Spoil Me: Captain America Civil War & Irredeemable

Irredeemable 1 ( 1:50 Variant )

Mark Waid’s epic super-hero tale that asks the question…what if Superman turned to evil has just been picked up for a feature film. The only problem i see is the choice of director. Why Anchorman? This comic is a great read though and despite a plethora of variants for issue 1 and other issues the 1:50 below is a good bet.

Irredeemable #1 1:50

Other Irredeemable comics to buy cheap:

Irredeemable_Incorruptible_BOOMBlast_CVR 198394_20100505161935_large


If Irredeemable is getting a film then how far off can incorruptible be?

188252_20100514021551_large1:10 Virgin Variant 233596_20110901051030_largeEmerald City Con Variant

And maybe this Spokes variant for issue 2 is worth a look thanks to the collectible nature of chicks on variant covers:



This is easily the best Marvel film to date. Here are the other comics I would be looking for the day after you see it.

Spider-Gwen 2

First appearance of a robotic Redwing

The Earth-99999 Redwing isn’t a bird, it’s a robot! The only Redwing I could find that is also robotic is the Earth-65 Redwing and he first appeared here:


I dig the variant for this one over the regular cover.

Marvel treasury 28: DC and Marvel Present Superman and Spider-Man

First appearance of the Raft

Guess where the heroes who don’t comply with the accords go.


Captain America Annual 9

First Appearance of Maria Stark

The death of Maria Stark plays a critical role in the climactic events of Civil War. She first appears here and oh look, a scene on the cover almost right out of the film.


The Invincible Iron Man 53, 07 & 07b

In Age of Ultron J.A.R.V.I.S.’s replacement comes in the female AI F.R.I.D.A.Y. and illustrates how little Tony really learned from giving a program such powerful intelligence. Maybe he though a female cannot possibly be corrupted in the same fashion. Maybe he strengthened his protocols. I mentioned her when that film came out and she continues to support Tony in the this film. Her physical form is first seen in Invincible Iron Man 7 making it a F.R.I.D.A.Y. key.


356638_20160303202057_large 356642_20160303202502_large


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    Invincible Iron Man #7 is also the first Ri Ri Williams, who is a teenager who just built a new Iron Man-esque suit, and is going to play what looks to be a major roll in stories to come. Book has a lot of upside. Only downside, huge print run.

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    That Irredeemable 1:50 variant is a ghost. I’ve been searching for a copy for a while, but they don’t show up on ebay. Comichron says 13,000 copies of the regular cover were ordered, so unless I’m totally misunderstanding….there can’t be more than 260 copies of the 1:50??

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