The Worst Wednesday One


Last week of a five-week month means small week these days. Long gone are the five-week events and like best things in life, you only miss them when you don't have them. OK, might be exaggerating there, but this week half of all the comics coming out are actually Jungle Fantasy Vixens, Vampblade, Zombie Tramp or GFT whatever variants … And this is the week after the premiere of Batman v Superman, so I hope those hypothetical new customers everyone talks about don't stop at the new comics section!

In any case, we only run one poll with 5 books that are not particularly explosive, but it's a tough week. Best week to get that old trade you have been eyeing or that key you have been thinking about for a while …

Book of the week and other stuff of (relative) interest

Sam Wilson: Captain America #7 Regular CoverSam Wilson: Captain America #7 Regular Cover Captain America #7 Alex Ross VariantSam Wilson: Captain America #7 Alex Ross Variant
The most interesting book this week is probably the Alex Ross variant, but it's kind of cool to put both of these cover side by side. Hitler becomes Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers becomes Sam Wilson and Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier … I am not going to say this is the perfect summary of the last 75 years in superhero comics, but don't think too much about it just in case.
Rick and Morty #1 5th PrintingRick and Morty #1 5th Printing

And not only that, but Faith #1 4th Printing and Batman / TMNT #1 and 2 3rd Printing … Does this mean there are more people interested in comics out there or that retailers are under-ordering? … Interesting times!


Small press publisher Nobrow Press has captured my interest after I picked up their Mean Girls Club book last week (as anyone who has spoken to me lately knows). Amazing production values and really interesting material. If they can keep it up, this publisher is going to give us a lot to talk about.

Worst Poll Ever

Not really the worst poll ever, considering we're in the middle of the US presidential race, but I still had to go through the list quite a few times in order to come up with 5 books that could be put at the same level and were somehow interesting.

TMNT DeviationsTMNT Deviations (9%)

I don't follow the turtles, but this is a one-shot based on an alternate timeline and illustrated by Zach Howard, which might make me pick it up.

Ragnarok #8 Mignola VariantRagnarok #8 Mignola Variant (11%)

It's a rare thing to have a Mignola cover outside of the Mignolaverse, which is a pity, because as much fun as Hellboy is, it'd be cool to have him go nuts at one of the big two.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 Women of Power VariantUnbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 Women of Power Variant by Kamome Shirahama (12%)

When I chose this book, I didn't realize who the artist was, but it turns out it's the same artist as that Ms Marvel hugging Howard the Duck cover. Marvel, more of this, please!

Suiciders King Of HelL.A. #1 James Harren VariantSuiciders King Of HelL.A. #1 James Harren Variant (25%)

A Vertigo mini spawning another mini is not something that happens every day, meaning the first one must have done well enough (or Vertigo well) to get a sequel. No idea if not having Bermejo do the art will cool it down, but a great cover in any case.

Justice League Of America Vol 4 #8 Neal Adams VariantJustice League Of America Vol 4 #8 Neal Adams Variant (42%)

A late Neal Adams variant and it also fits the Batman v Superman motif quite well. In a clear case of “your mileage may vary”, and after noticing the Sienkiewicz inks, this took me back to the first issues of the Moon Knight series (the fight between Moon Knight and Bushman in the desert), when Sienkiewicz was very influenced by Neal Adams and kind of brings it back full circle.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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