Contest Time: Win one of three Paris Comics Expo variant sets!!!


They don't look bad at all, do they? And they can be yours for free, you only need incredible deductive powers or lots of luck, and aren't those the best games?

Let's start at the beginning, though … There's this con called the Paris Comics Expo happening next week here in Paris, and they have a crazy line-up of artists coming over (but don't take my word for it, you can check it at their site). Let's say that if you are anywhere on this side of the world you should probably be there.

Turns out they are really nice people too and they have donated 3 sets of the Marvel and DC variants they are going to be putting out at the con (and that's not the only thing they are giving us access to, but more on the coming weeks if everything goes well). The variants are:

  • Superman #50 / Batman #50 Lee Bermejo Connecting Variants limited to 2000
  • Gwenpool #1 J. Scott Campbell Variant limited to 3000

If that sounds good for you, and it certainly does for us, you just need to answer to a kind of difficult question with a very random answer, just bear with me … Last week I published the first part of a virtual visit to my miscellaneous shelf. I only covered the titles starting with A and B. I want you to guess what other books could be in that shelfFirst three right guesses (not counting repeats) win a set, limited to one set per person (so if you answer 10 times and you get 2 books right, you will only get one set).

There are a few clues on that article about the type of books and artists involved (and some that are not), but still understand it's highly improbable anyone will get it right. It's going to be fun, though.

If there are no 3 correct replies by Wednesday, another contest will be launched with the remaining sets.

Thanks everyone for your support, we wouldn't be able to do any of this stuff without you!!!


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