Darth Vader #3

oneyearlaterWith the start of this article series, we look back at stories that were originally speculated on the CBSI website. The author reviews speculation picks a year later to see if the comic in question was a hit, neutral, or sadly, a BUST!

Darth Vader #3 Star_Wars_Darth_Vader_Vol_1_3_Salvador_Larroca_Variant

It's about time we started the first One Year Later review…although a little past a year later, right now is still the time to act! Darth Vader #3, 1st appearance of Aphra! Yes, there are many printings but we will concentrate on the first print regular cover and the 1:25 variant. Over a year ago, Darth Vader #3 was $5, but the price has slowly crept up. The 1:25 has stabilized at around $35, so not much movement there but it's NOT going down in price.

We've all seen The Force Awakens and trailers for the new Rogue One movie. BOTH with female leads: this isn't going away! Think Hunger Games in outer space; female actor leads are an important plan of Disney's movie plan. Aphra will stick around (see latest Star Wars #18 cover) and it's only a matter of time before she appears in a movie.

This is a total BUY, or hoard book. Lots of convention retailers/brick and mortar stores have been carrying this book for over a year. Now is the time to see if they are willing to sell at a better price since this has been backstock for a while. Old time collectors will tell you that in the 1990's, every stand had a Omega Men #3 or New Mutants #98 in it, but yeah……I got plenty of those!!! Ha, they don't now! Darth Vader #3 is a total buy when you see cheap, this book isn't going down anytime soon.


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  • microchipsandsalsa

    I had around ten. I sold enough a few to recoup my money and I am hoarding the rest.

  • Avatar

    Already got 3 and still hunting those…Aphra is a recurrent character now so she’s really part of the SW universe.

  • Avatar

    It’s a total buy still, since Aphra is playing a big part in the Marvel Star Wars universe. I’m not sure she’ll ever appear in a movie, though, simply because I trust the movie people to look to the comics for inspiration. When this issue first came out, people were acting like Aphra and the Droids were “probably” going to appear in Episode VII…

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