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May's here! And if you thought Marvel had enough line-wide variants going on, think again! They must have a team of hundreds taking care of this, with the clearest example being the new Punisher #1. There's the regular cover, a hip-hop variant, a “The Horsemen of Apocalypse” variant (that's the new variant theme for this month), a Skottie Young Baby variant, a John Tyler Christopher action figure variant, a Black Panther 50th Anniversary variant and a Captain America 75th Anniversary variant … and another variant in case you didn't find one you really liked. Is 8 covers for a first issue the best Marvel can do? Don't bet on it!

Meanwhile, at DC, they start getting ready for Rebirth by having a New 52 tribute variants, because they are classic covers by now and if they aren't it's just because people don't get them. Well, at the end of the day, if that means Yoni gets a couple of articles from them … Looking forward to Rebirth!!!

Getting Iñigo's Personal Interests out of the Way

So as I haven't done the polls in a while (no time for them), I will get the comics that are actually making me go to the comic shop this week out of the way as quick as possible …. I even saved you from another Giant Days mention! Oh, well!

Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged InBeasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In

There can never be enough Beasts of Burden out there, so even if it's a one-shot, it will be very welcome.

King's Quest #1Kings Quest #1

I love Mandrake. That should be enough, but I will add that the first Quest mini was a lot of fun and, even if Jeff Parker's not doing this one, it will probably be fun too.

Son of Hot Fiyah Spec

Just a recap … Whether you have read the spoilers from Mr Kenyon in his two articles this week or not, there are some solid reasons to get these comics:

Batman / Superman #32 Spider-Man 2099 #10 Walking Dead #154

Life Outside of the Big Two

Really diverse comics this week all over the place, could superheroes become at some point something that only Marvel and DC do? Not if they keep making money at the box-office, I guess. But it's nice to see people put other stuff out there. I would have included 4001 AD here, but it seems to me like Valiant have a new crossover every month …

Smosh #1Smosh #1

“The Kings of Youtube Comedy … Now in Comics!” No idea who these kings of youtube comedy are, but this (and all its variants) is sold out in Midtown and if it makes non-comic readers think about getting comics, they're welcome.

Renato Jones: The One % #1Renato Jones: The One % #1

Kaare Andrews unleashed! I have been looking forward to this for a while and it's apparently sold out at Diamond already. I have only read good stuff about this, so it could become a hit really quickly!

Cinema Purgatorio #1Cinema Purgatorio #1

Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Garth Ennis, Max Brooks, Kieron Gillen, … If this anthology doesn't work, then there must be something really wrong with comic readers. Looks awesome!!!

Heavy Metal #280Heavy Metal #280

Grant Morrison takes over as Editor-in-chief of Heavy Metal with this issue. I personally need to check this out, and I am thinking a lot of other people will too.

Vikings #1Vikings #1

Dark Souls is a hit so far, but could people's excitement carry over to this comic set in the world of the TV series? I think so, and Midtown's run out of variants already.

Alpha King #1Alpha King #1

Azzarello and Bisley! I haven't heard much about this comic, so keep an eye on it in case people haven't either and now realize this is what they have been missing their whole lives.

Marvel's Top Variants

It seems to me that Marvel is upping their variant game recently, to the point where we will soon need a whole section for these. No idea if they are going to collapse the market or whatever (BUY WHAT YOU LIKE, BUY RESPONSIBLY), but purely as objects, I find myself getting more and more Marvel variants lately. I understand they are comics and I do read them, but I can't help it if the cover art appeals to me way more than the book itself. Not talking about these in particular, though …

Black Widow #3 Joëlle Jones VariantBlack Widow #3 Joëlle Jones Variant

Joëlle Jones is good. She even makes Black Widow's pose look natural, and this is a pose (mostly male) artists murder month in and month out for the “best of both worlds” effect.

Gwenpool #0 Chris Bachalo VariantGwenpool #0 Chris Bachalo Variant

Marvel re-coloring the Gwenpool variant art of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 makes a lot of sense, so Gwenpool fans can have that cover with actual Gwenpool interiors.

Moon Knight #2 Tedesco VariantMoon Knight #2 Tedesco Variant

People are still going crazy for Rudy's variant for the first issue, so get ready for round 2. In my opinion, this has another thing going for it: it's way better than the first one.

