The King is Back (but so is Jim Lee’s Quinn)


April's here! And the line-wide variants this month look a bit boring, to be honest. DC's going for John Romita Jr. variants, which is fair enough, lots to love about JRJR's art … but his covers are not the strongest, I would say. Marvel seems to have brought back the original Civil War cover design because part two is coming, we get it. I am guessing this is going to be really hard to understand in 10 years.

I would say it's a good month to stop looking for variants if there weren't another half a million variants apart from these …

Bits & Pieces

Before we take a look at the poll results, let's start with some PSAs …

Harley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1 Jim Lee Sketch VariantHarley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools Special #1 Jim Lee Sketch Variant Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1 1:store VariantStar Wars: Poe Dameron #1 1:store Variant
 These two are probably going to be the most difficult to find covers out there (thanks for the heads up, Keith!), so get them if you can!
Green Arrow #51Green Arrow #51

According to some rumours, something's going down with Green Arrow next month, so if this is under-ordered, people might go back and try to find this.

New Suicide Squad #19New Suicide Squad #19

With Batman v Superman out of the way, the next DC movie superstars are probably going to be those two up in this cover. Cover's cool too.

Uncanny X-Men #6Uncanny X-Men #6

Apocalypse Wars starts to build up and we're hoping it to be a great X-Men crossover in the classic tradition. Liked the Extraordinary X-Men last month, fingers crossed.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR SPECIAL #1Justice League: Darkseid War Special

It's always Neal Adams variant month here at CBSI! This one is late, but I think it's possibly the last one, right? Until the next time at least … Also, this one has another variant, which is the final piece of a Kim Jung Gi cover triptych that started a couple of months ago.

New #1s

Plenty of new series this week, so we asked our girls and boys what were their vibes about them. Returning characters, heists, literal land sharks, Millar and the return of the king, this one has something for everyone …

Gold Key Alliance #1Gold Key Alliance #1 (6%)

It's not like a brand new 3 Stooges comic book (true story, comes out today too), but I feel taking these characters away from Valiant has and will hurt them in the long run. In any case, this is Phil Hester behind the writing, so it's worth a look.

The Fix #1The Fix #1 (13%)

Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber doing a heist book sounds like an awesome idea. With Spencer involved, you just know there are going to be twists aplenty, and aren't twists the greatest ingredients for a heist story?

Grizzly Shark #1Grizzly Shark #1 (14%)

Spinning off the 2010 SEA BEAR & GRIZZLY SHARK one-shot (which this one actually reprints but it's actually all new after this issue), Ryan Ottley improves the perfect killing machine that a shark is. The one-shot was fun, so looking forward to this.

Empress #1Empress #1 (19%)

Millar and Immonen doing Sci-Fi, that right there is all you need to know about this. Art is going to look amazing, Millar's going to throw in some crazy ideas on the table, the book will be announced as having a deal for a movie in the next couple of months … everybody knows what they're going to get with this one, and it's still worth it.

Black Panther #1Black Panther #1 (48%)

Black Panther can be a really cool character if treated right, but that has not been the case most of the time. In my mind there's Kirby's series, Priest's run and then bits and pieces of what's gone after those. I think that we're all rooting for this character and want it to succeed, as he has tremendous potential. All I've read about this book makes it look as T'Challa's time might have come!!!

Non-Big Two

As every time a week with a few non-big two heavy hitters comes by, we take the pulse on what people are most interested in. We called this the indie poll at the community, but Image is hardly an indie anymore, is it? But at the same time, it doesn't have Disney or WB behind it, so could the term still apply? I mean, could we call indies to all those publishers that are not part of a larger mega-company? While you're doing something interesting, Iñigo wonders about this kind of stuff …

G.I. Joe #227G.I. Joe #227 (6%)

A year ago (during the Death of Snake Eyes storyline) people couldn't get enough of this title, but this level of interest feels more realistic. That's why comic publishers kill characters, kids!

Rachel Rising #41Rachel Rising #41 (6%)

With #42 being announced as the last issue of the series, the print run of this one will be low. Haven't heard anything about the pilot in a while, though.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 (7%)

Hmmm, issue #2 and already this low? This might be related to the (comparatively) large print runs for the issues? In any case, it will be interesting to see where this is headed. Will it be another Voltron or G.I. Joe?

Discipline #2Discipline #2 (20%)

On the other hand, it's nice to see so many of you still interested in this. The first issue got a lot work done on setting up the characters, so it looks like it can only get better.

Walking Dead #153Walking Dead #153 (61%)

There's only one ruler in indie-town and that's Rick Grimes! This title's an inspiration with a story to tell out there and hopefully it will be around for a while.

Cover Giants Smackdown

Four top cover artists on the very same week? We just had to pit one against each other and the differences were not that big!

Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises #1 (19%)

Frank Cho and Bruce Lee together for the first time! That would be an awesome team-up comic, where Bruce and Frank right wrongs using violence and art while they travel across the 70's US in a sidecar.

Black Panther #1 Alex Ross VariantBlack Panther #1 Alex Ross Variant (22%)

Alex Ross 1:50 cover on a #1 of a new series featuring a character that will appear on the year's biggest movie. This has success written all over it. I can't really comment on the quality of the cover as I'm one of those rare examples of a person who suffers Ross-blindness.

Spider-Women AlphaSpider-Women Alpha (26%)

Not the greatest JSC cover ever, but it's only 1/4 of a huge piece of art (which you can check out below). Before you buy this, let me tell you something: if you get this, you will need to get the other 3, because we are all sick. Just saying!

Harley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools SpecialHarley Quinn And The Suicide Squad April Fools Special (33%)

Jim Lee, Harley Quinn and Man-Bat. It seems that DC finally figured out what people are really interested in. Good news for all Kirk Langstrom fans out there!!! Seriously, though, Jim Lee and Sean “Cheeks” Galloway doing Harley Quinn? Well played, DC, there might still be hope for you!

BonusSpider-Women Alpha #1, Spider-Gwen #7, Silk #7 and Spider-Woman #6 JSC connecting covers … connected.

Spider-Women J. Scott Campbell Connecting Covers

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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