Walking Dead Vol 25 No Turning Back TP


This Wednesday, the 25th volume of the Walking Dead TPB will be released to the public. This is big news in itself as the Walking Dead TPBs are monsters for local stores and people who are trying to get into the series. Image decided to sneak something in for 1st print volumes of this book. They are going to be adding an Outcast #1 variant in association with the Walking Dead #25 TPB as seen below.


This is a smart move by Kirkman and Image. The debut of Outcast on Cinemax is going to be June 6th. The people who have seen the pilot rave about it and think it will be hugely successful. It's tough to argue with anything Kirkman is doing right now TV wise. That being said, this variant is something nobody was aware of to my knowledge and should be a pretty decent spec. I have no clue what the print run will be, but let's assume it's close to what #24 was, which comichron.com reports at 20,778. This won't be rare, but will be hard to find in high grade in all likelihood. Polybags and cellophane are rough on modern comics. Try finding a DC combo pack, Harley Black Book, Marvel Miracleman #12, etc. in high grade. Cool cover though and might have some pop on the secondary when people hear about this. Have a good rest of the week.


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