The Wednesday One

I wasn't planning on doing a column this week, but then felt bad about not doing it, so here it is … in turbo mode!

The Highly Illogical ones

The kind of titles that make you doubt humanity has a real shot at surviving beyond a couple of decades:

Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1Twilight Zone: The Shadow #1

It feels a bit like the IDW crossovers between Mars Attacks and Popeye or X-Files and the Crow, right? Having said that, I am so getting this!

Star Trek Manifest Destiny (Klingon Language Edition) #1 Incentive Rachael Stott VariantStar Trek Manifest Destiny (Klingon Language Edition) #1 Incentive Rachael Stott Variant

I can live my life knowing someone's publishing comics in a made-up alien language (as ugly as that font is), but having a variant for that edition only? Probably too far!

The Highly Sought After ones

Harley Quinn's Little Black Book #3 Linsner VariantHarley Quinn's Little Black Book #3 Linsner Variant

Probably the book of the week … Linsner drawing Harley Quinn and Zatanna. Fan-favourite waiting to happen!

1535018_xlSuperman: American Alien #6 Jonathan Case Variant

This series is heating up a lot, so from now on the variants will probably appear here until it ends.

The Keep an eye on these ones

Captain America Road To War #1 Francesco Mattina CoverCaptain America Road To War #1 Francesco Mattina Cover

Rising star Francesco Mattina doing a mean Captain America? I think people might get behind that!

Black Eyed Kids #1Black Eyed Kids #1

With a story that immediately made me think of Junji Ito and some scary art, this might be one of the hidden gems this week. If you like horror, take a look at this!

Spider-Man / Deadpool #4Spider-Man / Deadpool #4

It was a given that this series was going to be a hit, but with a 4th printing on #1 and a 3rd one already on #2, don't forget to get this one!

Extraordinary X-Men #9Extraordinary X-Men #9

The last issue ended up with the introduction of the far future Horsemen (featuring Venom, Deadpool and Moon Knight). This, however, is the kind of idea that ends up affecting the present too, so at least remember it's coming out this week!

Sun Bakery #1Sun Bakery #1

A one-man Shonen Jump-like anthology sounds like a great idea but rests entirely on the talent of the creator. Worth a look in any case!

Dark Souls #1Dark Souls #1

Tie-in to the videogame and sold out at Midtown … Some videogame adaptations tend to work really well, could this be one of them?

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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