Contest: Fan Expo Dallas / Megacon Orlando Variant Set – Part 1

As mentioned on the variant article published back on Monday, the organizers of Fan Expo Dallas (June 3rd to 5th) and Megacon Orlando (starting tomorrow, May 26th to 29th) gave us two sets of this year's con variants to give away to you guys. Each set consists of:

  • Civil War II #0 Color and B&W Variants
  • Civil War II #1 Color and B&W Variants
  • Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld Variant
  • DKIII: The Master Race #4 Janson Variant
  • Batman Adventures #12 Meyers Regular and Foil Variants

That's a total of two sets of 8 comics each, so we decided on two contests, one per set. And we will start with an easy one …

  • The only thing you need to do is add a comment on this post saying what your favorite variant of this set is and why.
  • Only one entry per person, please, or you will be disqualified.
  • This thread will remain open until Monday 30th.
  • Out of all the proper entries (we are not accepting “My favorite is X because I love Y”, try to be original), one will be chosen randomly.
  • We will contact whoever wins to get their address, so make sure your contact email address is working and you can access it.

Next week we will announce the winner of this first contest and announce the rules for the second one. Both sets will ship directly from the organizers around June 10th.

Thanks for being out there and good luck everyone!!!


  • Avatar

    Love the art on the BA #12!

  • Avatar

    Huge fan of Spider-man/Deadpool series, love the art from Liefeld variant… with the rare showing of feet!

  • tiredguy

    I love the BA 12 variants because they calm the voices in my head.

  • mcginness

    BA #12 Foil cover – as initially a collector from late 80’s early 90’s – anything that is shiny or glows in the dark brings it all back 🙂

  • Avatar

    I love the Civil War #0 cover, sketch specifically because that Dikimbe Mutombo finger wag Capt Marvel has got it going on. The contrast in the color scheme is pretty amazing too. She just pops out (in more ways than one… :O hahaha)

  • Brian Wood

    My favorite is the color Terry Dodson Civil War variant. Captain Marvel looks awesome and her character really pops over top of Iron Man’s mask

  • invinciblelatin

    I actually like two as it’s so hard to pick just one as I love the art on BA#12 as I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn. Her first appearance is my #1 holy grail to try and get, without losing my mortgage monies. And the other book that I like is Liefeld’s Spidey/DP book. I met him for the first time at Philly Comic con last year and he is a really cool dude. Great person to talk with and he gave me at that time a lot of insight and positive feedback for the DP movie. Hmm decisions, decision, well, BA#12 as at lest it gets me a very nice second place grail for me.

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    I like the BA #12 variants because I love everything that has to do with Batman.

  • Avatar

    I love the Dark Knight III: The Master Race 4 because nobody else does and thats how I roll.

  • Avatar

    Love the BA12 variant brings me back to the 90’s rushing home from the school bus and making it to the tv in time to catch those random thugs get handle by the bat in the opening credits

    Ahhh the 90s such a great time to be a kid

  • Avatar

    Love the Deadpool/Spiderman cover the best. Liefeld has been a favorite of mine since I first started collecting in the 90’s and doing one of my favorite characters is just icing on the cake.

  • Khoi Cakes

    I like the BA #12s because I won’t be able to get the original 🙁

  • schweizerdavid

    I like the BA 12s as they will go with my CBCS 9.6 and 9.8 copies of the original.

  • Avatar

    I like the BA 12s because who doesn’t like sexy woman on their covers

  • Avatar

    My favorite variant of the set is BA 12 because it captures the feeling of the original cover whole having a great looking modern artist style.

  • Avatar

    OMG the Sider-man Deadpool #3 Leifeld variant, easily, i missed it the first time around, and there were only about 10k that time…

  • Avatar

    Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld Variant. He created Deadpool and he proves that he can indeed draw feet. Rock on Liefeld!

  • Kevin Trinh

    I like the BA 12 because of ….I like bewbies. Seriously though, I like the cover.

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    Feet, did you see the feet, he actually drew feet!!!!! That’s what the love for Deadpool spiderman comes from, the fact that Leifeld actually drew feet!!!

  • Avatar

    Spider man and Deadpool. Because, Spidey, and Deadpool!!

