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Travel with me again, if you dare, to the horror that is the Misc. Shelf (check out letters A-B, C-F and H-M) as we approach the end (just another one and I am done with this, promised). I decided to add the print runs, if available, to try to make it more interesting …

Origins of Marvel Comics (2010)

Origins_of_Marvel_Comics_Vol_1_1 Print run: 13,274

One-page retellings of the origins of a couple of dozens Marvel characters, most of them written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by the artist of the series in question at the time.

A great snapshot of the post-Siege Marvel Universe …

Punisher #59-62


Apparently someone at Marvel thought it would be a good idea to have the Punisher become black for a few issues and then have him team up with Luke Cage in a story called Crackdown!

That the last issue (when he goes back to being white) is called “Fade … to White” only makes the whole thing better, of course.

To avoid if you don't have a sense of humor!

Punisher #61

Punisher #94-95

Punisher #94 These two comics were among the first comics I bought by pre-ordering from the Previews catalogue. I was more patient at the time, and actually took my time to check every single description. This cover and the assurance that the interior artist was going to be the same, made me order the order the comics and then made me a fan of Frank Teran for life.

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe (2nd Printing)


Print run: 16,527

Garth Ennis' first contact with the Punisher and from the get-go they were a great pairing.

Even though some of the action scenes are a bit out there, you can see Garth Ennis developing a few ideas that will remain for him with the rest of his career.

In any case, the relationship between Frank and Matt Murdock really makes for a fascinating read.

Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Another videogame adaptation, this time for Resident Evil. The comic serves as an introduction to the game and features art by Dave Johnson, which is the real reason why this is here. The Gaijin Studios crew is probably my favourite group of artists ever. Which reminds me, cannot way for that new Body Bags mini, Mr Pearson!

Sandman #68

Another signed comic, this time by writer Neil Gaiman … I gave him the comic and asked him to write me a next-issue blurb (and if you know what happens on the following issue, this will make more sense). This is what he wrote:


Sandman #68

Saturday Morning Comic

Saturday Morning Comic Yes, this might well be Bill Sienkiewicz's worst cover ever, and yes, yet another music comic, what's the reason for this one? Simple: Chris Bachalo drawing the Ramones! If the thought of that doesn't warm your heart a bit, then you're a monster!!!


Savage Hulk

The line-up (Sam Kieth, Pasqual Ferry, Tim Sale, Pat McEown, Humberto Ramos, …) sounds much better than what the comic is like, but still a nice book to check once in a while, and that's a cool cover.


Savage Hulk

Secret Wars #9 Midtown Variant

Secret Wars #9  

20 years since my first convention and I still haven't learned to go prepared to one of those, so I had to get whatever I found for Campbell to sign. Can't complain, though, I think that's a pretty cool cover, even if it doesn't have anything to do with Secret Wars.

Sensational She-Hulk #50

John Byrne's last issue features the art of Walt Simonson, Frank Miller, Adam Hughes and Wendy Pini and it's quite fun. John Byrne laughing at the comic industry and himself in 1993 probably doesn't mean much to anybody reading it now, though. If any of youout there reads it now without any context, I would be really curious about your reactions, please. Sensational_She-Hulk_Vol_1_50

Silver Surfer #1-2 (Parable)


Moebius doing Silver Surfer and Galactus … The existence of these books is amazing. This kind of thing didn't happen thirty years ago. Now everything's different, to the point where Manara doing Marvel covers is reasonable …

But when this was published, it was like opening a dimensional portal between two different worlds, and it worked beautifully.

Solo: Paul Pope / Darwyn Cooke / Michael Allred

Print run: Pope – 15,560, Cooke – 14,259, Allred – 14,951

Most of this series was very hit or miss, but these three I find absolutely beautiful. From Pope's OMAC to Cooke's Batman or Allred's New Gods, these are pure fun.

I really liked when DC did all manner of crazy books like these, and I guess we have Mark Chiarello to thank for it.

More like this, please!


Spider-Man vs Wolverine



Another 80's classic in the vein of Captain America Annual #8. Wolverine crossing paths with another non-mutant character in their own special that tried to play the contrast between the two characters.

There's this thing about 80s comics when you've read them as a kid (I think), they are incredibly dramatic, while if you read them as an adult they can seem as boring. As these things go, if you really liked the comic when you were a kid, then the reading becomes more an exercise in connecting with why you liked it so much as opposed to actually enjoying the comic itself. I mean, you don't need to read it, you know the story perfectly well.

In this case, I don't think I would be able to read this comic from start to finish right now, but I will always page through it with great pleasure.

Superman #165

Print run: 41,470

Arthur Adams, Joe Madureira, Humberto Ramos, Mike Wieringo … Haha I just noticed that they forgot to include Rob Liefeld in the cover credits, but he's in there too.

Christmas done-in-one about Superman giving the JLA their Christmas presents, but who cares? Joe Madureira drawing Superman and Batman for three pages. It hasn't happened again, and it might be a while until the next time.


Superman Adventures #41

Superman_Adventures_Vol_1_41 Print run: 11,526

Mark Millar's last issue in his great run of Superman Adventures. 22 one-page stories with art by the likes of Ty Templeton, Darwyn Cooke, Bret Blevins, Cameron Stewart, …

That print run is so small!!!

Superman: The Man of Steel #37


Bogdanove becomes an art chameleon and draws Batman in the styles of Frank Miller, Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Walt Simonson or Carmine Infantino.

I don't know quite why I like pastiches so much, but I do and you should take a look at this because it's going to cost you 25 cents and the art is incredible. Probably the best Dark Knight Batman I have seen outside of Frank Miller.


Superman / Batman #75


Print run: 34,324

I could live without the main story, the amazing bit comes at the end, all the short stories from some amazing artists. Too many to list, but the standouts are clearly Azzarello and Bermejo's Calvin and Hobbes tribute (Joker and Lex), the Adam Hughes Supergirl / Batgirl origin retelling in a double splash page or Steven Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen's It's a Bat … (which only makes sense if you've read the wonderful It's a Bird …).

Superman / Batman Annual #1

Print run: 81,891

If you compare the print run of this comic with the one right above it, it makes the other one really small in comparison, right? I mean, Superman / Batman's first issue sold somewhere around 150K and by issue 75 it was almost 20% of that. Ouch!

Anyway, Joe Kelly is awesome, and a story with Batman, Superman and Deathstroke, meeting Owlman, Ultraman and Deathstroke's equivalent (which is never named but is quite clearly Deadpool) is just perfect.


Supreme #11

Supreme #11 OK, this is here because of Pedi's art. Pedi (Pedram Shohadai) drew four comics in the 90s because his art was 80% McFarlane and 20% Liefeld then retired from comics when he was 18!!! You know the story, all of a sudden everybody needed artists: Marvel because all their talent had gone over to Image (or Legend or whatever) and Image because they had realized they could sell anything by anybody if they did it fast enough.

In any case, I have to admit I like this guy's art even if it's all over that place. He's in VFX now, and I am still waiting for his answers for an interview I sent him years ago!!! Pedram, if you are reading this, know that I will keep waiting!

Wow! This is making me want to re-evaluate if I really need some of these comics around, and if I do, what's wrong with me? Too late to stop now …



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