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New Week, New Covers!!

 Uncanny Tales #23

Uncanny Tales #23

Again, like most of the horror runs at Atlas, this title is full of great material.  This is one of my favorites featuring a great Russ Heath Cover.  Recently picked a copy of this up and I have to say it is much more visually striking in person than the picture suggests.

8 Universal copies on the census with an average grade of 5.06.  No real spread here, 3 6.5s top out the chart followed by a 5.5, 2 4.5s a 4.0 and a 2.5.  A single restored 4.5 is also on the census.

SHELF DATE of August 1954



 Strange Worlds #3

Strange Worlds #3

The 2nd most popular of the run behind issue #5 is this lizard dragon alien cover by Everett Kinstler created for Avon in the early 1950s.  Multiple copies on ebay for sale though prices seem high despite it featuring some Frank Frazetta work.

A surprising 41 examples on the CGC census with a 9.4 at the top, a 2.0 at the bottom and the average coming in at a respectable 6.71.

SHELF DATE of May 1951

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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