  • an2one

    BA 12 cause i cant get enough Harley…..and the original 🙂

  • Avatar

    Really like the BA #12 varients..I’ve always wanted a copy of that comic but have never been able to afford one..and I think k this varient is so cool and I love the cover..been a huge batman fan ever since I was younger and this would go great in my collection!!

  • Avatar

    I love ALL-OF-THEM because they want to live with ME at my HOME!!

  • Avatar

    BA #12 ……Harley quinn

  • Avatar

    I suffering from Variant Fatigue! I actual wish none of these variants existed, but if I have to pick a favorite, it’d be the BA #12. I found my little brothers modest collection from back in the day, and he stopped collecting that series at #11! He didn’t want to buy the one with Bat”girl” on the cover! Ahhh!

  • Ben Steiniger

    Foil? Did someone say foil? 90’s are back!

  • Lunarshade

    The foil Batman Adventures 12 is the best cover for that book and the color version is my second favorite. Really awesome art.

  • Avatar

    The Batman Adventures 12 is awesome, in fact I bought the holofoil yesterday but it will get lonely by itself so it needs some companions.

  • vanix

    Spiderman/Deadpool variant. It’s in your face, and still have a soft spot for Liefeld and it’s a good rendition of DP.

  • Avatar

    Got to go with deadpool! Great action pic! I Remember early Liefeld when collecting as a kid.

  • Avatar

    Batman Adventures #12 Foil. I have a thing for shiny things. Ooooooo…shiny…..

  • userX745

    I would have to say Batman Adventures #12 would be my favorite out of the rest of the covers. The color is awesome and the artist did an amazing job with the characters with all the little details on the cover. It’ll be interesting to see if the color stands out with the foil cover.

  • NickeGz

    Batman Adventures #12 Foil because it’s dead sexy

  • Wednesday Warrior
    Wednesday Warrior

    Who doesn’t want the Carol Danvers (Dikembe Mutombo) variant??? Like “No, no, no, Stark. Not in this house!”
    Civil War 0 BW all the way!


    The Deadpool/Spider-Man Liefeld is my fave because I have a fetish for jacked up feet.

  • briangilpatrick

    Batman Adventures #12 – the colors pop and Poison Ivy has a spell on me!

  • Avatar

    batman adventures 12 metallic variant. the girls pop more with the silver background and jsc draws sexy woman!

  • Avatar

    Ba 12. Nicest harley remake I’ve ever seen

  • Avatar

    We all know the Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld Variant is the best cause it’s the dreamy bromance we can all get behind…..”wink”.

  • Jason S

    Gotta go with the BA 12 variants! Why? Because in the day of variants, BA 12 doesn’t have that many at all!

  • Avatar

    Actually like the Rob Liefeld variant. Proportions are actually very good!

  • Dan Wozniak

    Got to go with BA12. I like the animated look of HQ and Ivy.

  • Avatar

    Ba12…becuase its foiled cover bringing back the 90’s flair!!! 🙂

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    X-Men 1 connecting variants

  • Duc

    I like the Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld Variant due to the feet sessiness.

  • Avatar

    The BA 12 Foil! For my childhood 90’s nostalgia!

  • Avatar

    BA12. Just look at it, it’s shiney, colorful, with sexy animated girls. It’s nerd heaven, and I’m a nerd.

  • JokerKillz

    DKIII: The Master Race #4, huge fan of that series and would love this variant!

  • Eman

    I really dig the Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld variant….
    Besides being a great cover, I like the fact that Rob Liefeld is the artist.
    Having the ORIGINAL creator of Deadpool on this is awesome.

  • Avatar

    DKIII # 4 Janson Variant is my favorite , as I grew up on Miller/Janson Daredevil and that started my comic book addiction.

  • Avatar

    Love me some John Cassaday, so I gotta go with those CWII#0 variants!

  • Avatar

    I love all of the covers,my favorite ones are definitely the Batman Adventures 12.

  • Avatar

    There is no better Deadpool than Liefeld’s Deadpool! I love that art on Spider-Man/ Deadpool #3 bad he has feet!

