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protalksmKristen Gudsnuk is the author of Henchgirl, a funny well crafted take on the superhero genre. I enjoyed it so much I had to reach out to Kristen to learn more about her process. Back issues of this series are hard to find so I suggest giving her book a try now before you have to shell out some serious cash. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

So Kristen, Henchgirl is one of the most talked about comics on the racks right now. That has to make you feel pretty good about your work. What got you into creating comics?

I've always loved to write and draw, so making comics came kind of nHenchgirl #1aturally to me. Even as a kid I would draw mini-comics in my diaries.

Well hang on to those diaries, they could be very valuable down the road! The comic you write has an interesting take on superhero genre characters. What was your inspiration for Henchgirl?

A few years ago, I had a job that I had really grown to dislike. I felt like I was chipping away at my soul every day I went into the office. Thematically, that's where I started: a girl who works for a villain didn't seem like such a stretch of the imagination for me then. I was also watching a lot of Bruce Timm's DC animated shows, like Justice League and Batman: The Animated Series, which informed a lot of the humor.

It’s funny how such a mundane and draining office job can end up being the catalyst for a vibrant, funny art form. I know that you self published issue one prior to hooking up with Scout Comics. What advice do you have for independent creators looking to get published?

Cover of the self-published first issue

Cover of the self-published first issue

I actually self-published 5 issues! I self-published for a while before Scout. Once I signed with Scout, I decided to redraw my first 4 issues completely, and to color them– they'd been B&W. It was a lot of work, but worth it. I guess my advice to other indie creators is firstly, to make comics– and to make them frequently. Keep a schedule. Secondly, make sure your comic is the best you can do, and make sure you're proud of it. If you're making good comics, and you attend cons and try to make connections with publishers, you're doing everything in your power to get published. Everything past that is happenstance and random opportunity.

Relentless networking and consistency is some of the best advice you can give. There are so many talented people trying to break in and being a great writer or artist just isn’t enough. I’m glad you are so dedicated to producing a quality product because that means readers will continue to get to enjoy a great book that isn’t just going to disappear.

Having thoroughly explored your web page I see that you are an anime fan and your art style is definitely manga inspired. Do you have a favorite anime?

That's tough! I grew up just obsessed with Pokemon and Sailor Moon and all the 90s anime. And I love Evangelion, too. Recently I've watched Kill La Kill, Madoka Magica, and Erased, all of which were awesome.

Everyone should watch Evangelion once. So I found your title thanks to some savvy readers over at the CBSI G+ page. After I read your book I was impressed with the flow the combination or your art/script produce. You have such a seasoned grasp of what makes a comic worth reading and I now look forward to other projects you may be working on. Do you have plans to do anything else beyond Henchgirl?

Kristen Gudsnuk and her coat-eating henchdog

Kristen Gudsnuk and her coat-eating henchdog

Thanks so much! I have a few new comics in the works, but it's a bit too early to talk about them now. I also wrote some backup stories for IDW's new Strawberry Shortcake series, which was fun and also a challenge– writing particularly for young readers. The first one I contributed to is out in June. I'm always going to be making comics, so… of course!

Have you replaced your coat?

Yes, although I'm still mad at my dog for eating my coat in the first place 😛

Collectors are already hopping on every copy of Henchgirl #1 they can find. Because the print run is small demand is high. Part of that demand has been stoked by rumors of a live adaptation of your work. Any truth to these rumors?

All I can say is (I checked with my publisher, haha): We're “developing a TV show with an A-list movie star's production company.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me about your incredible work.

Thanks, Topher!

Again, I cannot stress enough how good Kristen’s comic series is. Check her out here:


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