The Day After Wednesday for 4/14/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday 4/13/16. They could still be at your shop.


GWENPOOL 1 STACEY LEE 1:50 VARIANT – Say what you like about the character, but she’s moving books! All of the variants are doing decently, however the clear winner is definitely Stacy Lee’s 1:50. I’m not a huge fan of this cover (nor the other ones), but it’s doing really well and selling at $80 (plus shipping). I would normally expect this to come down by the weekend, but I kind of think it’ll have some legs for a while.

MOON KNIGHT 1 1:25 MARCO RUDY VARIANT – This is swiftly selling for $45+shipping. Moon Knight has a very devoted fan base and most of his incentive variants tend to command solid prices. I think this will settle to about $75 and just stay there.

Gwenpool #1 Stacey Lee Variant Moon Knight #1 Marco Rudy


HARLEY QUINN & SUICIDE SQUAD APRIL FOOLS SPEC #1 JIM LEE BLACK & WHITE 1:50 VARIANT – This variant was doing about $60-70 last week and has held that price. What’s worth noting is that, over the past week, the marketplace was pretty flooded with over 70 (sold/still active) copies. And…. they just keep selling. Once the market dries up (which will take a while), these will start seeing a nice bump.

BLACK PANTHER #1 was in warm, and all covers are still warm. I don’t see a ton of movement on these.

Harley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1 Jim Lee Sketch Variant Black Panther #1


MOCKINGBIRD #2 CHANG 1:25 VARIANT – This is an interesting book. There aren’t many listed and not a lot have sold either. The most recent copy sold for a decently warm $30. While Mockingbird isn’t a high demand character, I have a feeling that stores ordered really low on this book and this 1:25 is going to be really hard to find. I expect a decent jump for this.

Mockingbird #2 Nen Chang Cover



AETHER AND EMPIRE #1 (BLUE JUICE COMICS) – There seems to be a lot more new comic publishers lately.




DOCTOR WHO 9TH #1 – All covers

ERATHUNE #1 (STRANGER) – Though the 1:5 Variant is selling for about $10. This is another title to keep an eye on.



GOLDIE VANCE #1 (BOOM) – I would keep an eye on this. Grab the 1:20 Variant if you can find it for cover.

GOTHAM ACADEMY #17 – Only putting this on here JUST so I can say how much I love this cover.

HOT DAMN #1 (IDW) – All covers


PICTORIAL CONFESSIONS #1 – Golden Age reprint.


ROCKET RACCOON AND GROOT #4 LIEFELD 1:15 VARIANT – I actually love Liefeld. However, his version of Rocket is not my favorite. It’s selling for about $10.


STAR WARS SPECIAL C-3PO #1 – This book (including variants) just isn’t moving. I think there’s some Star Wars fatigue. There are too many Star War titles out now and it waters down both interest and the overall value. Star Wars titles have huge print runs and most of us speculators have learned to stay away. Even the 1:1000 variant has 2 copies sitting at $1200 – $1400 on ebay right now. I expect those to eventually sell around $700.


  • Avatar

    I have been on the Moon Knight bandwagon since 1979 (Yes, I am old) but I just don’t like the variant cover. Too bad Sienkiewicz didn’t do this cover. #Oldschool

  • emiobeg

    The only Black Panther I honestly liked was the Gabrielle Dell’Otto variant for Bulletproof comics. This weeks variants were pretty awesome. Unfortunately I think I undersold my Moon Knight. Anyways, I agree on the Mockingbird Variant. I’ve been holding out on listing because I feel it can be a very sought after cover. We shall see.

  • Eman

    With the Black Panther I agree with emiobeg…the Bulletproof Dell’Otto variant was the best one…that’s why I ordered it.
    The Moon Knight Rudy variant I’m not to fond of….but I still picked it up….I had a feeling people would go bananas for it. As soon as he appears on Netfilx (a rumor I heard) or in one of these Marvel movies this variant should reallly boost in value.
    The Mockingbird I also picked up, just like the Moon Knight…with a few speculations this variant will be sought after….its a nice cover.

  • denby23

    Great job Matt! Always look forward to this

  • Avatar

    A+ work as always. The Mockingbird is an interesting one.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Nice job Matt. I agree with the masses here. That Mockingbird cover is sweet! I disagree with some of the comments on the Moon Knight though, I really like that cover a lot…

  • Eman

    I wanted to comment on the Herrera Gwenpool variant… it just me or does it look like Gwenpool is sitting on a sex toy!?!

  • Avatar

    I just think the art on Star Wars: C-3PO is horrible. I mean, the team did great things on Starman. What happened here? Or am I nuts? It’s messy, the inking is heavy handed, it’s just not a great product. Especially for how long we’ve been waiting on this thing.

    rly40, I thought the same thing about Sienkiewicz! I can’t believe they didn’t get him to do a variant cover for the first issue!

  • Eman

    I have a comment/question
    The new Black Panther recently came out and there are a few variant covers out there.
    Midtown Comics and a few other comic shops have exclusive variants. Bulletproof Comics has (the hottest artist on the planet right now) Dell’Otto doing exclusive Black Panther #1 variant covers…color and B/W.
    How can I (anyone) resist not grabbing a Dell’Otto (Bulletproof comics) variant cover.
    But how does it compare to Midtown Comics variant or even the other variants by Stelfreeze, Alex Ross, Sooke, ect.
    I mean the ones from Bulletproof and Midtown can’t be considered bootlegs because they had to get Marvel’s approval…. but on the other hand they are not really considered part of the variants that Marvel put out.
    I know its personal preference… but in time which one will hold and go up in value. Am I (we) better off spending the money on the Stelfreeze or Sooke variant or the Midtown, Bulletproof, ect….because they have a lower count.
    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    • Matt D.

      Can a store exclusive be worth something long term? Absolutely. However, the majority have pretty high print runs for a variant. They all tend to be about 5000. Midtown variants can even be higher. If you look at the most valuable modern variants, they all tend to be under 2000 and usually under 1000. Hot variants that are rising in price arn’t in one place like store exclusives. They’re spread out amount hundreds of diamond accounts depending on incentive orders and limits. The hunt can drive up a price on it’s own. The gerneral rule lately is that store variants are “buy what you like” and don’t spec on them. They could be worth something long term, but the people buying these tend to be fellow speculators and then the market gets flooded. Since these store exclusives are long term holds (3 years or more), it’s hard to throw down too much money on them. If you love it, most likely others will too down the road. Just tuck it away and don’t expect it to anything anytime soon.

      • Eman

        Thanks Matt… That’s the BEST ANSWER I’ve received thus far.
        I’ve asked a few comic book so called experts….but like I said your response is the best one and makes the most sense.
        Thanks again.

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