Time To Hunt: Batman/Superman #32 & Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 #10




Two pretty big reveals happen tomorrow when the new comics hit the shelves. We brought to you yesterday the big Walking Dead news, and today we have two more little nuggets. The 1st was reported by Larry Doherty first and he was right on as usual. We have heard for a month now about the Chinese Superman that is being introduced as a regular for Rebirth. His name is Kenji Kong, and he will be introduced and make his 1st appearance in this week's Batman/Superman #32. DC is going to promote this character like crazy for the Asian market and rightfully so. There isn't a variant for this book, but everyone should grab a few of these just in case. It's not a heavily ordered title to begin with, so don't be surprised not to find a bunch of these on the shelves tomorrow. The Great Ten also make an appearance in this book, and will be a major player in Rebirth and Kong's storyline. This is a good cheap book to speculate on in my opinion.






One more little nugget for the week. Spider-man 2099 Vol.3 #10 reintroduces a fan favorite from Miguel's past. The one and only, Venom 2099. Venom 2099 has two first appearances. His first as the host (Kron Stone) is Punisher 2099 Vol.1 #1, and his first with the symbiote is Spider-Man Vol.1 #35. There are two covers for #35, a regular and a variant. There are two 9.8 copies each in the census for the regular cover and the variant for this book. I'm not sure how much of a spec this should be; I doubt the character outside of loyal Venom fans will ever gain much traction, but I've been wrong before.



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