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Man did my bubble get burst this week. First the Captain Britain debacle and then Batman v. Superman. I was so excited over the outside chance of a Captain Britain show only to learn that a pitch from some random producers is all that awaits us. Well here’s to hoping that the Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off includes Captain Britain. Marvel would be wise to use him. I was going to abandon this effort all together but some collectors may not be familiar with this hero. If you are unfamiliar with the Captain here’s what you should both collect and read and I won’t spoil many of the details.

Marvel Super Heroes 377

If Captain Britain comes to any sort of live screen it’s going to be in this costume. This is the debut of Alan Davis’s costume design that most fans recognize.


Daredevils 7

This issue is here because it features the death of Miracleman. The people who collect Miracleman have all but sucked the earth dry of this rarity.


Marvel Team-Up 65

This issue is the first US appearance of Captain Britain. Spider-Man has a pretty important publication history with Brian Braddock thanks to his creator Chris Claremont who introduced him to American audiences in this issue.

Note: Thanks to Ben C for reminding me of this comic.

X-Men Archives featuring Captain Britain 1-5

Issues 1,2,4 are particularly important but the entire series reprints key Captain Britain ( and Miracleman! ) material.

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Foom 15

Putting aside how one might feel about what constitutes a first appearance this Marvel mag published the first designs for both Captain Britain and Mrs. Marvel! At this point it has become one of the more rare Captain Britain/ Marvel publications.


Captain Britain 1 ( With Mask )

Chris Claremont’s character was first introduced in this issue. Try finding it complete with mask. I dare you!


Marvel Comics Weekly 231


Hulk Comic 1 ( UK )


Captain Britain makes a strange appearance in this UK publication. These were printed on newsprint and today they are extremely hard to come by.

Other key Captain Britain books: Marvel Super Heroes 378-388. Captain America 305, 306, Mighty World of Marvel 7-16, Captain Britain UK 1-14 and Uncanny X-Men Annual 11.


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