Welcome to the CBSI Podcast!!!

CBSI Podcast

Turns out Trey was not just threatening us, he went ahead and recorded the first CBSI podcast!!!

Join Trey, Khoi, Jimmy, Mel and Shaun as they go through the comic scene and figure this podcast thing out. It's a bit raw (no music or anything yet), but expect it to get better!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …

You can download the file in MP3 or OGG format by right-clicking the following links: MP3 | OGG

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  • Simon Payne

    only 10 mins, but this is highly entertaining, great stuff lads (listening at work whilst listing on ebay & pretending to work 😉

  • emiobeg

    Awesome!!! I’m really, reaaaally looking forward to this. Something that will make my work day more enjoyable.

  • Avatar

    Rough around the edges, but I really enjoyed the topics and the commentary. If this show were a comic, I’d spec it in a heartbeat. Looking forward to the next one!

  • merlin

    Great stuff. I’m glad Jimmy’s on here; I first heard about cbsi thru his page and his posts have been pretty sparse of late. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Keep up the good work tons of potential just needs a little fine tuning. Keep them coming

  • Ben Steiniger

    Awesome! Trey trying to make things go smooth, Mel in the middle of F&F, Khoi surprisingly quiet, Leggitt chilling on the beach and Linguini—pimp mode. Can’t wait for the next

  • Avatar

    Just getting warmed up!

  • Moff

    the New Comic book guys

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Awesome information, a few tangents here and there but over all I enjoyed it… but Captain America would be offended with all the language… but I was not

  • Avatar

    Awesome! Very entertaining. I’ll be a listener. All of you guys seem like good people to hang out with in person. Have you considered doing a YouTube/Skype video and posting it? It may work well together with the G+format and YouTube. Would love to hear more about variant discussions as this place is for best for it on the internet hands down. Thanks!!

  • Avatar

    I think there is strong potential for a very successfully followed podcast. We all like talking about the speculation market and if the people who know the most about it want to have an hour long podcast about it weekly, there will be a ton of interest. I’m Pete from comics4less and if you guys ever want me to be a guest on the show hit me up at oldcomics@yahoo.com. I like to talk about the EBay and convention trends/sales. I hope you guys continue on with this podcast!

  • Carlos Michel

    Gucci mane convo. Lol. I’m pretty sure Jimmy is high. :p

  • ECooper

    Really enjoyed it! Lots of good discussion points. One question because I got lost – Which comic mailers did you guys recommend? The T-Mailers from Diamond over Gemini? What do I ask for when talking to my shop? I’m out of shipping boxes and need some more.

  • adcuevas

    The wife and I seriously grinned and laughed out loud for 75 minutes…Fun is the bottom line….

  • Eman

    This is exactly what we needed…..raw and honest…no B.S.
    I hope this podcast is a weekly thing, that would be freaking awesome.

  • Tim Sack

    Was the best podcast I have heard in a very long time, was hillarious and very entertaining. Will be looking forward for more, thanks for taking the time and doing this guy’s, can’t wait for the next one.

  • Avatar

    Hey, guys. Got to listen to the full podcast last night and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to hearing more!

  • Avatar

    Can’t wait till the next one!

  • Avatar

    Love the feedback… Thanks guys we appreciate the encouragement and plan on keeping this coming! Clearing my Wednesday night schedule!

  • John D

    Nice job fellas! Really enjoyed it. Here’s my recommendation:
    1. Red Bull for Linguini, Tequila shots for Khoi, and plastic plates for Mel.

    I think Linguini is right, there’s a saying on wall street: Buy the rumor, sell the news. Not confident that Suicide Squad will be a good enough movie to propel BA12 to over 2k. I guess we’ll find out soon.

    No mention of Punisher? ASM 129 seems to be selling better than ever… Poor condition, detached cover sold for $250 on ebay recently.

  • Santos

    Khoi sounds like a sweetheart

  • zraximus rouge
    zraximus rouge

    Un-pc, not a problem. Un-scripted, not a problem. Un-apologetic, not a problem. Great ish for the 1st time and nice cast of characters. Hopefully cakes is a little more vocal. Keep it up trey and the gang!

  • mrnivek

    Nice podcast and a good listen!

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