NYX #3 (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
Two weeks have passed since the last Top 10 and X-23 is still the champ. The amount of raw copies of this being sold daily is astounding in all honesty. VF-NM raw copies get bought as soon as they are listed in the $250-300 range. A copy sold on Amazon this morning for $650 raw. Crazy time for sure. 9.8 copies have gone down to around $900 but are still getting bought by the hour. Harley, you have some competition.

Preacher #1 (1996) DC/Vertigo

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
The premiere this Sunday should tell a lot about the future of this book. In the meantime, it's moved into the Top 10 again at #2 with a chance to surpass NYX #3 next week. 9.8 Copies are selling for above a grand again and raws sit comfortably in the $200-$350 range. Don't forget the Preview either as it's almost on a 1:1 value with #1, but a lot fewer copies are available at the moment.

Black Panther Vol.5 #1 NYCC JSC Sketch Variant (2009) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Reginald Hudlin
ARTIST: Kevin Lashley
An auction for this book graded by CGC at a 9.8 is already over the $2.1k mark with 5 days left. Absolutely amazing how much this book has gone up in value in the past 4 months. It's incredibly hard to find and throwing in the fact that Black Panther was a breakout star in Captain America: Civil War doesn't hurt (even though female BP is on the cover). I wouldn't be surprised if this ends above $3k. Crazy.
*Editor note:  C'mon we know it's just the JSC fanboys 😉


Henchgirl #1 (2015) Scout Comics

WRITER: Kristen Gudsnuk
ARTIST: Kristen Gudsnuk
With the rumors about Scout being bought by Dark Horse and the movie news, this book has done nothing but continue to go up in value. Raw copies are going for $60-80 as of this morning with no signs of slowing down. Print run on this was pretty small and Gudsnuk has done a good job with the entirety of the run; it looks like even better things are coming for her and this book. A lot of meat on the bone potentially. Think Goon….

Superman: Lois and Clark Vol.1 #1 Daniels Variant (2015) DC Comics

WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Lee Weeks
Raw copies have surpassed the $110 mark this past week. The alleged first appearance of the new Superboy in this book has caused it to be one of the sleeper hits of the year so far. I have mentioned before there are some other contenders for the 1st appearance, but this has moved ahead of the pack and past the Benjamin Franklin barrier. There are only a handful of these books in the census at 9.8 at the moment.


6 Divinity II #1 Trevor Hairsine Sketch Variant Cover (2016) Valiant

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Trevor Hairsine
Everyone can single handily thank CBSI member Joe Maccarone for this one. He mentioned the rarity and 24 hours later eBay was wiped out and prices nearly tripled from what they were a week ago. I don't have much faith in Valiant, but last year's Divinity series was extremely popular and the LaRosa #1 variant is worth its weight in gold still. There are allegedly less than 250 copies of this book in circulation so if any of the characters in the book become relevant, it might be a huge sleeper. Good investment if you can find it around $40 still.


7 Transformers Universe#1 Alt. Unicron OTFCC Variant(2004) Raiz 3H

WRITER: Simon Furman
ARTIST: Dan Khanna
Don't ask me why or how, but a raw copy of this book sold for almost $1,100 bucks this week. Apparently only 3 copies have been sold in the past 5-10 years. It was a bootleg comic given away at the OTFCC in 2004. The print run might be less than a 100, but it's apparently the “Holy Grail” of Transformers comics. I doubt it will be on the Top 10 again, but when a raw copy sells for this much, it deserves a spot.


8 Wolverines #3 Parel Variant (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Charles Soule
ARTIST: Juan Doe
X-23 is the hottest thing in comics right now and a plethora of her variants are on fire as we speak. This book was a $25 book a few weeks ago and this week two copies have sold for over $100 with others coming up. R.Gray brought this to our attention this morning and I was honestly surprised at how quickly this book made this jump. It's an incredible cover and one of the best X23 covers to date. Don't forget the Wolverines #2 Maleev variant either, as CGC labels it as Fantomelle's 1st appearance and the Mystique cover is gorgeous.


