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Obscure Golden Age 1st Appearances


Collecting comics and especially speculating on comics usually requires thinking outside the box, especially in the Golden Age. Collecting and speculating on what everybody else is doing will usually require a deep pocket book.  Sometimes, for personal preference, shifting tastes come naturally. That's where I'm at right now.  I still love reading about superheroes, but there are so many titles, superheroes, and super villains out there that I've had to limit what I want to collect, speculate on and read in this genre, mainly to prevent information overload.

Recently, I've started to branch out more into the non-super titles, new and old. While doing this, I've discovered many 1st Appearances of Golden Age characters that interest me. The cover art, interior art, and writing that come along with these 1st appearances has exceeded my expectations.  Also, who knows when some of these characters will be brought back into the spotlight, either via modern comics, the small screen, or the big screen.

Not mention most of these books should come affordable, not counting ultra high grades, especially compared to other Golden Age 1st appearances.

NOTE: Shout out to resident guru Ben C. for the assist on this article! Always good to have a vet running point.

Leading off we have two of the western genre's most popular characters.  Two-Gun Kid #1 features the 1st App of Clay Harder, the original Two-Gun Kid.  Kid Colt: Hero of the West #1 is the 1st App Of Blaine Colt AKA Kid Colt.
Rawhide Kid #1 features the 1st App of Johnny Bart, the first Rawhide Kid and a sweet Joe Maneely cover.  The second Rawhide Kid, Johnny Clay, had his 1st App in Rawhide Kid #17.
1st App of Lance Temple AKA The Outlaw Kid was in The Outlaw Kid #1.  The 1st App of The Calico Kid is in Tim Holt #6. Calico Kid transforms into the original Ghost Rider in Tim Holt #11. Two very undervalued books in my opinion.

Next up are A couple American war themed characters. Fighting American #1 features the 1st App of (you guessed it) the Fighting American AKA Nelson Flagg, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.  Wow Comics #6 is the 1st App of Commando Yank.  Haven't read it, so I don't know if he actually goes commando or not.
Rangers Comics #21 is the 1st App of Firehair and Pocket Comics #1 contains two first appearances, the 1st App of the original Black Cat (Linda Turner) and the 1st App of Spirit of '76 (Gary Blakely).
Speed Comics #1 is the 1st App of Shock Gibson and Speed Comics #13 is the 1st App of Captain Freedom.
With not much information out there on Golden Age horror first appearances, I had to dig deep.  This Magazine is Haunted #1 is the 1st App of the legendary narrator Doctor Death.  Front Page #1 is the 1st App of Man in Black and is technically the 1st horror genre comic book with a 1945 publishing date.
Prize Comics #7 is the 1st App of Frankenstein in comics and the 1st App of Green Lama.  Featuring a great Joe Kubert cover, 1,000,000 Years Ago #1 features the 1st App of Tor. This book becomes titled Tor with #2 and looking over the Supergirl TV Show cast, there is a character named Tor.  I haven't seen him in the show, but somebody might be able to chime in this.
Sad Sack #1 is the 1st App of Little Dot and who could forget the amazing Joe Palooka, whose 1st App in comic books was in Joe Palooka #1.
The 1st App of Richie Rich and the 1st App of Little Lotta was in Little Dot #1 and Little Audrey #1 is the 1st App of Little Audrey in comic books. Lotsa littles!
A magazine that some of my fellow comic heads are already onto is Yank: The Army Weekly #1, which features the 1st appearance of Sad Sack.  The 1st appearance of Wendy the Good Witch is Casper the Friendly Ghost #20.



Recommended Reading

With part of the reason Golden Age books are pricey in general is that many series have never been reprinted. This was representative of the books highlighted in this article.

      • Marvel Masterworks: Rawhide Kid Vol #1 TPB
        Collects Rawhide Kid #17-#25.
      • This Magazine is Haunted: Classic Comics Library #151
        Collects This Magazine is Haunted #1-#14.
      • Classic One-Shots: Front Page Comic Book
        Collects Front Page Comic Book #1
      • The Sad Sack: His Biography in 115 Cartoons from the Pages of Yank Magazine
        Collects cartoons from Yank:The Army Magazine.
      • Joe Palooka Comics Collection #1-#5: America's Favorite Boxer
        Collects Joe Palooka Vol 2 #1-#5.
      • Joe Kubert: Tor Vol #1



There obviously were no variants for the Golden Age books, but I did find some modern variants with the characters featured.  Avengers Forever #4 Western Variant has a pretty cool cover with Kang on it.  Just dropping on 4/6/16 we have a Deadpool Vol 5 #9 Rawhide Kid Secret Comic Variant.  I don't know much about this one, but it has a great cover.  Featuring some awesome art is the Joe Palooka Vol 3 #4 Jace McTier Variant.  This one is Ghost Mode and should appeal to UFC and boxing fans.  And with not much value, but pretty awesome for baseball fans, we have the Richie Rich, Casper, and Wendy National League Variants featuring the Dodgers, Giants, Phillies, Pirates, and Astros (not pictured).  If anybody knows of other teams, please comment below and if you ever find a Cubs version of this variant, holler at me.


As always, thanks for reading, and yes, I do still believe in heroes!

And remember that cartoons are still cool!


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