The Wicked + The Divine #1

oneyearlaterTWTD_1AYes, it's now ONE YEAR LATER since the CBSI post on Wicked + Divine #1 getting – wait for it – OPTIONED for TV or a movie!!!  Hold the presses, the unofficial record for no comic book being rumored as being developed as a TV series or a movie project is about 48 hours, tops.

For clarity, we will be looking at just regular cover A, regular cover B, and the O'Malley cover C for our article.  All were up for order back in the day from Diamond, so any normal retail store could order them. And YES!, there were also store exclusives for issue #1.

Anyways, Wicked + Divine #1 52 weeks ago was selling for about cover price for both cover A and B, and cover C by O'Malley was a bit more. Then the TV/MOVIE news hit the net! BOOM!!! Prices went up to $20 EACH if not more almost instantly! I know I was selling as fast as I could list, as this was a very slow seller before the news for me…so yes (full disclosure), I sold all my inventory for Wicked + Divine #1 (all covers).

Now, a year later the prices for Wicked + Divine #1 are back at cover if not less (there is a .99 cent auction for cover A going on right now with 1 day left and ZERO bids). This was a classic example to SELL INSTANTLY when the TV/movie option news hit. Sadly for buyers buying on the news, they took an expensive loss.

Now, here are my thoughts on TV/movie option news.  As mentioned earlier, if your comic book publisher is not DC/Marvel/Robert Kirkman (so basically every single indie/small press comic out there), the main goal of these books is to get published and hopefully a TV/cable/movie company will produce your idea to the big or small screen (YES!).

Using Mark Millar as a prime example (Civil War is GREAT, as is Kick Ass, and hopefully Old Man Logan too; but those are all Marvel titles), he will say to anyone who's listening that Jupiter's Legacy, Super Crooks, Chosen, MPH as well as all of his other titles are in development as movies. Besides being a great writer, Mr. Millar is also a great salesman trying to get more movies and TV shows.  I only pick on Mark Millar since long time CBSI members constantly warn new members about Mark Millar's track record. Looking at CBSI just this past month, there has been news of over 15+ new comic books getting optioned for tv/movies, driving prices up. Do you really think all or any of these will make it to the big screen or small screen?

In conclusion, be super cautious on TV/movie option deals: the goal of every small time book is to get their comic book noticed and then made into a movie/TV.  Just because the writer is bragging they got optioned, the cost to the studio can be less than 2K dollars – a drop in the bucket, no big deal.  But that's enough to start the writer bragging about it.

The One Year Later Watcher gives a big thumbs down on anyone that purchased Wicked + Divine #1 last year after the news hit and prices jumped up fast! Please remember this advice as more news about optioned comic books comes out almost every day.


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  • Lillington

    This is a tragedy because it would make an amazing television show. Pity there is only enough material for 2 seasons so far. If I won PowerBall today I would option it, if you haven’t read it or on the borderline pick it up great read and art. Totally in the vein of the better vertigo books like Fables, Preacher, Sandman and Y.

  • cobeso

    This is spot on. There simply aren’t enough channels to accomodate every comic that has been optioned. Plus, an option, as far as my knowledge goes, simply means that the comic “might” have a small chance at hitting the small or big screen. Even if the book does make it, there is a good amount of time that needs to take place before something actually happens. Thanks for your insight on this!

  • Avatar

    This is by far one of my favorite books to read. This is a book I don’t mind having overstock of because it was fun to hunt the variants, especially an unsigned Mark Rooth Eh! Variant which was a ghost. Love the series, and it would make an epic show. Hoping Preacher, and the success of the Flash or Gotham and how they are starting to approach super powered characters even, and shows finding newer (and cheaper) ways to make effects and stay true to source material, allows this and a few other books to go into or back into development that would have seemed impossible even a year ago. This would translate so well to TV and I think capture an audience by playing on people’s obsession with celebrity and fame, while creating complex super characters/gods.

  • Avatar

    I still have faith in this property. Maybe some day it will get it’s time to shine.

  • accustomfigures

    Great article. Love the column.

  • comickiller72

    most people in speculation dont have the patience or desire to do there research. if you are following the crowd you are going to get trampled like a black Friday scuffle as the doors opening…

    we all make mistakes but if you are right 85% of the time you can make some good money in this game.

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