Robin #168 1:10 Kubert Sketch Variant – January 2008

110967_20080809002037_largeWelcome back to the Covers from the Unknown!

TGIF! This week I give you a hidden gem. It is Robin #168, the 1:10 sketch variant by Andy Kubert. Very cool cover featuring Robin vs Robin, and the cowl in the background! What makes this special, is it could very well be Damian Wayne's first variant cover. At this time, he does have a few more out there, but looking into this, it may have been the first. And as it looks, DC has many plans for him, so you may want to grab some of his “keys”!

There are a decent amount of these out there right now, and they are priced very reasonable. All around the $10 mark. For that price, why not grab one?? In terms of the print run, it looks like about 2,500 exist, as it was a 1:10 variant. So, do what you do, and go get them. Happy Hunting Fellas!


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