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One last look at the Misc. Shelf (check out letters A-B, C-FH-M and O-S) and hopefully, this series of articles was of some interest and introduced you to a couple of comics that might look good to you.

There are some really good comics here, considering that all my favorites are part of bigger runs that are in other shelves. I am surprised at some of the print runs as I would have expected them to be way higher, considering the artists involved.

Tarzan: Love, Lies and the Lost City #1-3

Tarzan: Love, Lies and the Lost City #1 Teddy Kristiansen and Peter Snejberg teaming up to bring us some of the most gorgeous art ever. I think this must be one of the first (if not the first) exposure of their art to a global audience and it's a delight.

To make things better, the first issue has a couple of backup stories written by Walt Simonson and Matt Wagner.

I know Tarzan is not for everyone, but if you ever come across these comics in a bin, you won't be disappointed.

Terminator One-Shot (1991)

James Robinson writing a Terminator story, with fully painted art by Matt Wagner. It even has a pop-up panel.

I don't even remember what the story was about, but I do remember how excited I was when I knew this existed.

Terminator One-Shot

The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong

The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong Print run: 17,434

Chris Sprouse, Michael Golden, Adam Hughes, Phil Noto, Arthur Adams, José Luis García López, Frank Cho, J. Scott Campbell, Claudio Castellini and Jason Pearson on 4-5 page sequences for a Peter Hogan story of Tesla Strong travelling across the multiverse searching for Solomon, the gorilla.

That this issue didn't even break 18K makes me think people don't really like comics. How could anyone pass this up?

Vertigo 2K: Totems

Print run: 15,503

This serves, retrospectively, as a coda for the original Vertigo (Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Shade, Hellblazer) and features some very nice Duncan Fegredo art.

16 years later and these characters are completely unrecognizable, but maybe that upcoming Gerard Way imprint will bring some of the madness back.


Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special

Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special Print run: 83,015

Frank Cho, Jason Pearson, Scott Morse, Craig Thompson (among others) and some great double page pin-ups celebrated the end of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up in style.

I love good anthologies, and this book certainly has a lot of good stuff going on for it.

Uncanny X-Men #400

Print run: 134,206

Like the comic directly above, this one has some people drawing on it that doesn't directly should X-Men at you … It makes for a great looking book, though. If you had told me 20 years ago I would see Eddie Campbell drawing the X-Men (or Batman, for that matter), I would have laughed at your face.

Uncanny X-Men #400

Untold Tales of Spider-Man '96

Untold Tales of Spider-Man '96 Print run: 44,468

I think this might well be Mike Allred's first work for Marvel and the Sinnott inks, really make the art look like something from the past. Coupled with Kurt Busiek's story and the look and feel of the whole book and this feels like a book that fell through a wormhole from 30 years in the past.

Fun book and that's something we were not used to seeing in the mid-90s from Marvel.


Vampirella: 25th Anniversary Special & Vampirella / Dracula: The Centennial

Print run: 25th Anniversary (30,400), Centennial (22,205)

Starting with the 25th Anniversary, a gorgeous Frazetta cover and stories by Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, James Robinson, Mark Texeira, Ray Lago, Michael Bair & Kevin Nowlan and Amanda Conner, make this a fun book to have around.

The Dracula book is even better, with Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and James Robinson providing the stories for Gary Grank, Mark Beachum and Rick Mays to illustrate. Add a couple of Mignola illustrations, an interview with Alan Moore about Dracula and a couple of great covers from the past and you get a very cool book that all Dracula fans should have.


Vampirella 25th Anniversary

Verotik Illustrated #1-3

Verotik Illustrated #1 Print run – #3: 8,616

Glenn Danzig's erotic horror publishing company still gives us one or two book a year, but in their heyday they published some interesting comics.

These in particular are their top ones in my opinion. Simon Bisley, Martin Emond and Duke Mighten on #1. Alex Horley joins Bisley and Mighten on issue #2, with a gorgeous Dave Stevens cover. Those are not bad, but the third issue is absolute gold: cover choice of Bisley or Manara and interior art by Corben, Pearson, Quesada and Kent Williams. Beautiful book!

This is not for everyone, but it looks great.

