The Boys

CBLDF: Liberty Comics 1,1b,1 2nd Print

The Boys are hot. There’s a sentence I never thought I would type. Anything related to this property is seeing a lot of love thanks to the recent TV show announcement. This short story from Ennis was only reprinted in the expensive and rare Definitive HC Vol. 1. The Campbell cover is the one to get.

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The Boys Limited Anniversary Edition

This release is important thanks to the 50 pages of previously unpublished work.

The Boys Limited Anniversary Edition

Diamond Previews June 2006

Predating the first issue of the series, this ordering publication is becoming increasing harder to find when an optioned property is previewed within.

Previews June 2006

Previews June 2006

The Boys 1 ( Dynamite Edition )

Who knows what the print run is on this one but reprints are now routinely sought after by collectors. When Dynamite took over the series they issued this reprint for issue 1. Buy it cheap right now before the word gets out.

The Boys #1 Dynamite Edition


  • Avatar

    I really really don’t think a Previews Magazine should ever be considered a “first appearance”. It’s a freaking preview, not a full first appearance.

    • Topher

      If you are a collector of the Boys don’t you want everything that has been published? The diamond book is rare, hard to find in high grade and color previews the series. In my book that’s a true Boys collectible. That doesn’t mean it will ever be the most valuable Boys publication but in terms of first appearances I think it qualifies. I often include these publications in my articles and have done so for a very long time because I enjoy getting that information out to collectors. I am not saying go drop a hundred on it rather I am trying to bring awareness to the publication for concerned fans of the Boys. Remember, not every comic gets a preview. If that were the case then I don’t think I would be so inclined to mention Diamond. Also there are rare occasions where Diamond publishes something that received no publication elsewhere and in my book that is also worth mentioning.

  • AZBarbarian

    I agree with boibleu22. I think mentioning the Previews Magazine in an article titled ‘True Firsts’ is misleading to say the least. We need to educate people who are new to our hobby, not confuse them.

    • Topher

      Nah, it’s not misleading. In fact that publication is, to date the ‘True First’ appearance of most of the main characters. If there’s an earlier preview in say CBN or in the back of another Wildstorm comic which predates the Diamond Publication then I would have to correct my article but I have found no earlier appearance of The Boys.

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