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Like it or not, these are the days of variant covers. Whether it's Marvel's new minimum of 6 covers for each new #1 or DC with their ever-expanding store variants program, sometimes it's easier to find a variant cover than the regular version, which is kind of weird. Variants have become an integral part of the industry and whatever they mean to you (more chances to find a good cover, a trigger to your gotta-have-them-all OCD or the final nail in the coffin of printed comics), there are so many of them out there that we thought an article has become necessary. What's going on at the cons? Why did nobody mention that new Campbell store exclusive? Rest easy, we're going to try to keep you (PUN ALERT) covered!!!

We will start by talking about the Megacon Orlando / Fan Expo Dallas variant set. First and foremost because it's an impressive set. Terry Dodson, John Cassaday, Rob Liefeld, Klaus Janson and Jonboy Meyers handling the art is reason enough to pay attention, but there are some hot books in there too. So let's take a look at these beauties!!!

Civil War II #0 by Terry Dodson (Color and B&W)


Marvel's summer mega-event. Terry Dodson. A ready for prime time Captain Marvel. It all adds up to a fun little cover that shouldn't get lost in the shuffle.

Civil War II #0 by John Cassaday (Color and B&W)


One of John Cassaday's best covers of late, this one also features Captain Marvel. People are excited about Captain Marvel and hopefully she will be great in the movies.

Spider-Man / Deadpool #3 by Rob Liefeld


As always, Rob Liefeld drawing Deadpool is something that seems to capture people's attention. It's also a variant in one of the best series to feature Deadpool lately. Might go down as a first app of Liefeld drawing feet in any case 😉

DKIII: The Master Race #4 by Klaus Janson


Klaus Janson doing another cover for Batman Dark Knight is great news. It might be because he became famous mostly as an inker, but he's a terribly underrated artist of his own. DKIII is a lot of fun, even though people who were expecting Dark Knight Returns might be a bit disappointed.

Batman Adventures #12 by Jonboy Meyers (Regular and Foil)


As you can see, these variants are for some of the hottest series coming out right now, but the cherry on top of the cake is the variant for one of the hottest books in recent history. For all of you thinking “What? Again?” this is just the 3rd printing of this book and quite possibly the best cover of the three. In a very fun move, they are putting out a foil edition that I am really looking forward to.

Another good reason to have started with this set is that the Megacon Orlando and Fan Expo Dallas cons are taking place this weekend and the next one respectively. If you are not going to those conventions, though, you can order them directly from their online store at Be quick because the Batman Adventures #12 are constantly getting sold out but the organizers put some online to coincide with this article.

In fact, the organizers are so amazing that they have given us two full sets to give away in a contest. So keep your eyes open for that, later this week!


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    Thanks for a great article, just grabbed a few.

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    Idk just doesint seem worth it, you pay $30 for the foil plus $10 for shipping thats $40 and its barley being sold for $40 on ebay. Unless you buy a ton of These comics or pick some up at the con ordering online aint wortg it

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    the lowest i see the BA12 variants going for on eBay are $30, the foils at the lowest are at $45 right now. one of each from fanexpo plus shipping is $55, seems like it’s already worth it for a small gain on the quick flip and possibly more in the long run.

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    A good speculator predicts future returns. Otherwise your flipping not specing. This book is good spec, maybe not a great flip, but good spec.

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    But i dont understand how there being sold out, ive gone on that site multiple times and never seen It sold out.

    Plus im on ebay right now the regular and foil being sold for $75. Its $30 plus $15 plus $10 to get online thats $55 plus tax

    You sell it on ebay they minus the 10 percent your 75 more like 68.50, and with tax your prob close to $60, so you want to buy online pay for shipping wait for the book to come in the mail put it on ebay to sell and all this work for a $8.50 profit? Seems great if your bored.

    But thats way to much effort for a $8.50 gain, i dont mind a profit but not all that work for such little profit

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    I bought a set of the Batman variants just to keep. The cover is way better than the Comic Con Box variant, and I really miss when foil covers were more prevalent.

    I’m glad they put more back up, because they sold out for a few days and I though I missed my window of opportunity. I was just about to pay the inflated prices on ebay.

  • emiobeg

    Thanks for the link. The covers are pretty nice for once personal collection and for a long term spec. I was just one click away from purchasing 2 copies of BA12 variants with the intention of flipping, but than I checked eBay and it was flooded with sellers. I backed out from purchasing them.

    Later that day during my lunch time I went to my LCS and The Comic Book Gods must been looking over me. Inside a box full of back issues ready to be put away with the rest of back issues. There she was a BA 12 in Fine conditions waiting for a new home. I’m glad I saved my $15 + 10 shipping and invested $18 for the real deal. I also took a Deadpool #1 for the same price and condition.

    Moral of my story is. Trust your gut and keep the faith. Sometimes the impossible is possible.

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