  • Avatar

    BA #12 always gonna be a classic

  • ECooper

    DKIII – No gimmicks, no color. Klaus’ awesome art has a chance to shine with no alteration. Very slick cover.

  • Cruzzer2

    Peacwe, Harmony and Universal Greeting.
    My name is Gabriel Cruz, and I am a huge Carol Danvers fan! Yes, I am a male, and if you were to peek at my Instagram or facebook posts this past MARCH , you could see all the posts I’ve done on Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, Warbird, Binary, and Captain Marvel. I have been working for the last 2 months on a Carol Danvers keys list, and I have been putting together a timeline and what she triggered in the Marvel Universe once she became Captain Marvel. If anyone needs an education, she basically opened up, more like kicked the door open for more roles for women in which many roles became women (Wolverine, Thor, A-Force) ! I would love to have the Civil War COLOR Variant with CAptain Marvel on the cover for my collection. 🙂 Hopefully I would get it slabbed so I could put it on my wall.. I would never trade it.. NEVER! and yeah I’ve got the entire Ms. Marvel (vol 1 and 2) and Captain MArvel (Carol DAnvers) collection) anyhoo I hope I get your vote/support to win it! Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Really a tough choice but I have to go with the BA 12 Holofoil because who doesn’t love those crazy Gotham girls. Just a really beautiful cover I never knew Jonboy Myers had those kinda chops. It blows me away he seems to capture the bad girl vibe and playfullness of their characters cant wait to see what else he comes out with. If you just showed me the cover I would of bet money it was a J. Scott Campbell cover.Also its great to see new artists get a crack at Harley not to take anything from Hardin or Conner but she misses the Dodsons.

  • gregory_winnick

    Batman Adventures #12 is a beautiful and vibrant cover that uses the untraditional hero and villian female pairing together. I’m truly enjoying this new wave of GIRL POWER in comics!!!!

  • Avatar

    BA12. Especially foil. Anything Shiney gets my attention. Reminds me of my early Comic days. If only we had lots of hologram and foil Arians now. Sigh.

  • Ddub7

    Batman Adventures #12 Lots of details going on in the picture, and that foil cover just makes it POP!

  • Avatar

    Spider-Man/Deadpool 3 has gotta be the best variant in the lot. Rob Liefield’s greatest contribution to the comic world was Deadpool, and when he draws him on a cover, it’s gold…if you’re not reading this series, you’re missing out on one of the best series Marvel has produced in a long time!…also, I didn’t wanna seem pervy by picking Batman Adventures 12, which I also want.

  • Avatar

    Really dig the Civil War #0 cover!

    Like Carol’s costume and how the cover feels interactive with the way she’s saying NO with her finger and that cocky look on her face… it really feels like it’s directed right at the viewer/reader!

  • UltraMaximus

    One? You guys just made me tear myself apart, because John Boy kills it on that Batman Adventures 12 cover, the art of those 3 ladies, modernized with a twist of Purple Rain Batgirl is why it wins hands down. I am a big Deadpool collector and fanboy, but I’ll have to give it up for the John Boy artwork, he just crushed it, and honestly why it deserves 2 variants I guess!

    Good luck everyone!

    • UltraMaximus

      Dang, It’s late and autocorrect got me on Jonboy’s name. Instant DQ…….lol

  • Avatar

    I prefer the Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld variant because as the Deadpool shown, nothing will stand in its way !

  • Avatar

    My favorite of the bunch is the Cassaday Civil war II #1 in color for a few reasons but most of all the beautiful inks on the cover. Just comparing it to the Civil war II #0 right above it you can see a huge difference in how bright the blue and red in her costume is. I like my comics with vibrant colors!

  • Avatar

    I like the spider-man / deadpool cover. I appreciate how the bottom portion of his left leg seems to be attached crooked at the knee. He has feet though. “A” for effort.

  • Avatar

    I can’t help but like the Spider-Man / Deadpool cover. I normally don’t like Liefeld’s art. But this cover keeps catching my eye. The fact that I can’t stop looking at this cover, despite my general distaste for his art, says a lot about just how good the cover is.

  • Avatar

    I like the Spider-Man / Deadpool cover, not because I like Liefeld’s art, but because I like the whole series.