The Walking Dead #108 (2013) Image Comics

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
The Walking Dead is a monster in many different facets. It's one of the most speculated titles to date and one of the most profitable for speculators. Ezekial is a fan favorite as is his tiger companion Shiva. Rumors have been circulating that Ezekial will make his TV debut next season and speculators have noticed. This book is selling faster than Drake CDs in Toronto (per Jimmy Linguini).


10 Superman:American Alien #7 Jock Variant (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Max Landis
I have a love/hate relationship with Jock. I either love his work or despise it. I personally think he mailed this one in, but it hasn't stopped people from grabbing it on eBay in droves. It's settled in around $40 as of the moment, but it was the hottest book of the week by far. Not sure how it will do in the future, but Bendis has been outstanding on this run. One of the better Superman runs in recent memory.


The Fix #1 2nd Print (2016) Image Comics

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Steve Leiber
I think you can blame Monstress for the success of this 2nd print, but regardless it's been selling for 3-4x cover price since it was released last week.


Black Panther Vol 6 #1 Stelfreeze Hip-Hop Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Ta-Nehisi Coates
ARTIST: Brian Stelfreeze
Going for $20 as of Thursday and gaining momentum by the hour it seems. Black Panther #1 was a hit and people are taking notice.

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  • Kyle

    Landis not Bendis on the American Alien.

  • Avatar

    What about lois and clark number 1 non variant with superson on the cover? Worth getting also? Especially since his on the cover?

  • Avatar

    Really surprised Uncanny X-Men #221 wasn’t on the list. Also, let’s see how high the demand will be for Journey into Mystery #102 & #103 by next week after today’s news. Lastly, Convergence: Superman #2 is slowly course correcting, and look for Marvel Comics Presents #72 and Wolverine #80 in weeks to come.

  • accustomfigures

    I’m telling you guys, come 2017 Valiant is going to be the word.

  • Ben C

    Well done and back by data. Appreciate looking @ a list and seeing why you came to the conclusions you did. Can’t make everyone happy but would nice to see some “Thanks for this” instead of “WHERE IS THIS BOOK”

    Anyways, good job, thanks for doing this, #1 hit on the site. Next time include more Snoopy books…

  • Avatar

    Probably a bit premature putting that terrible looking “black panther” Campbell on the list before that (very fishy) looking auction is even completed.

    • Avatar

      I’m not calling Trey out. I just know that the owners of this site usually take great pains to maintain an air of impartiality.

      And there is a difference between reporting sales and predicting them IMO ( in an ongoing auction no less).

  • merlin

    I think this guy is calling you out Trey… Kudos if that’s your book ;P

    • Trey

      If JDR is, I wish he would just come out and say it. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt though and hope he is smart enough to realize where I live, and where that book is being sold. I don’t sell books on eBay very often another thing people who know me would realize.

      • Avatar

        Accidentally replied in my own post above. Lol

        • merlin

          My apologies JDR. The controversy surrounding this book is pretty juicy and I got carried away. I see your point, but honestly I can’t think of a more ridiculous book and feel it deserves some attention. Modern 9.8s who’s sales have exceeded the current bid in recent history (on eBay, excluding ss) are the Diamond summit Saga #1, walking dead #1, the RI batman 608… And that’s it?

  • merlin

    I’m gonna bid 4k

  • accustomfigures

    Love to see some Valiant up in here, and that’s going to be a great book. Keep in mind the driving force behind Divinity vol. 1 wasn’t just it’s low print run on the regular cover and the variants, but also because the first and third issues introduced new characters. Divinity II #1 does not introduce any new significant characters. But it’s a great read nonetheless!

  • Avatar

    Cgc listsWolverines 2 as Fantomelle’s 1st appearance in cameo. Wolverines 3 is listed as the 1st appearance.

    In Ws2, she appears on the very last page of the book. Same goes for Culpepper.

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