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This is like the busiest week ever for me, so I even forgot to post any polls. You know what that means … time for one of them monthly “Iñigo rants about new comics” columns (pretty much like every week, but without the polls). A week with a bit of everything, though, let's see what we should be paying attention to …

New Series

House of Penance #1House of Penance #1

The first Dark Horse book I have been looking forward to in a while … Ian Bertram is an amazing talent and, as marketing teams know by now, all of us comic readers has a predisposition to like any comic with a title that starts with “house of”.

Black Road #1Black Road #1

A police investigation back in viking times, this sounds great, but what really got me is the A Magnus the Black Mystery line. Not the biggest Brian Wood fan, but this might be something I can dig.

Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys #1Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys #1

New HQ series (because let's squeeze that lemon till our fingers bleed), the only reason I would pick this up is that the art is managed by Belgian artist Mauricet (who drew part of HQ Holiday Special and a couple of pages of HQ's Little Black Book #2) and it might be fun to see what he can do with these characters.

Moon Knight #1Moon Knight #1

Much like Black Panther last week, this is another character that comic readers always seem to be rooting for. This series puts him in an asylum to start with. Looking good!

You know what would look great? A Black Panther / Moon Knight team-up with an artist who really knows how to play with contrast.

Gwenpool #1Gwenpool #1

I think we're all curious about how this is going to go down with readers. It's written by Christopher Hastings (Doctor McNinja, Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe, …) so it should be worth a look as fun is pretty much guaranteed. It's got MODOK in it (and not just MODOK, but MODOK with a mohawk), so that's enough for me.

Hot Damn #1Hot Damn #1

The creative team behind D4VE come back with a series about hell. I have only heard good things about D4VE so it might be a good time to give this team a chance.

Don't forget about these

Image Comics Expo Preview BookImage Comics Expo Preview Book

Up for free at Midtown Comics, we all know this will ignite quite a few first apps vs preview debates in the near future, so get it if this is you kind of thing.

Monstress #5Monstress #5

You know the drill by now … This book is on fire and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. The new issue hits this week, you've been warned!

Mockingbird #2Mockingbird #2

Joëlle Jones can draw anything and make it look awesome. Really, I have nothing much left to say about her art, it's amazing. Unfortunately she's only doing the cover, but if the reviews for the first issue are any indication, the interiors are in good hands.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 David Rubin VariantMighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 David Rubín Variant

The only thing that could tempt me to buy a MMPR comic is a David Rubín cover so the powers that be are trying to test my iron will … and from what I hear it's not going to be only cover he'll do for the series. Time to put that iron will to the test!

Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine Jack Kirby CoverCaptain America 75th Anniversary Magazine Jack Kirby Cover

Look, we don't have many chances to preview a Jack Kirby cover in this section, so when we do, we take it. Just look at that stuff and wonder what you would be doing right now if he hadn't existed.

Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine Alex Ross CoverCaptain America 75th Anniversary Magazine Alex Ross Cover

So it seems there's a free version of this magazine and then a few variants. This Alex Ross might be the one to get. If you like Alex Ross. Which is fine. Who am I to judge? I like Liefeld!

JSC Overdrive

Not one, not two, but three J. Scott Campbell cover hitting this week! Two of them for the same comic, all of them with Gwen on the title … It's a madhouse, a MAAAAAADHOUSE!!!

gwenpool-675x1024 gwenpool
Spider-Gwen #7 JSC Variant

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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