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We're back to the Misc. Shelf (part 1 here) and, as last time, it proves to be a nice mixture of childhood dreams and grown-up nightmares …

Captain America Annual #8

Captain America Annual #8  

That cover still is one of my favourite superhero covers ever. Wolverine fighting Captain America (at a time when crossovers were way less common, especially between the X-Men and everyone else), drawn by Mike Zeck and it hit me at the right age, I guess.

The story is not actually that good, but the tension between the two characters and their different approaches to the job makes this a great read. Simpler times …

DC Comics Presents: Elseworlds 100-Page Spectacular

By the time this came out properly (the original edition was “destroyed” because of a baby in a microwave sketch), I had already decided it was going to be awesome. While the book had no way of measuring to what my mind had built it up to be, there are some great stories here.

And the Ty Templeton fake cover gallery alone is worth the price.


Death: The High Cost of Living #1 Limited Treasure Edition

Death: The High Cost of Living #1 A friend got me this as a present when it came out and it's a great book to have. Sketched by Neil Gaiman and also signed by Chris Bachalo, it's part of a limited edition of 10,000 (ha! remember when that seemed limited).



More Al Columbia. This one is a bit darker than Biologic Show and the art is breath-taking. I often wonder what his career would have been like if he had completed Big Numbers, but his solo work has been limited but absolutely fantastic.


Donatello: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


Another thing you will see more of in this series, meta-comics about artists or pastiches. This one's popular because it's a turtle book, but above that, it's a tribute to Jack Kirby.

Jack Kirby teaming up with Donatello makes for a surprisingly good read, with the tribute Kirby art as the highlight. If you like Kirby and don't much care about the TMNT, you should still take a look at this.

Dr. Doom's Revenge


A comic tie-in to a horrible videogame, it's in the shelf mostly as a curiosity. I should probably dig up the Questprobe books and put them in the same shelf, but everytime I see those I remember the frustration of actually playing those games back in the day.

Doctor Doom's Revenge

Dr. Weird

Dr. Weird George R. R. Martin and Jim Starlin working on an unknown character … How did this happen? Well, it's way before they were popular, that's how.

In any case, it's kind of interesting to see artists at their earliest just to see how far they've come. Starlin is one of my favourite guys in comics, and this is a fun book to go over the art and see how much of his art was already there since the beginning.



The Dreaming #55


Check the artists on this  book: Paul Pope, Adam Hughes, Linda Medley, Michael Kaluta and Spanish superstars Daniel Torres and (one of the greatest persons alive) Albert Monteys.

Great, great art and a fun little story by Bill Willingham. I didn't follow this series, but this is a told in one and if you are familiar with the Sandman, it's pretty easy to follow.


The Dreaming #55

Eightball #4

Eightball #4  

My first exposure to Mr. Daniel Clowes and a comic I go back to again and again. As much as I like his longer stories, Clowes became one of the leading voices in the 90's indie comic revolution. It helped a lot that Marvel and DC were publishing the worst comics ever at the time.

The kind of comic that made you wonder why you were still reading comics you didn't like when there were great alternatives out there.

Evil Ernie vs The Superheroes #1 & 2

I like comics that comment on other comics. In this case, these 2 one-shots has Evil Ernie destroy thinly disguised parodies of popular superheroes. It's not Marshal Law, but what it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in energy.

This is probably one of the first “it's so bad I want to read it again and again” books in the shelf, so be warned, there's more of these coming.

Evil Ernie vs The Superheroes #1

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreams … but Were Afraid to Ask

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreams ... but Were Afraid to Ask  

As The Dreaming issue above, this one has another killer line-up of artists: Kevin Nowlan, Mark Buckingham (who was born to draw Mervyn Pumpkinhead), Duncan Fegredo, Niko Henrichon and, again, Albert Monteys.

Anthology of short stories, all of them set around the Sandman universe. Fun and a great McKean cover.

Fantastic Four (1996) #2 & 4 Signed by Jim Lee


It's been almost 20 years since I got these two books signed. Why these two?, I hear you ask. I was unprepared and had to pick up a couple of cheap books.

While I asked him to sign #2 on the cover, I think I really freaked him out when I asked him to sign this double-pager in #4 instead.

20 years … feels like yesterday!


Freak Show (The Residents)

Freak Show  

Another anthology, another music tie-in. I have never been able to get into The Residents though I like a couple of their songs (?). This book, though, it was easy to fall in love with.

The artist line-up is a who's who of awesomeness: Kyle Baker, Brian Bolland, John Bolton, Charles Burns, Dave McKean, Richard Sala, … All joining up to bring the Residents' vision of a Freak Show in small stories focusing on a freak.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai


Scott Morse is a genius. Ghost Dog is a great movie. Putting them together? Not so obvious, but congratulations to whoever came up with the mix.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher

Hearts of Darkness & The Dark Design


Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Punisher were the main bad-asses of the Marvel Universe in the 80s, so putting them together in a prestige format book illustrated by John Romita Jr (at my favourite moment of his career) and inked by Klaus Janson must be considered a genius move.

The fact that they went the extra mile and tried to come up with a story outside of “punch-high five-repeat” is a testament to Marvel's heart being in the right place, even though it's not very subtle sometimes.

I added the sequel to the shelf because of the characters and Ron Garney art, but I still haven't been able to read it from start to finish it in one go.

The Godyssey #1

Not much to say about this that hasn't been already said better before. If Jesus getting down from his cross and kicking the pantheon of Greek gods' asses is not something you want to see, then I guess we have different priorities in life.

And yes, this is one of those books to be enjoyed as an absolutely mad piece of art and not to be taken seriously.

Godyssey #1

None of the books above are even close to being the worst one in that shelf, so hang tight as you see how mad can a man get when adding books to … the Misc Shelf!!!



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