Unpressable Defects #3

CBSI Podcast

Trey, Shaun, Khoi, Mel and Jimmy talk about Rebirth, first appearances, Preacher vs Outcast, Captain America, Harley Quinn, Masters of the Universe and a lot more … And I do mean A LOT MORE!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …

You can download the file in MP3 or OGG format by right-clicking the following links: MP3 | OGG

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  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Gets better with each week!

  • Topher

    Thomas Wayne’s letter seems important.

    No one should be fatigued on DC/Marvel movie spec!

    The wonders of Dick? I thought that was a Bruce Wayne sorta thing.

    Look up Emergence Phenomena.

    Cinemax’s top 3 in order:
    The Knick

    Hodor’s death did not help any sales of GOT comics. Too bad really, some of those covers are sick.

    Breaking Bad S1 sucked. Give Preacher a chance.

    I’ll pass on the Gang of Harleys.

    I think they only still sell Puddin’ Pops in Canada.

    Yup Amanda Conner does in fact suck.

    Brave and the Bold 200 is now undervalued.

    The only Skeletor comics I’m paying a dime fore is the 2nd print 2002 Image #1. ( Invincible )

    Modern Newsstands are worth the effort.

    If I had the codes to launch missiles at an American target it would be the Mile High Comics facility on Christmas.

    Jimmy’s voice should have replaced J.A.R.V.I.S. instead of F.R.I.D.A.Y.

    I have a Captain EO comic signed by La Toya.

    Can we donate to a Diabetes charity?

    Killbox is worth a read.

    Pump and Dump should be Deadpool villains.

    I’ll just illegally download Rachel Rising.

    Donnie Darko doesn’t hold up..

    I’m a Celtics fan, go Warriors.

    Hail Hydra.

  • Simon Payne

    Blond girl at police station was Saturn Girl from Legion of Superheroes

  • merlin

    Excellent show this week. I totally agree that movie spec has been blown far out if proportion. The comics which are going to hold up are the ones that have their own legs. Watchmen is just one example of a huge book which will be undervalued as long as a book with terrible art and story, massively printed, which nobody ever read (because it Sucks), is going for more in the same grade. IMO.

  • Santos

    Harley Quinn 26 is not 1st gang of harley’s

    It is however 1st red tool and 1st new look [SS movie version]

  • Tim Sack

    Great stuff guys as always,

    the last decent newer spec comic from Dark horse was Harrow County, it was or is optioned idk what company, but decent read. Check it out on ludes or a k hole it will prob be better lmao,

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    Love the hip hop references and calling suckas out!

  • mrnivek

    Another great show, haven’t been to a Barnes and Noble in forever. Wow, they still have single issues and not just trades…

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