The Day After Wednesday for 5/5/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 5/4/16. They could still be at your shop.


BATMAN SUPERMAN #32 – This was absolutely an interesting HOT FIYAH/TIME TO HUNT Trey spec and it's still solid. But, with purchasing speculation books, always tread carefully. My guess is that the print run on this is around 50k. When this sold out, people were walking out of their LCS with stacks of these. EBay is now currently flooded with copies. While they have been consistently selling for about $13-15 shipped, undercutting will start dragging these down. This is short to long term spec. Obviously, the future of this book depends on the success of the new Chinese Superman. Hold on to your copies and let the dust settle. Regardless, the flooding hasn't sunk in yet and this book is still hot right now. But, to channel GOT, winter is coming.

GWENPOOL #0 1:25 BACHALO VARIANT – Pre-sales saw a height of $60, making this a hot book for several weeks while anticipating release. Even on Tuesday this saw consistent sales of $50. However, since release, prices have been jumping around from $30 to $60. Current listed prices are similar. Seeing a slight slow down in sales, I think this will stabilize to $30.

Batman / Superman #32 Gwenpool #0 Chris Bachalo Variant


KILLBOX #1 (AMERICAN GOTHIC PRESS) – Last week, this was the hot book after seeing strong sales of $12-$15. However, due to flooding, prices have dropped. There are over 50 copies listed, and most aren't selling. The current market price is $10 shipped. Which is essentially cover+shipping. These will not be bouncing back anytime soon.

4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK #1 (BLACK MASK) – This is still doing decent, though nothing to rush out and stock up on. Surprisingly, the retailer variant isn't moving at all. Current listings are trying to hold strong at $200, but with no sales since last week, this is probably $100 or less right now.

UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #7 1:25 SIYA OUM VARIANT – As anticipated, prices have stabilized to about $25 to $30.

Killbox #1 4 Kids Walk into a Bank #1 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 Siya Oum Variant


BLACK WIDOW #3 1:25 JOELLE JONES VARIANT – This variant was incredibly tough to find. None of my LCS received copies. With that said, this is selling for $25 to $30. While that's good, it's still about the same price you would find online and at your LCS. The hope is that your LCS has them cheaper.

PUNISHER #1 1:25 ALEX MALEEV VARIANT – Like GWENPOOL, prices have been jumping around between $30 and $45. There are currently about 20 copies listed in that same range. There are several auctions with active bidding. How those end will firm the final market value. I'm guessing $35. It will have legs though and could see some nice bumps in the next several months.

Black Widow #3 Joëlle Jones Variant Punisher #1 Alex Maleev Variant



4001 AD #1 (VALIANT) – The 1:100 is selling for $40. That seems really low for an impossible book to find.


AGE OF APOCALYPSE VARIANTS – none of these are doing anything crazy. I don't know the long term potential for them either. It's important to remember that valuable variant sets like the 2011 Venom's were high ratio incentive variants during a market lull. These are supposed to be 1:1. One will always sneak by and jump in price. However, pay close attention to any AOA variants that are higher ratios. Marvel tends to screw with customers and the market by making 1 or 2 of these impossible to find (like the Deadpool and Inhumans Hip Hop variants).





EMPRESS #2 1:200 – this variant is selling for about $70 to $80. If you see it cheaper, it could be an easy flip. The #1 1:200 seems to be climbing slowly and is currently selling for $80 to $125, depending on condition.

RENATO JONES ONE PERCENT #1 (IMAGE) – selling just a hair over cover. Keep an eye on this book. I can see this going up.



LEGEND #1 (Z2) – Quick synopsis: People have been wiped out. Animals are in charge. This book actually looks interesting. There is some interest in this series as one copy recently sold for $10. It's not an accurate market barometer, but keep a close eye on this. Grab a copy if you see one.

SMOSH #1 (DYNAMITE) – Keep an eye on the May the Fourth Han Solo Homage variant. It's seen ONE sale at $20 and current listed copies are similarly priced. These are most likely cover price at your LCS.


THUNDERBOLTS #1 – The 1:25 is selling for about $13 shipped.

WALKING DEAD #154 – this was one of Trey's TIME TO HUNT books. It's currently selling for cover. However, the Walking Dead effect is a powerful thing. Once, Beta appears on the show, watch these skyrocket. Buying several of these and waiting a year or more for his appearance will be worth it. Patience is hard though in the world of spec.



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