: they are seminal Batman stories and I would not be surprised if they become the basis for a Batfleck flim. Again, such great story arcs, featuring all the villains. Tim Sale art! Everyone and their mother on social media has been talking about how Tim Sale would make the DC films great if he was involved. Maybe this is his way in? Me likey in any case…

Cliffhanger #12 (Natalia Snow Bikini Red Square Italian cover, MagicPress)


For those not paying attention, open your eyes. JSC + be-donk-key-donk! You know some cheesecake was gonna be served, it's a Sadjunk column!

Well, in addition to a rockin’ Russian blonde in a bikini in the snow (can't be THAT cold) on the cover by JSC, among Campbell aficionados, it’s apparently a must-have book for the PC and the race gets tighter because it is not too easy to come by. They “pop up” every now and then on Ebay, usually from foreign sellers. The trick is to find one in nice condition. From my experience, I can tell you they are hard to find in anything that could get a 9.0 or above. But when you do find one at that grade and manage to get it signed and slabbed – photographic example included – the book’s price snowballs in value during a live auction.

Side note: If you haven’t visited you’re missing out on some great mash-ups that are definitely worth a look. Much props to @RossPearsall for this continuing project in creativity.

Good luck huntin’, you comic fiends!


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