Random Swipe Week!

This week’s theme … no theme at all! Just random cover swipes that I like that are only for one issue, or were released after I wrote an article…it’s MAYHEM!

1. A-Next 1 / A-Next 12 – This one should have gone in my bookends article but I missed it.

2. What If? 105 / Amazing Spider-Girl 30 – Another book-end miss…I’m human dammit!

3. Avengers 57 / All-New, All-Different Avengers 6 – Piggy-backing off Van’s latest article, a beautiful rendition of Avengers 57 done by Alex Ross!

4. Ultimate Spider-Man 1 / Ultimate End 1 – Everyone knows about the scarce Deadpool 45 swipe of Ultimate Spidey 1 but there’s also this version done by Mark Bagley that can probably be had for a lot less.

5. Amazing Spider-Man 39 / Various – Credit to Jon Z for pointing this one out to me months ago. I didn’t forget it Jon, I just didn’t know what article I was going to put it in. Thanks again for the tip!

6. Uncanny Avengers 1 / Renew Your Vows 1 – When I saw the Renew Your Vows cover I knew it looked familiar for some reason. Now I know why! Scarlet Witch still looks better though.

7. Captain America Annual 8 / Various – The Ultimate Captain America Annual 1 has been discussed by our group recently because of the upcoming Civil War movie. The Iron Man cover has been discussed by Van in one of his excellent articles as well. Here are two other swipes for this cover you might not have realized were swipes. That or you thought the whole Secret Wars storyline was as confusing as I thought it was. (Note from Iñigo: Added the Ultimate Origins #1 Variant because it's just too good)

8. Wolverine 1 / Daken Dark Wolverine 7 – This just makes sense. Every kid wants to be like their dad when they grow up.

So there you have it. No particular theme to this article, just great covers that pay homage to other great covers. See you next week!

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