Marvel 75th Anniversary Deadpool Photobomb Variants (part 2)

Here are the rest of the Deadpool 75th Anniversary Variants (part 1 here). Enjoy!

Nova #22Nova 22 Nova #1Nova 1
Not much to this one. Deadpool put on Nova’s helmet…haaaaaaa!
Hulk #7Hulk 7 Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_340Incredible Hulk #340
This was one of the most sought after of the Deadpool variants and with good reason. A very nice example of a cover swipe.
Avengers #36Avengers #36 New Avengers #1New Avengers #1
This is one of the least sought after variants in this set and with good reason. New Avengers 1 hardly deserves an homage to it.
Secret Wars #4Secret Wars #4 Ms Marvel #9Ms Marvel #9
While this is a funny take on the original cover its not something that would make me want to purchase the comic if I wasn’t a fan of the Ms. Marvel series.
Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #1Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier #1 Not_Brand_Echh_Vol_1_5Not Brand Echh #5
This was the hardest swipe for me to figure out. Google is a cover swipe author’s best friend!
Rocket Raccoon #4Rocket Raccoon #4
Tales To Astonish 13Tales to Astonish #13
I wonder if Groot is related to Treebeard from Lord of the Rings? I smell crossover!
New Avengers #25New Avengers #25
Avengers_Vol_1_16Avengers #16
The swipe is fine but I had no desire to buy this when it came out.
Secret Avengers #7Secret Avengers #9

Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #1

Another cover that has probably been getting a lot of attention lately because it’s a Granov, it looks really nice. Then again the original is not too bad either.
Uncanny Avengers #25Uncanny Avengers #25
Avengers Movie PosterAvengers Movie Poster
Another variant that I avoided when it came out.
Uncanny X-Men #27Uncanny X-Men #27
X-Men_Vol_1_138X-Men #138
The pink on these covers is what makes them nice.
Spider-Man 2099 #4Spider-Man 2099 #4
Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_121Amazing Spider-Man #121
I think this is my favorite of the whole bunch.


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