Captain America: Living Legend

So the other day I was ordering a couple of comics and I started wandering around the online shop to find the cherry on top of the comic cake, then came across this series … As it's often the case, I started wondering about the amount of these that existed but I didn't think they were going to be this low, so I thought I would share …

Regular Covers

Adi Granov covers (and interiors for the first issue), print run for all 4 issues well over 20K, making them all easy to find, everybody's happy!!!

285326_20131113231031_large 287938_20131113230647_large
288984_20131113230345_large Captain_America_Living_Legend_Vol_1_4

Legend Variants

Four legendary artists get to do a cover each. 1:25 variants and a couple of them are quite cool. Numbers are low, but they should not be that difficult to find.

285343_20131113230938_largeNeal Adams

1,299 copies

287942_20131113230833_largeWalter Simonson

1,021 copies

288985_20131113230441_largeSal Buscema

941 copies

captain-america-living-legend-4-cov2Jim Starlin

837 copies

Decade Variants

This set pays tribute to the comics from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and they are, in my opinion, the best covers of this series. Dan Brereton's tribute to Captain America's Weird Tales, in particular, looks absolutely amazing. The problem with these covers if their distribution ratio, 1:50, making the numbers of these minuscule, which is kind of a shame … I have already made peace with the fact that, except #1, I will never have any of these.

285344_20131027200508_largeUlises Farinas 40's Variant

649 copies

287943_20131113230744_largeDan Brereton 50's Variant

510 copies

288986_20131113230545_largeMike Allred 60's Variant

470 copies

290898_20140101185649_largeFrancesco Francavilla 70's Variant

418 copies

Other Variants

And there are still a couple more variants out there:

290524_20131204221500_largePreviews NYCC Exclusive

Limited to 3,000 copies

290527_20131204221900_largeMarvel Unlimited Plus

Limited to 100 copies

Bonus Round

This is what the cover for #1 was originally supposed to be, until Cap realized how much more useful a flag would be!


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