Walking Dead #100 1st Print (2012) Image Comics

Twd100cover_adlard WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
The season finale was a big disappointment to many people, but it didn't stop the masses from buying up copies of Walking Dead #100 like there was no tomorrow. The 2nd print has been the hottest to date, but the 1st print went crazy this week. The SDCC variant, chromium, McFarlane, et. al. all had extremely awesome weeks on the secondary market. The fact that the 1st print did so well leads me to believe a lot of new collectors were buying the cheapest copies they could find to get in on the action. October can't get here soon enough to find out exactly who died at the hands of Lucille and Negan.

2 The Boys #1 (2006) DC/Dynamite Comics

The_Boys_1_Couverture WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Darick Robertson
Anything Garth Ennis has ever touched is now owned by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg apparently lol. Another one of Ennis' better properties is being shopped by Rogen and team to cable networks as we speak. It has caused this book to soar in price the past few days. On the right network, this show could be fantastic. Speculation on this is already at a fever pitch but it has room to grow. Please HBO……….. Check out Simon's awesome article on the boys today as well if you are unfamiliar with the property. The Boys

3 Henchgirl #1 (2015) Scout Comics

WRITER: Kristen Gudsnuk
ARTIST: Kristen Gudsnuk
This one was a surprise this week for sure. Mel Vaughn was the 1st to report about Kristen Gudsnuk's awesome book Henchgirl being optioned. I have heard from a good source that an A-list actress/producer is attached to the project going forward. Great news for fans of the book. The print run on this is pretty small, and copies dried up quickly this past week. It's been selling very well at around the $35 mark since news broke. Good job Mel!!


4 The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.1 #64 (1982) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Bill Mantlo
ARTIST: Ed Hannigan
Cloak and Dagger were recently greenlit by Marvel through Freeform networks. Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios will co-produce this venture if the show can find a home. This information caused a C-level book to become extremely popular today on eBay . Countless copies sold in a matter of hours once the news outlets ran this story. It's actually pretty amazing to be honest if you look at the data. I'm not too confident the show will work, but if done correctly, it might be fun to watch. Lots of these still in stores if you know where to look. Decent profit potential if you can grab them cheap.


Preacher #1 (1996) DC/Vertigo

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Steve Dillon
People are getting more and more excited about the debut of the series next month…as evidenced by the number of people buying issue #1 right now on eBay. This book has been speculated heavily upon for years now and the end is almost in sight. 9.8 copies are selling for around $1k again with no signs of peaking. Lower grade copies and raw books are selling just as brisk. I was lucky enough to witness the pilot and think AMC has a hit on their hands. If that is the case, 9.8 copies hitting $1.5k a few weeks after the premiere wouldn't surprise me at all. Issue #2 is also incredibly popular right now as are #13, #50 and the final issues. People are preparing for Preacher madness. Are you ready?



Uncanny X-Force Vol.1 #20 Venom Variant (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Greg Tocchini
The trajectory of this book the past few months has been unreal. It has defined itself as the second best Venom variant behind the ugly ASM #678. I'm not sure if the reasoning is Psylocke or the rarity of the run, but (variant hater or not)…you can't deny this book is Tony Chachere's hot right now. This book was under $100 a few months back and now raw copies are selling for $600+ plus with a 9.8 being bought well over the $1k mark this past week (and maybe some even higher). There is no ceiling either right now; at the current pace this book is selling at, it still has room for growth.


Captain America Sam Wilson #7  Alex Ross Classic Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Joe Bennett
Sometimes a variant will become more popular the second week after release for no apparent reason. That is exactly what this book did. Copies were being bought around the $150 mark here and there, and all of a sudden it jumped to $300. Not just one sale either, but multiple sales. The cover is incredible and people are still looking high and low to find a copy. Wouldn't surprise me to see it go even higher if the trend continues. People are excited about Civil War and Captain America again. Throw in the fact this reprints one of the greatest covers of all-time and has a semi small-print-run and you have a winner.


8 Superman: American Alien Vol.1 #1 (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Max Landis
ARTIST: Nick Dragotta
One of the surprise books of 2016 for sure. I don't think anyone would have anticipated this book doing so well on the secondary market, but it is…… The 1st book in the series is selling extremely well anywhere from $8 to $14, as is the whole series. The early variants are moving up in price daily, anchored by the Joelle Jones #3 variant we discussed last week. The series is extremely well written and has a fresh take on the “Boyscout” that reminds people of the incredible All-Star run by Morrison. If you can find any of these at cover, you should pick them up and read them!!!


9 New X-Men Vol.2 #31 (2006) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Craig Kyle
ARTIST: Paco Medina
The 1st appearance of Kimura has seen a pretty decent spike the past few weeks. Copies of this book have been selling around $50 all week with multiple sales in or around that number. Kimura is X-23's arch-enemy and someone who has caused her grief from the beginning (much like a crazy ex). Kimura is Laura's Sabretooth. They will be battling it out for years to come. These are still in the dollar bins by the dozens, but supplies will continue to dwindle as more people search for this book. It has a little more room for growth, but until Kimura is developed more, this has a short ceiling presently. Great book, but don't buy too high.