  • justin

    Civil War II #1 , This might be the first ever Hamlet homage cover,even if it’s not I don’t know how that can be topped by any of the others .

  • Avatar

    BA #12 foil for sure. Great artwork

  • Avatar

    BA #12, the original is on my bucket list and is it just me or does this cover look a little like JSC (my favorite).

  • andmethis

    Hey there. Thanks for this contest. My favorite variant, is the BA12. I let the regular cover slip through my hands, but now this variant has reignited my collecting fire.
    Thanks for your time
    Stephen Buehner.

  • Avatar

    it has to be the Ba12 foil cover, i do love the 90’s cheese and jonboys art is very J Scott Campbelly, all 3 characters look stunning, no denying its a cool cover.

  • Topher

    I’m a big fan of Captain Marvel’s feet.

  • Avatar

    Batman Adventures #12 , like it!

  • Avatar

    Did someone say foil cover? Let me tell you something brother, I remember the 90s and every other comic had a foil cover….even comics nobody wanted. So it is great to see it make a comeback….whatcha gonna do brother when these 24 inch pythons wrapped in foil comic goodness run wild on you.

  • merlin

    The Civil War II John Cassaday variant is easily the most appealing to my sensibilities… The simplicity of the design, quality of rendering, and classical imagery are only enhanced by Carol Danvers’ (not overly sexualized) beauty.

  • Avatar

    Batman #12 because I love shiny things 🙂 and I am a sucker for girls in purple leather riding a motorcycle.

  • Avatar

    My favourite is the Deadpool because what we gain in feet we lose with a wobbly left thigh and movement lines that suggest he is jumping backward as if just seen a mouse…

  • Avatar

    I really like the DKIII #4. It has the dark Batman feel being in the rain, but the Robin balances it out and makes it less gloomy. Also, even though it is black and white their is still a ton of emotion and detail in it to me. I love the dark black eagle that they are standing on looking out, and it makes me wonder what evil is out lurking in the rain in Gotham that they are watching for.

  • Avatar

    Love the BA #12 Foil since in and of itself Foils have actually become a rarity that are produced these days. Now we just need Holofoils/Chromium/Swarofsky Crystal variants/Glow so it can be 1993 again.

  • dpiercy

    I like the Batman Adventures #12 Meyers Regular and Foil Variants the best mainly ’cause I am a big Harley fan. Dodson variants are a close 2nd.

  • Avatar

    My favorite variant is definitely the Batman Adventures #12 foil cover, because I really miss 90s foil cover craze when they didn’t even need a reason to make a random issue foil and embossed. It also reminds me of the mail-order comics catalogue days when I could buy exclusive foil or chromium covers from American Ent. and AnotherUniverse.Com. I guess I like it best because it makes me feel nostalgic.

  • Demon Jim

    Civil War II #0 is my favorite. When I got back into comic books it was around the time the first Civil War started. I loved the story and became obsessed with it. The story pulled me in so much, and I was always waiting for next week’s books so I could learn more about Civil War. To me it is one of the greatest stories ever told in comics. Fast forward to 2010-2011 and I once again found myself obsessed with Civil War. This time around I was trying to assemble a complete collection of a all issues and variants from the Civil War story line including issues from all tie-ins. A process that is still going on today. Fast forward to now and I am excited once again. I anxiously await to see what surprises and stories this story arch brings. As for the variant it simply put is fantastic art. Captain Marvel displays her femininity in such away that she looks tough and like a badass.

    You should have seen how excited I was when I saw Captain America: Civil War. I was a kid at Christmas. While not the same story the premise of your heroes fighting each other was the same, and to that I was in awe.

  • DrunkWooky

    I love that Spider-Man/Deadpool #3 by Liefeld! I love how Liefeld always give Deadpool a short machete!

  • Avatar

    I’m a big Shakespeare fan, so I’m partial to the Civil War #1. Cassaday drawing it certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

  • Avatar

    BA 12 Foil Cover….Because I will never be able to afford the first print, and I’ve always wanted any version of this book. So, it may as well be the best looking cover it has ever had. Foil > no Foil

  • Denman00

    No fail with the foil….it’s Harley! Nuff said

  • Avatar

    I would love to win this set because it would foil future dark nights and lonely ladies’ nights and make me the man who bats away the night and a man who crawls from the darkness like a powerful spider racing towards adventure and embracing the great responsibility of becoming the master of new harlequin days where I could appear for the first time in new adventures or smile and lay in fields full of ivy that were once frought with civil wars and pools of the dead.

