Smallville Season 11 #1 2nd Print Variant – July 2012

253367_20140122232249_largeHi all, and thanks for checking back on another great Friday!

This Friday, I present a comic that some of you may know of. It is Smallville Season 11, the 2nd print variant by Gary Frank. I was actually a fan of the show (even though towards the end it was getting painful to watch), so when this comic came out, I did pick it up. The series was not too bad, and it finally had Clark in the suit. I have always been a Frank fan, so that helped also.

Now we get to the part of Covers from the Unknown, which even surprised me about this comic. I was trying to find the print run, and it shows up nowhere. So, is it 1k? 500? Somewhere in between? All I can say is it is low, very low. And this comic is somewhat of a ghost to find. Along with that, the price tag is also up there already.

I have no reason to think this comic will suddenly surge, but I do believe sooner or later Frank will get his due as a great artist. If you can find one, possibly under $20, grab it. It will pay off eventually.

Happy Hunting Fellas!


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