The Day After Wednesday for 4/7/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday 4/6/16. They could still be at your shop.


Harley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1 Jim Lee Sketch VariantHARLEY QUINN & SUICIDE SQUAD APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL #1 JIM LEE BLACK & WHITE 1:50 VARIANT – Harley’s variants are tough to speculate on. There’s so many that most tend to slip through the cracks. Only a few end up rising to the top. With that in mind, when was the last time there was a 1:50 Harley Variant? The answer is…. never (Hughes #1 is a 1:25 if you’re wondering. Gotham Sirens #1 is only a 1:25 as well). Add to that fact that this is done by Jim Lee. This is currently selling for $60 to $70. Yes, that’s probably the price you’ll be paying if you grab/grabbed this at your LCS. However, for an extra incentive to go looking for this, let’s guess the print run. Using “Harley’s Little Black Book” as a guesstimate for a similar print run, that print run was 92,266. I doubt they did more than 100K for “Fools Special”. So, a conservative estimate would be a run of 2K for this variant. Harley Quinn #1 (12/13) had a print run of 92,153, making that variant roughly 3600+ copies. Since I don’t know the print run of all the convention variants, I can’t call this the rarest Harley variant….. but if it isn’t, it’ll definitely be on the list. And I recognize the debate (not a core title, unnecessary one-off, not the most dynamic/classic Harley cover). With that said, I do like to gamble and I have a very good feeling about this book.

*UPDATE* – I forgot about INFINITE CRISIS AND THE FIGHT FOR THE MULTIVERSE 1:25 HARLEY VARIANT. The print run for that book is only 26,096. Which makes that 1:25 roughly 1000 comics (probably way less).  The final word on the rarity on “April Fool's Special” with come with the print run info next month.  This is still the only 1:50 incentive Variant.



Captain America #7 Alex Ross VariantCAPTAIN AMERICA SAM WILSON #7 ALEX ROSS 1:100 VARIANT – Jumping from its pre-sales of $85 to an average of $150, this variant was hot right out of the gate. And then a copy sells for $300 in auction yesterday and now it’s a race to the LCS to find an overpriced copy that’s now a bargain. Current auctions are heading to that $300 as well. What’s strange is that Ross’s variants always sit and go down within a few days. Most point to the fact that they all look the same (albeit still amazing). Just being the right homage cover at the right time has definitely done wonders for it. This was definitely a surprise. Van’s Alex Ross Variant article is an eye opener to the rarity off some of the most gorgeous, underappreciated and RARE variants that the big two have.


Black Panther #1 Alex Ross VariantBLACK PANTHER #1 (all covers) – Being HIGHLY anticipated, media coverage and a key character in the upcoming Cap 3: Civil War film hasn’t done that much right now to drive up the values for this book. The 1:75 has stayed consistently around $80-85 shipped. And that isn’t bad, it’s just the same price you’ll pay in store. However, it has a couple things going for it. 1: Awesome cover by Alex Ross, 2: There’s only a handful of copies currently listed. 3: Plenty of long term potential. See the above Cap Variant. This will see a nice increase up until Civil War and then will decrease shortly after. However, I think that it’s one of those books collector’s will seek out for years, especially as copies dry up and become PC books.

1532668_xlSPIDER-WOMAN ALPHA #1 – (Almost forgot this.  Thanks Mel Vaughan for the reminder!) While the J.Scott Campbell cover has been floating around cover price, the Stacey Lee 1:25 Variant is a great cover and a definite book to watch.  It was hitting $50 yesterday, but with a recent flood of copies, recent sales have been fluctuating around $25, which is why it's currently warm.  With that said, every copy is selling and auctions are moving past $25.  All the cheap BIN's are gone.  This will most likely crossover into HOT by tomorrow.  I'm guessing that this will act very closely to how the A-Force Brooks Variant did recently.  Creep to and pass $50 and then get pulled back down to $30 after an even larger flood of copies hit ebay.






DETECTIVE COMICS #51 – Man, the Romita variant is not getting the love that the Adams’ variants were getting.

EMPRESS #1 (ICON) – This is your classic Millar “perfect for entertainment” book. However, the market knows better than to commit to a spec for one of his titles. It worth nothing that there’s a 1:200 sketch cover out there that sells for $120-$130. Stores do like buying his stuff in bulk, so check the racks and see if this is just sitting on the shelf. Even if it’s on the wall, stores probably aren’t overpricing it. If it’s under $80, grab it and flip it as fast as you can.


GREEN ARROW #51 – The rumored “death” of Green Arrow doesn’t seem to have moved the needle for this issue at all. Having not read this issue, I assume that this means that he didn’t really die or it ended with a cliffhanger. If he did, then killing a major character officially no longer has any value or shock.



HELLINA #1 (BOUNDLESS) – Careful, some of the variants have exposed boobies on it (4 different covers have that to be precise). Do we really need naked variants?

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARKSEID WAR SPECIAL #1 – While these aren’t doing anything crazy, DC seems to be invested in Grail. She’s definitely a character to keep a very close eye on right now.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #2 (All Covers) – This is on here JUST because of the craze that #0 & #1 caused. #1’s variants haven’t fared so well….. and it doesn’t look like #2’s variants will do any better. As the issues progress, hopefully the amount of variants can reduce and see some value.


STAR WARS POE DAMERON #1 – I had to really debate whether or not to put this is warm, but it’s really not even doing that. The 1:100 NOTO VARIANT seemed like a slam dunk, but at $40-$50 shipped it’s just not. The CELEBRATION 1 PER STORE is doing about $30 – $40. Stores LOVE overpricing these 1 PER variants to crazy amounts, and then they just sit. It’s hard to say what the long term for this book is. It’s STAR WARS, so it’ll always have some life in it.




THREE STOOGES BOYS ARE BACK #1 (AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY) – Are they though? Are they really? The market says “no”.


  • Trey

    excellent as usual. That Harley Variant being the rarest to date is very interesting.

  • Matt D.

    I forgot about INFINITE CRISIS AND THE FIGHT FOR THE MULTIVERSE 1:25 HARLEY VARIANT. The print run for that book is only 26,096. Which makes that 1:25 roughly 1000 comics (probably way less). This is still the highest incentive she’s ever had. Thai could potentially have less then 50K. I’ll add this note into the column.

  • Avatar

    Rarest Harley Quinn Variant is Batman Eternal 19 German Variant at 999 Copies Printed, nothing has come close to it yet

  • Avatar

    The foreign books are so rare and don’t come to market often. This makes collecting sales data is difficult. As someone who follows the market, I have noticed a significant jump in bids and sales.

  • Matt D.

    That’s an excellent point David. Most of the time, being on the other side of the pond, we never really even know about these variants. All it takes is a really high sale and then boom!, they’ll never come back down.

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