  • Avatar

    Dodson Civil War II because I like imagining that a tiny Captain Marvel has just crop dusted Iron Man.

  • Avatar

    Deadpool/Spider-man because I just love Liefeld’s Deadpool’s

  • Avatar

    Batman Adventures 12 FOIL. I am a 90s kid who could not wait to get home to watch Batman the Animated Series or go to my LCBS and buy some 90s Foil trash. Now that I am grown I still love Harley, Batman and exclusive shinny comics. My girlfriend is also a Harley fanatic and would totally go crazy over seeing this as well. Hook a brother up!

  • JamesGoodwin

    My favorite is the Batman Adventures 12. It’s Harley, and she gives my daughter and I a common interest. About three years ago we started a mutual Harley collection. It’s not always easy to find commonality with a 16 year old; so for that, I thank Harley Quinn!

  • Avatar

    I need the BA 12 because I have all the others and am a completist!

  • Avatar

    I’m a Harley Fan, and the Batman Adventures 12 is the best cover of the three that came out.

  • Matt D.

    Batman Adventures #12 Meyers Regular and Foil Variants – they’re definitely going to be worth the most out of the bunch. And isn’t that what we do? Spec on the best? The best are those!

  • Avatar

    Spider-man/Deadpool #3. Spider-man collector since the 70’s and you can’t go wrong with Deadpool.

  • Kenneth Kerley

    BA12 reg & Variant. ALL Harley books are hot, and when the SS movie drops, all of her classic, hard to find books will absolutely EXPLODE, price-wise; therefore, to have a chance at winning a con Variant of this epic proportion…YEP, I’M IN!
    As normal, thank you guys for all of your hard work getting cool stuff like this out to the community…YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!

  • Kenneth Kerley

    @Vhoorlian American Entertainment was indeed the BOMB back then! I could order everything, new and old at the same time.
    GREAT shout! I still look at their ads in those 90’s comics, and think WOW, why didn’t I order more of X, Y or Z? LOL
    Sorry to hijack your post fellahs, but Vhoorlian’s post just made me feel nostalgic about the good ‘ole days as well!

  • Avatar

    the Dodson civil war II 0 captain marvel cover has my vote, gorgeous cover, great line work, feel like this one is going to be sought after for a long time…

  • misfit138

    I would want the Harley Quinn BA #12 Chromium. I am going to Megacon and could not go today because of work. The variants are sold out!!! I like the cover and also really like chromium books. I like the Liefeld cover also, because he finally drew a pair of feet! I hope the web site puts some more on line for next week before Dallas. Here’s to a great Con!

  • Keith S.

    Jon Boy on BA 12 FTW!

  • Avatar

    Batman Adventures #12 variant is my favorite because how can you go wrong with those 3 sexy ladies drawn by Jonboy Meyers

  • NeBo

    BA12 Foil because NOTHING beats a foil cover!

  • Drew Kim

    Spec value aside, its Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 Liefeld Variant.
    I’m part of the new hipsters who think Liefeld are cool now that Grant Morrison talks about. I’m not saying he’s my favorite artist, or even in the top 10; but I do think that being able to get away from the negative-hype surrounding him; and really just looking at his art w/ a fresh perspective is a great exercise in trying to separate the hype from the actual content. Plus I have to say its just cool to see Liefeld return to draw Deadpool in general.

  • Avatar

    Harley set because I’m a sucker for a gimmick.

  • Avatar

    Batman 12 because the artwork is fantastic!

  • Avatar

    Civil War II #1 B&W Variant, the Shakespeare style cover is amazing! Especially in black and white, the details are spectacular. Every line has meaning and it makes the cover beautiful.

  • Avatar

    I personally love the Civil War variant because of the Shakespeare reference. I’m hoping they work some of the themes of Hamlet into the storyline. Should be fun if they can.

  • Iñigo

    Time’s up! Closing thread …