Variant Heat Check for 4/12/16


Uncanny X-Force vol.2 #5

Uncanny X-Force #5 1:50 Manara Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepperpepper

Olivia Munn is looking good as Psylocke in the X-Men Apocalypse trailers, and the Manara and Campbell variants are smoking hot as well. A raw copy just exceeded the $200 barrier.

Wonder Woman #50 Wondercon Variant

Wonder Woman #50 Wondercon Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

This convention variant is turning into a ghost, and if DC doesn’t release more copies at their next convention, I wouldn’t be surprised if prices eclipsed $50.

Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 Bachalo Gwenpool Variant

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 Gwenpool Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepper

It pains me to write about this character, but the series drops next week, and there have been a ton of sales at $30. This might be the ceiling for this book, but crazier things have happened.

Gwenpool #1 Stacey Lee Variant

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1 1:50 Lee Variant

Drops this week!

And the crazier thing that happened is someone approved Gwenpool getting her own series.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


  • Avatar

    Im actually…..a little….. i wanna say, excited for the gwenpool series, i like odd weird silly characters and I hope that they do hers correctly, i wont be aiming for the 1:25, :50, :75 variants for a while though, theyll have such high prices that itll make less financial sense to purchase them. the obvious 2nd 3rd and 4th printings however will be nice down the line to have , especially if she picks up and becomes as popular as spider-gwen

    • Keith S.

      I just don’t know about Gwenpool. She is an amalgam of a dead character and a pretty random character, and her back story from HWD wasn’t great. But, they have a blank canvas, and female characters are all the rage right now.

  • Ben C

    Manara > JSC

    Thanks for doing this, always look forward to this column!

  • tiredguy

    I need to get one of those WW 50’s.

    And JSC > Manara all day long 🙂

    (but Khoi is correct: same faces always)

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