10 Green Lantern Vol 5 #20 Incentive  Mahnke Sketch Variant (2013) DC Comics

WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Doug Mahnke
All copies of Green Lantern #20 were popular again this week (combo, regular and the sketch variant). The sketch variant is fetching a premium right now and selling at around the $50 mark raw. Jessica Cruz had a small storyline this week in the Grail JLA One-Shot and people seem to be very curious as to her future with DC. She has an evil Power Ring and is constantly fighting the urges of the ring to try and do good. This will make for some interesting stories in Rebirth for sure. Women in comics are the hottest thing going right now as are their first appearances. This book all depends on DC and what they do with Miss Cruz.


Superman: Lois and Clark Vol.1 #1 Daniels Variant (2015) DC Comics

WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Lee Weeks
The leading candidate to have the 1st appearance of the new Superboy in Rebirth………the variant has picked up steam this week as has the regular cover. Won't know for sure for a few more weeks, but the trail of evidence leads to this book after research by pretty smart group members. *cough* Jon Z *cough* (Khoi Cakes was no help!)


X-23 Vol 1 #1 Dell’Otto Variant (2010) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST: Wil Conrad
There were three different sales this week of over $1,400 for a 9.8 graded copy of this book! Dell'Otto is still incredibly hot right now and this is his big book according to collectors and their wallets. Great cover with a continued potential to grow.

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  • Simon Payne

    great work as ever Trey

  • wondermarq

    another great HOT 10. thanks trey.

  • Jason S

    I love how the Superman line is getting some love finally!

  • Avatar

    Uncanny X-Force #20 WAS hot, until copies flooded the market and cooled the book off. The same now seems to be happening with the X-23 #1. We’ll see how well that one holds up.

  • Avatar

    The Boys??!! Oh man, that is going to be insane if that happens!

  • Matt D.

    That’s 7 standard covers in the Top 10! When applicable, they do sometimes beat out variants.

  • vanix

    Great comics mate. Wish my wallet had more than sand and moths in it so i could chase some of those.

  • Topher

    Henchgirl has a lot of upside. I hope the rumors prove to be true.

  • andmethis

    can you see any other characters being featured like the venom variants? The Gwen were close, but not rare, or serious enough.

  • Avatar

    This idea that this “top ten” reflects an adequate gauge of interest based on inflated Ebay sales is with all due respect complete and utter nonsense. It is at best a severe case of “reaching”.

    Last week you had Batman 21 on the list with this idea that Duke Thomas would be the next Robin. Scott Snyder debunked that idea and said that Duke would be functioning in another role. Damien Wayne is Robin and will remain so. Sorry if I am being “that guy” but I am not buying a lot of this list.

    The average comic store owner is not going to give me back the 300 I spent on the Alex Ross Captain America variant. If it is in decent shape, he might give me 50 and then sell it for 100.

    I get selling or flipping actual classic comics but these moderns including the “hard to find” and “obscure” variants. I have a problem with that. Movie rumors and television appearances should not move books that re 99 cents in a box to 50 bucks overnight.

    I am respectfully done with this site. I wish you guys well but this is not for me. So Jessica Cruz is announced as a lead in a series and a book that came out a couple of years ago is selling above cover. Rubbish. Again wish you well, I am out.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Respectfully, I have no idea what this comment means.

      Who sells comics back to an average comic book store for 20% of the going rate? And who would do that the day after they bought it at full current price lol?

      As has been said a thousand times before, this top 10 is not an indicator of what you SHOULD buy, but an indicator of what others ARE buying.

    • Khoi Cakes

      So you’re saying that a list based on eBay sales doesn’t reflect interest in a book or not YOUR interest in a book? If you want a list based on long term, blue-chip keys, you will not find it on the Hot10 list usually. Why? Because those books move in terms of months/years vs the weekly movement that this list is based on. However, there is the occasional instance when it is warranted. Again, these figures and books chosen for the Hot10 are not books we just think would look pretty. These are based on eBay sales…the books have already sold. And as such, it will change constantly. Again, this isn’t a barometer of every aspect of the comic market. And yes, we know it’s not perfect, but it’s our shot at giving a brief window into what sold well the last week.

      If you do not know how the comic market works now (vs how you envision it or how you were “taught”), then this site is not for you. Having said that, we regularly host articles on many other types of books besides moderns, etc. Anyway, good luck at whatever windmill you wish to tilt your lance at.

    • Trey

      Debunked eh? Sure sounds like he is being offered a Robin-esque role to me……..

      Nrama: Batman said to Duke, “I have an offer for you.” I think a lot of fans can guess what that offer is, especially with the costume that Duke wears. Yet there’s already someone in that role. Is Batman offering Duke the position of Robin?

      Snyder: I think you guys will be surprised. We wanted to try something a little bit new with this one. It has echoes of that, but it’s actually something a little bit different that myself and the writer on Batman and a couple of the other writers came up with — a way of sort of spinning the mythology a bit. So we’re really, really excited about it.

      Nrama: Was this something that, when you introduced Duke, you kind of had in mind? Or was it something new that arose when you were more recently working with other Batman writers?

      Snyder: It was a little bit of both. From the beginning, I’ve been hesitant about the possibility of him becoming officially Robin.

      I think that he would fit, because of the way he approaches the mantle. I think he’d make a great Robin for that reason.

      But I also feel like… I guess part of me wondered if there was a way to create something new with him as well, so that it would just be another figure in that role, as exciting as that can be.

      So I think we landed someplace that gives us an opportunity to do something with him that hasn’t been tried before. And it opens up the mythology of Robin and that stuff a bit, and gives us a bit of history and interesting elements that have gone unexplored to this point.

      So, you know. We’ll see. We’ll see.

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