Classic Cover of the Week 4/4/2016


Russian Horror and Timely Good Girl!!



For some reason this book is truly scarce.  It's odd because most of the run can be found, this is not an early or later issue though it does sport an excellent Bill Everett cover.  Admire from afar my friends, when this book does come to auction it has Atlas “completionists” as well as PCH collectors going bonkers for it.

8 copies on the CGC census, all are Universal with an average of 6.5.  One 8.5 at the top, 2 5.0s at the bottom with some more mid graders to round it out in between.

SHELF DATE of March 1953





One of my all time favorite Good Girl covers.  No headlights, no half naked females in the jungle, no distracting balloons of text(which is true of most early PW issues.), not much of anything actually.  Just a simple illustration that draws you right in and demands you own a copy.  Unfortunately while this book is out there, it is not within most budgets.

Only 11 copies on the census with a lone 9.4 atop the chart.  4 VG copies at the bottom along with some mid graders make up the remainders and bring the average out to 5.85.

SHELF DATE of January 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!

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