Web of Spider-Man Annual #2

The beautiful Charles Vess cover is invitation enough, but the main story is a fun Spider-Man meets New Mutants' Warlock story with Arthur Adams art. To top it all, there's also a pretty insane nightmare backup story drawn by Mike Mignola. Get ready to see Mignola's art inked by Geoff Isherwood, though. It's kind of fun to see Isherwood (or Taoloc over at Hulk / Alpha Flight) inking Mignola, but I am definitely happy he ended up inking most of his art. Web of Spider-Man Annual #2

X-Men: Days of Future Past TPB

X-Men: Days of Future Past TPB  

Classic story, which I need to keep handy because it's a great read. I have always liked the Dark Phoenix Saga, but whenever I feel like reading some Claremont / Byrne X-Men, I much prefer this or the Protheus Saga.

Vertigo Visions: Prez & The Geek

Here's some of that classic Vertigo I was referring to above. Ed Brubaker and Eric Shanower on Prez. Rachel Pollack and Mike Allred on The Geek. These are some of the comics responsible for making me fall in love with a lot of Silver Age trash … and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Right age, right material, I guess. Vertigo Visions: Prez

What If: Spider-Man vs Wolverine & What If: Mike Wieringo Tribute

What If: Spider-Man vs Wolverine Print run – Spider-Man vs Wolverine: 35,253, Mike Wieringo Tribute: 15,531

Jeff Parker's riff on the Spider-Man & Wolverine story is played surprisingly sober but is an interesting alternative. Considering it's based on a comic I included here last week and written by Jeff Parker, it had to be here.

Likewise, the Mike Wieringo tribute is based on the New Fantastic Four arc by Simonson and Adams, and most importantly it is a beautiful and moving Mike Wieringo tribute.

Wolverine vs Spider-Man

Reprint of a 3-parter from Marvel Comics Presents, this is one that stayed in my mind until I found out about this one-shot.

Not the most exciting story ever, but it was Wolverine and Spider-Man together by Erik Larsen … I guess I really liked these two teaming up back when they were not in the Avengers.

Wolverine vs Spider-Man

X-Men #1/2

X-Men #1/2 Mike Wieringo illustrating a story set in a fantasy world with alternative versions of the X-Men? Yes, please.

You know what Dell'Otto said in the interview about Norman Rockwell about how he probably was a really nice guy because of how his art makes people feel good? I think this totally applies to Mike Wieringo.

X-Men Unlimited #37

Print run: 40,032

Kaare Andrews gives us a story of a boy trapped between worlds. A story that features the X-Men. Multiple versions of the X-Men. A story with Mephisto in it. A story with art by Kaare Andrews, Mike Kunkel, Troy Nixey, Josh Middleton and Skottie Young. But ultimately, a story about a boy.

Good thing that Renato Jones is coming out this week. Been looking forward to that for a while now.

X-Men Unlimited #37

Youngblood: Bloodsport #1-2

Youngblood: Bloodsport #2 Bootleg Cover I have talked about this before … Mark Millar writing an insane version of Youngblood, with plenty of characters' deaths, jabs at everyone in the industry and generally politically incorrect. Seems like the comics scene has chilled a bit and doesn't support that kind of thing anymore.

Only one issue published, with a Bootleg version of #2 (with some pages in script form while others are fully finished) published as a convention exclusive, that only leaves the third issue to be published, I guess? Will that ever happen, though? Why do I still care?

Zatanna: Everyday Magic

Print run: 17,863


Zatanna has to help John Constantine, as told by Paul Dini and Rick Mays.

The art is beautiful and the story keeps a nice balance between the regular DC and Vertigo universes. It's definitely Vertigoey, but it keeps Zatanna as a recognizable character: fun and scary at times.

Zatanna: Everyday Magic

Zombie World: Champion of the Worms #1-3

Zombie World: Champion of the Worms #1  

As much as I like Mignola, I lost a bit of interest in his Hellboy / BPRD universe a while ago. This book, however, has art so stunning that I had to have it.

Pat McEown is the start of this book, delivering art somewhere between Mignola and Franco-Belgian masters. And I am not the biggest fan of Euro comics, but this is definitely worth it.

Next week, we switch gears and hopefully will have someone else talking about their crazy collections … or I will be talking about my really bad comic adaptations of movies collection. You've been warned!!!


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    Thanks very much for these five posts, they were great fun. Of the 87 entries you made between them, I own 27, and another 22 of them are now on my list (some of which were there already, but most of which I discovered through your posts). I’m particularly excited to try and find Dr. Weird, Saturday Morning Comic, the Untold Tales of Spidey annual, the Superman/Batman annual, Buckethead, Metabarons, the Tarzan mini-series, and the Zatanna special, all of which I didn’t know existed.

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