X-men in Space

Bryan Singer says the next X-Men movie could be set in space! If that crazy shit goes down here are the books to look for now.

The Uncanny X-Men 155

First appearance of the Brood


If you are going to have the X-men fight any threat the Brood might be the best choice. Some might say that the Brood are too much of an Alien rip-off but who wouldn’t want to see the X-Men on a cosmic bug hunt?

Uncanny X-Men 165

First Brood Queen


Appearing a few issues later this is is still one of the only Storm covers I love!

The Uncanny X-Men 97

First Shi’ar Empire, First Lilandra


Can you have an X-Men space epic without the Shi’ar Empire? I doubt it.

The Uncanny X-Men 107

First Imperial Guard ( Shi-ar )


The Uncanny X-Men 104

First Starjammers


If Singer wants to give some depth to Scott Summer’s character going forward there is no better place to start than with his father Corsair and the Starjammers!

The Uncanny X-Men 154

First Lord Samedar


If you are going the Shi-ar route you are going to need villains. Lord Samedar, admiral of the Shi’ar fleet aided Deathbird in her bid to overthrow Lilandra.

X-Men Deadly Genesis

First Vulcan

Omega level mutant Vulcan would further flesh out the Summers angle and he is another critical Shi-ar character.


Note: there are variants for this issue.

The Uncanny X-Men 306

First appearance of the Phalanx


It is unlikely that the techno virus makes it into the first X-Men film to be set in space but you can’t complete count it out. God what an awful cover though!

Silver Surfer 2

First Badoon


Other alien races will need to make appearances and none come to mind that I would want to see more than the Badoon!

Longshot 1

First Longshot


Longshot 3

First Mojo


These two are more of a…um…longshot. The mojoverse and portal hopping mutant might be better suited to appear elsewhere but you never know and these books are not going to break your bank.

Ms Marvel 9

First Deathbird


Put her in the much needed villain category. She was once the heir to the throne of the Shi’ar empire and has aligned herself with Lord Samedar in the past.


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