Swiping EC (and others)

This week I’m going to delve into covers that I think are all related. I’m not very well versed in this style of comic but I think all of these fall into the same category. That would be the EC-style pre-code horror comics that were made in the 50’s. Some of the iconic covers are recognizable but for the most part I have no idea what exactly falls into this category. If I messed up go easy on me please!

Chamber of Chills #19Chamber of Chills 19 1492476331We Can Never Go Home 1 BAM Exclusive
These remind me of the movie “They Live” with Roddy Piper. A very underrated movie in my opinion.
Vault of Horror #25The Vault of Horror 25 Ghostbusters: Get Real #2Ghostbusters: Get Real 2
I love that Slimer is just chowing down right in the middle of that séance!
Crime Suspenstories #22Crime Suspenstories 22 Wolverine_Vol_3_55_VariantWolverine 55
This has to be my favorite tandem of covers from this article. I wonder how my wife would feel if she knew that?
Mad #1Mad 1 Batman_Gotham_Adventures_Vol_1_13Batman Gotham Adventures 13
I’m not sure but isn’t this the first issue of what later became Mad magazine? Not really a horror comic per se but it was done by EC so I figured I’d include it.
Weird Science 19Weird Science 19 TMNT48_cvrSUBTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 48
I mentioned this pairing in another one of my articles but it fits the genre so I included it here.
jan28talescrypt41-jpgTales From the Crypt 41 Bart_Simpson's_Treehouse_of_Horror_11Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror 11
Apu’s face in the audience is priceless!
#12 (1st Issue)

Weird Science 1 (#12)

SpongeBobComicsNo29Spongebob Comics 29
I hate Spongebob and cringe whenever my kids watch it but this cover is too good not to include.
#29 - Classic Frazetta cover, was supposed to be cover to Famous Funnies #217

Weird Science Fantasy 29

fear-agent-1-coverFear Agent 1
I would have appreciated the left frame with the rocket ship on it added to the Fear Agent cover to make it more authentic but rest of the cover is definitely an homage to the original.

There were definitely a few more of these released over the years, so I might have a part 2 to this article…stay tuned!


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