Avengers covers X-Men

This week I stumbled across a set of variant covers called Avengers covers X-Men which were all variants for the 24.Now issue of the Avengers series from 2014. On to the swipes!

Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Acuña_VariantAvengers 24.Now Acuna Variant

Uncanny X-Men #137

X-Men 137

It’s the small details that make this a great swipe. “Wanda must die!”, the little box with the characters’ heads and the banner at the top all seal it.
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_X-Men_as_Avengers_Allred_VariantAvengers 24.Now Allred Variant Avengers 201Avengers 201
I might be in the minority but I absolutley LOVE Mike Allred’s art! There’s something about it that’s very unique. What do you guys think?
Avengers 24.NOW Kris Anka VariantAvengers 24.Now Anka Variant Avengers #500Avengers 500
While this cover duo is a great example of what an homage should be the comic that is being honored doesn’t deserve the recognition in my opinion.
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Simonson_VariantAvengers 24.Now Simonson Variant Uncanny_X-Men_Vol_1_171Avengers 171
I like this one because as Rogue has transitioned from the older cover to the newer, her appearance has been updated.
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Christopher_VariantAvengers 24.Now Christopher Variant Astonishing_X-Men_Vol_3_1_Variant_1Astonishing X-Men 1
A nice swipe but again not an iconic cover that needs swiping.
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Garbett_VariantAvengers 24.Now Garbett Variant uncanny-x-men-142Uncanny X-Men 142
Not much to say about this cover…no reason to mess with perfection.
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_X-Men_as_Avengers_Adams_VariantAvengers 24.Now Adams Variant Avengers #92Avengers 92
The newer cover was done by Arthur Adams while the older version was done by Neal Adams. They aren’t related in case you were wondering…I googled it!
Avengers 24 Tom Scioli VariantAvengers 24.Now Scioli Variant AVENGERS #4Avengers 4
To me this swipe is the most clever of all of them. Scioli managed to incorporate an important aspect of the story on the inside into his swipe from the outside. Well played Scioli well played!
Avengers_Vol_5_24.NOW_Avengers_as_X-Men_Deodato_VariantAvengers 24.Now Deodato Variant X-Men #1X-Men 1
Another great swipe, probably the best in the series.
Avengers 24 Carlo Barbieri VariantAvengers 24.Now Barberi Variant Avengers #133Avengers 133
There was one last cover in this series that I couldn’t figure out. Please chime in if you know where it was swiped from! (Fixed in post! – Iñigo)

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