Punisher #1 Alex Maleev VariantPunisher #1 Alex Maleev Variant

New Punisher series and among the avalanche of variants we can find this one that's already generated a lot of interest. When Maleev's on, he's on!!! Maleev fans, remember that Bendis' and his Scarlet is back with #8 today.

FCBD 2016

Before I talk about a couple of the FCBD offerings, a disclaimer: if you are thinking about getting as many of FCBD free comics as possible this year, please don't! Publishers and retailers are paying a lot of money to get these comics FOR FREE into people's hands in the hopes of turning them into readers.

I was able to get a quick preview of some of them and here are a couple that I found interesting:

Civil War II

Civil War II

Two stories in this one … The first one is a prelude to Civil War II (which will not be printed in the first issue) by Bendis and Cheung, contains a fight between the Avengers and Thanos, with what looks to be a hero's death. But, honestly, Cheung and Thanos do it for me.

The second story is the origin of the All-New Wasp by Mark Waid and Alan Davis and, again, those two can make anything a lot of fun.

ROM #0ROM #0

Quite frankly, when this was announced my reaction was the same as when I head about the Micronauts making a comeback: Do we really need this?

Having read #0, though, I realized I have actually missed ROM more than I thought I did and really enjoyed this prologue to his series.

Am I a victim to the nostalgia machine? Don't think so, they just might be onto something, everything's more or less the same so far, only sleeker looking.



A great cover by Mike Allred, Eric Powell on Judge Dredd, Rufus Dayglo on Bad Company, Joëlle Jones on Ratfink and 2000AD favorites Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner, John Burns, Henry Flint … This is a great intro to 2000AD and just a good read if you are familiar with it.

Captain AmericaCaptain America

The other Marvel offering, these are more likely previews, but they are a bit of fun.

Red Skull and Sin, Hydra, … This looks and feels like classic Captain America. Interested in where they are going with it,

The Dead No More preview gives you enough to ask yourself some questions, but get ready for some familiar faces coming back. Slott will knock this one out of the park!!!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


  • Avatar

    The final Punisher cover is surprisingly good. I think the branding actually helps it.

    I’m curious if Xmen 92 #3 will do anything. Lost in the shuffle on a big week, but a pretty good psylocke 1:25 nonetheless. Even her regular covers have been doing very well on eBay. Probably not the highest print run and price won’t be marked up.

  • accustomfigures

    The last Valiant crossover was last summer’s Book of Death. Really would have liked to see Valiant’s 4001 in here; a good comic is a good comic. And their stories ape Marvel and DC’s stuff every month. Not to mention they have the 3rd larges shared super-hero universe in the business with their film slate starting next summer.

    • Iñigo

      Hey AC, goes to show how little I know about Valiant … I thought Divinity II was a crossover too. I am simply not attracted to their comics at all, but I am on my way out from Marvel and DC too. I checked Midtown and there were no soldouts for the different variants, so I assumed interest was not crazy.

      Thanks for calling me on it, though, I will try to make this column a bit more community-based again, as my interests differ more and more from the market’s and I honestly don’t have a lot of time to keep up these days.

      • accustomfigures

        Wasn’t trying to call you out, homie. You’re right, the interest isn’t there yet, but I just think they have the best “super hero” (I use that term lightly because they are a bit more grounded) stuff out there next to Invincible. I’m a fan from the way back, and I think they are worth picking up. Divinity Vol 1 is one of the best comics in years.

        I think next year when the Bloodshot movie comes out everyone will be wishing they had been fans right now. It’s going to be directed by the John Wick directors, and I have an inside tip that they have an A list actor for it. Then Harbinger follows.

        All their vol 1 trades are $10. I challenge you to pick up Divinity vol 1, Archer and Armstrong vol 1, Bloodshot Reborn vol 1, Harbinger or Imperium vol 1. I bet you’ll like them.

  • Eman

    I pre-order Renato Jones: The One % #1 from Midtown last week so I’m still waiting to get it and read it…pretty excited about it. From what I read on line Renato Jones is described as a poor man’s Punisher/Deadpool type character. With that kind of combo how can you go wrong.

  • Wednesday Warrior
    Wednesday Warrior

    I picked up 3 copies of Renato! Ha, definitely don’t regret it. Literally just read it….. totally bad ass! This guy seriously dgaf lol Can’t wait for the next issue! Renato Jones may just be my new favorite anti hero.

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