Convergence: Superman #2

This time we put the spotlight on Nathan Aaron, a reader of the site, with some interesting information:

Rumors have it that the Pre-Flashpoint Superman will once again take over the official Superman role in the DC universe after Rebirth (with the New 52 Superman going away in some manner.) He is currently starring in the Lois & Clark mini-series, but their first official return was in Convergence: Superman #1. And in #2, Lois gave birth to Jonathan Kent, Superman’s son. DC is also debuting a Super Sons series later this year (one of two books with no creative teams announced at WonderCon.) And this book is (rumored? Or factual? Not sure) to star Batman’s son, Damian, and Superman’s son, Jonathan, in the starring roles of the book. So it looks like Jonathan might be built up as a big character in the DC universe. Just something to think about, as this issue can be found in dollar bins at the moment!

Convergence - Superman (2015) 002-020

  • Cheap spec … check
  • Superman without collar on the Super Sons art … check
  • First Jonathan Kent (as opposed to Clark Jr or Joel) … check
  • Evidence that someone actually read Convergence … inconclusive

What do you all think? Worth it? Considering the price tag, I would have to go with a resounding yes! Thanks a bunch, Nathan!



  • Khoi Cakes

    That last line…priceless. And love that cover art. Thanks Nathan!

  • Avatar

    Thanks! Might be a long term spec, time will tell! I also just read that the Lois & Clark mini-series continues in the Action Comics Rebirth issue! Which I found rather interesting! So it looks like you have Convergence: Superman 1-2, Superman: Lois & Clark 1-8, and then Action Comics Rebirth 1, and Action Comics 957 (picking up it’s original numbering.) All with Jonathan Kent/White having a role. I also think the Super Sons book might stand a chance, given the fan base Damian seems to have!

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    PS – I did not read Convergence! Ha!

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    Is he going to be the new version of Superboy?

    • Avatar

      Shines, I was actually wondering the same thing! I don’t honestly read the Superman comics (I only buy Lois & Clark for the art, love me some Lee Weeks!) And I know there is/was? a Superboy in the New 52 universe? But I’m not sure if he’s still around? This totally looks like a situation where they might slowly mold him into the next Superboy to me, but time will tell!

  • Simon Payne

    you all know how much I LOVED convergence

  • Avatar

    Is it confirmed that the son of Superman in Super-Sons is the Jonathan White character born during Convergence? Wasn’t there another Jonathan Kent character that was the son of Superman and Lois from an alternate future during the New 52? I believe this character replaced Conner as Superboy towards the end of the title.

  • Avatar

    From an article over on i09:

    “Then there’s Super-Sons, which DC confirmed as featuring Pre-52 Superman’s son Jon on the cover, as well as the classic Superman (note the lack of a collar on the suit, and the spit curl hairstyle—compare it to New 52 Superman’s current suit).”

    and DC tweeted (along with the cover):
    “Damian Wayne & Jonathan White team up in the new #DCRebirth series SUPER SONS, coming September!”

    So I’d say that’s a definite yes on the new character!

  • Matt D.

    This is an awesome spec. Thanks Inigo!

  • Matt D.

    It’s also barely worth noting that this issue is the first appearance (via preview) of that crappy DOOMED character.

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